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Day Trip to Decorah

April 9, 2022: Mom standing in the nest. She had just rolled the eggs.

Story and photos by Robin Brumm I decided to make a trip to Decorah on Saturday, since the weather was going to be nice. I don’t have to get up at dark o’clock since they are incubating and there is usually someone there all the time. So I left at light o’clock and headed across the river. You know when you see 18-20 eagles while driving over the Mississippi River, that it will be a good day! When I got

Update from John Howe, with a Day Trip from Robin Brumm

March 3, 2022: Mom and DM2. Photo by Robin Brumm

March 3, 2022: Update from John Howe, Director of RRP I hit the road Wednesday for Decorah to check on Mom and DM2 and then head down to IA PBS in Des Moines. I was not able to spend much time in Decorah on Wednesday but did stop by the Walmart parking lot and put the spotting scope on N3. I was pleasantly surprised to see an eagle standing on the nest and it was Mom! She was in that

February 20, 2022: Day Trip to Decorah

February 20, 2022: Mom on the Maple Tree

Photos and story by Robin Brumm The weekend weather finally cooperated so I could go to Decorah, Yay! I got up at dark o’clock and headed out the door. Well, maybe it was closer to dark thirty! When I got to Decorah, I headed to the hatchery. There was nobirdy at the hatchery when I got there so I drove over to N3. Once I got there, I stopped along the road to look and see if anyone was home.

Memory Lane 2021: D37, D38, and D39

April 18, 2021: Robin's Day Trip - Feeding time!

Glogdog Decorah and Robin Brumm gave us this favorite 2021 memory. In the fall of 2020, Mom and DM2 built a nest behind the Decorah Walmart. For the first time since 2003, we didn’t have eagles nesting near the trout hatchery. How would we watch them? Thanks to Robin’s day trips, we knew on April 18 that D37, D38, and D39 had hatched and were doing well! I was surprised by how much I missed Mom and DM2. But I

August 30, 2021 Day Trip

August 30, 2021: Mom and DM2 on the Maple

Story and Photos by Robin Brumm I was due for a day trip, so Monday morning I got up at dark o’clock and headed to Decorah. As I was coming around a curve down from the hatchery, I saw an eagle on the maple tree. I got a big smile on my face, and assumed it was Mom. As I got to the corner, I stopped and may have squeed a little bit, because both Mom and DM2 were there!

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