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August 30, 2021 Day Trip

August 30, 2021: Mom and DM2 on the Maple

Story and Photos by Robin Brumm I was due for a day trip, so Monday morning I got up at dark o’clock and headed to Decorah. As I was coming around a curve down from the hatchery, I saw an eagle on the maple tree. I got a big smile on my face, and assumed it was Mom. As I got to the corner, I stopped and may have squeed a little bit, because both Mom and DM2 were there!

8/1/21 & 8/2/21 Day Trip

Mom at the hatchery

Story and Photos by Robin Brumm Day One It had been a few weeks, so I was due for a trip to Decorah. A friend was going to meet me there and we both wanted to see if we could find the juvies and see them flying around. I got up early, packed up the car and headed to Decorah. I got there around 7:00am. Shortly after I got there, Mom flew to a tree at the base of the

6-23-21 Day Trip

6-23-21: Eaglet wingercising in N3

Story and Photos by Robin Brumm I went to Decorah again on Wednesday. Since Izzy reported that we had a fledge on Sunday, I wanted to see if any more had fledged, or if I could see the fledgling. When I got to the N3 area, there were 2 eaglets on the nest and both parents in the perch tree near N3. I scanned all the trees in the area and didn’t see the third eaglet. The area is full

6-19-21 Day Trip

Saturday, June 19: Hovering

Story and photos by Robin Brumm I decided to go to Decorah on Saturday, so I got up at dark O’clock, and off I went! The oldest eaglet, D37, should be about 76 days old (give or take a day or two), and within the fledge window. Although I wasn’t really expecting to see a fledge, I was hoping to at least see some branching or hovering. When I got to the nest, there was a parent on the perch

5-27-21~5-31-21 Day Trip Weekend to Decorah

May 2021: Mom at the Hatchery

Story and photos by Robin Brumm I spent Memorial weekend with the Decorah eagles. Since it was a multi-day trip, I will spare you a 3-page report, and just tell you a few of my favorite things. On the first day I was there, I was sitting talking to Mom and the eaglets, because what else is there to do??!! Too bad they couldn’t hear me since I was so far away! As I was watching, Mom jumped up, spread

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