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Where are they? D24 and D27 check in!

Eagle D24 Map, 4.10.18

D24 – it was so good to hear from you Saturday! Both D24 and D27 sent postcards from the Decorah area this week. Given the snow and cold further north, we think their stay in Decorah-dise is a good idea! We also like the idea that there are at least three generations of Decorah eagles in Decorah right now: the current crop, D27 from 2017, and D24 from 2016. Live long and prosper!   A million thanks to Brett and

The latest from D24

D24 MaPp, February 2, 2017

D24 finally sent a postcard home! He is currently traveling along the Iowa river just SE of Columbus Junction, Iowa. This is excellent, high-quality territory for eagles, and there are many of them in the area right now. The relatively mild winter and fast flowing water has left large gaps in the ice, while the presence of farms, woods, and roads means easy pickings for hungry eagles. If D24 keeps following the Iowa, he will eventually end up back on

Where are D24 and D25?

D4 and D25 in September of 2016

Where are D24 and D25? Their wanderings may be taking them closer together! After flying east to the Mississippi river, D25 returned to NE Iowa. He is currently on the Volga river near the Volga state recreation area. D24 was last spotted on a nameless stream roughly 38 miles SE of his brother. Like D25, bald eagles D1 and Four spent time along the Volga, while D24 is in an area previously explored by Four. Will the two meet again,

7-29-16: Day Trip to Decorah

Photo of Mom Decorah with D25

Story, photo and video by Robin Brumm It had been way too long since I’ve been able to get to Decorah, but I was finally able to go on Friday. The weather was supposed to have been partly sunny, but about half way to Decorah it started to rain. When I drove up to the hatchery, Mom and Dad were on top of the maple tree. I didn’t see either juvie, but I could hear one squeeing. I took a

Eagle Maps

We just updated the eagle maps this morning! While D25 continues to stay near home, D24 is branching out and exploring, although he hasn’t traveled much more than a mile from N2B. Thanks to Brett Mandernack and the Eagle Valley team for collecting and sharing this data with us! We have data for D1, Four, D24, and D25 in the month of July, immediately following fledge. How do they compare? As the image shows, D1, D24, and D25 all have pretty similar