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Decorah and Decorah North Videos

November 29, 2019: DM2 at N2B

We hope you’ve got your feet up with some delicious Thanksgiving leftovers for tonight’s videos from Decorah and Decorah North! In Decorah, we get great looks at DM2 and a super fun look at Mom and DM2 at N1. While it appears they will nest at N2B instead of N1, they are taking some time to restore the teen pad! At Decorah North, Mr. North and DNF eject an unwelcome Thanksgiving guest and engage in some high speed aerial maneuvers.

Videos: Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway

November 24, 2019: Mom at N1

We have nestflix from Decorah, Decorah North and the Flyway for everyone! I really enjoyed both Decorah videos, the extremely cool look at Mr. North bathing with a subadult, the lovely deer, and the extremely cool look at eagles playing in strong winds on the Flyway. I love watching eagles off their territory as they play, steal, and socialize in pairs, triplets, decades, and even larger groups. While I like the word ‘convocation’ for a group of eagles, I think

It’s time for Friday night nestflix!

November 22, 2019: Mom and DM2

Put your feet up, grab your very favorite snacks and beverages, and sink into the couch, chair, or bed for a mega-roll from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway! I loved all of these videos, but don’t miss Mom’s intense stick work and ultra close-ups, the merry mice, and…forget it, I loved all of these videos! Thanks so much to our camera operators for finding such special moments, our video makers for sharing them, and to you for watching and

Nestflix from Decorah and the Diction-aerie word of the day!

November 19, 2019: Mom and DM2

Today’s diction-aerie word of the day: beddreagled, or an eagle’s raggedy, storm-blown look following bad weather. Mom and DM2 looked pretty beddreagled on N2B this morning as they nestorated and bonded! Mom also showed us her sticky obsession and Nest Depot purchases as the eagles made nest improvements. Egg-laying might be three months away, but it’s time to start getting the nursery ready now! Thanks to our camera operators and videomakers for finding and sharing special moments in the nest;

How much does N2B weigh? An answer and four videos!

November 17, 2019: DM2 and Mom at N2B

How much does N2B weigh? We have an answer and four videos for your Sunday night! I always love seeing Mom and DM2, and both Flyway videos are spectacular. Thanks to our camera operators and videomakers for finding and sharing such special moments and to you for watching and caring! Decorah Eagles 11/17/19: 8am nestorations – https://youtu.be/6q8cxShptqc. While we see activity throughout the video, my favorite section started when Mom flew in at 5:58 with a curved and very wonky

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