Know Your Eagles: Quiz 1

Question #1: What is an Eagle’s temporary ‘belly button’ called?

Bald eagle egg yolk sac scar
Sorry! The answer was 'Yolk Sac Scar'!

Question #2: What is the pouch along the esophagus used for storing and moistening food?

Eagle quiz - esophageal pouch!
Sorry! The correct answer is 'Crop'!

Question #3: Can Bald eagles swim?

Can Bald Eagles Swim?
Sorry! The answer is yes! Bald eagles use their wings in a butterfly motion to 'flap' towards a dry spot: a muskrat or beaver den, shore, or even floating debris.

Question #4: Eagles have tiny projections on the underside of their toes that aid in catching prey. What are the projections called?

More than one part of an eagles feet helps to catch and hold prey.
Sorry! The correct answer is 'Spicules'! Talons and a Hallux Claw aid in catching and holding prey, but they aren't spicules.

Question #5: How many components are there in bird droppings?

The poop shoot geyser!
Sorry! The answer is feces, urates, and clear liquid! If you'd like to learn more about bird droppings, follow this link (it opens in a new window):

Question #6: True or False: Bald eagles cannot roll their eyes from side to side.

Eagle Eyes
Sorry! The answer was true! An eagle's large eyes take up so much room in its skull that they don't have space for the small muscles that allow humans and many other animals to roll their eyes from side to side. Eagles turn their heads instead of rolling their eyes.

Question #7: In English, an Eagle sneeze is called a/an:

Atchim! Bless you!
Sorry! An eagle sneeze is referred to as a 'Snite!' Achoo is the English onomatopoeia for a human sneeze, and Hapsu is Turkish for the same!

Question #8: Are bald eagles altricial or precocial birds?

Altricial or Precocial?
Sorry! Bald eagles are altricial. According to Stanford University, altricial birds hatch with their eyes closed, are incapable of departing from the nest, and are fed by their parents. This fits the lifestyle of bald eagles, who spend roughly 75-80 days in the nest before fledging. You can learn more about the difference here:

Question #9: What are wing and tail feathers called?

Eagle Wings
Sorry! Wingfeathers are remiges and tailfeathers are retrices. Flaps and rudders are found on airplanes, and primaries and secondaries are two types of feathers.

Question #10: On average, bald eagle eggs are:

Bald eagle eggs
Sorry! Bald eagle eggs are about 2.9 inches long and 2.2 inches wide. Learn more about eggs here: