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Nest News!

With the laying of eggs at Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain site, our season has begun! Look for a semi-regular round-up of news from around our nests! Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain: Ma and Pa FSV laid egg number one on Sunday, February 12! It was first seen at 10:08PM MT and was probably laid not long before that. They laid egg number two on February 15 at 9:34PM, and we are waiting for egg #3. Assuming everything is going

30-year Take of Bald and Golden Eagles

Wind Turbines

As a lot of eagle fans are aware, the Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced a plan that would allow companies to kill federally protected bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years. The draft rule will extend the current permit duration of five years to up to 30 years, giving wind farms, power lines and other large projects license to injure, disturb or kill a limited number of eagles in exchange for commitments to avoid and mitigate harm.

Lead poisoned Eagle

Lead Poisoned Eagle

We got a call on Sunday from Reg Sampson, owner of Sampson Springs Campground (http://bit.ly/1ZSYr2Q) near Decorah Iowa, about a downed eagle. Reg and RRP Board member Dave Kester were both able to get the eagle, which Dave described as ‘feisty’, into a kennel for transport to SOAR on Monday. Despite a long drive in very bad weather, she got to SOAR safely and is currently being treated for lead exposure. According to SOAR, ‘Sampson’s’ blood lead level registered at