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D27 Update

D27 on January 7, 2019

Thanks for the airmail, D27! It looks like she’s decided to stay in Decorah for now. Brett commented “Perhaps the mild weather has had something to do with her sticking around or maybe this is what we can expect for future years – stay where the getting is good.”   D27 did take one long trip in December – a one-day jaunt to the Mississippi River! At 10:00AM CT, she was located about 1.3 miles NE of her natal nest

Where is D27? An Airmail Report!

December 17, 2018: D27's Map

Happy Holidays D27, and thanks for the airmail! D27 continues to hang out in the Decorah area, wandering the Upper Iowa River and coming within about 2000 feet of her natal nest on December 6th. We tried tracking her on Saturday, December 15th, with no results. But David and Ann went out Sunday and found her hanging out with a group of roughly 15 to 20 other eagles! They weren’t close enough to get a good photo, but we have

We got another postcard from D27!

D27 November 29, 2018 map

We got another postcard from D27! As daylight length dwindles, the sun’s inclination falls, and snow clouds pile up, it isn’t uncommon for our eagles to ‘go dark’. Depending on the weather, there might not be enough sun in the sky to charge transmitter batteries – so cross your talons for some sun! D27’s airmail let us know that she is staying in and around the Decorah area. The deep river valleys, trees, and open water are providing her with

Where is D27?

D27 in November

Where is D27? She is currently spending time just south of Decorah. Brett wrote: “D-27 remains in the area on or near the N. Fork of the Yellow River near Frankville, IA (N of Postville) and north of Ossian, near D-24’s hang-out (past and hopefully present).” I got curious about how her travels this fall compared to last fall, so I made a map of eagle travels in November. By this time last fall, D27 was further south. We’re very

Where is D27?

D27 Map from Brett Mandernack

Where is eaglet D27? As watchers know, she isn’t too far from home! Brett’s last reading put her just five miles from the hatchery, but she was sitting almost right next to N2B on the evening of the 19th! We had more than one visitor that day and the next morning, but we haven’t seen a transmitter on anyone yet. We’ll keep everyone posted! To explore the travels of all of the eagles we’ve tracked, visit our interactive maps page

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