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Recovering DN9

June 8, 2019: DN9

As we posted yesterday, DN9 is in the care of SOAR. We’ll provide more information when we have it, but I wanted to share this video. Although some watchers may find it disturbing, it gives a nice look at how Board member David Kester, a falconer and our master bander, assessed DN9. What is that thing on DN9’s head? DN9 is hooded. The hood does not touch its eyes, does not interfere with breathing, and helps keep DN9 calm during


June 7, 2019: Dave Kester recovers DN9

We know that you are all anxiously awaiting news, and we’re no different as we wait for progress reports from our many wonderful volunteers and supporting agencies. Here’s what we know: At Decorah North … Our cams reverted to highlights this morning as we tried to troubleshoot and do what we could to find a fix for our PTZ nest cams there. The efforts were unsuccessful and will result in a site visit, and unfortunately, that will have to wait

May 29, 2019: Decorah and Decorah North Nestflix!

May 26, 2019: A floppy fish at N2B!

By Sherri Elliott Amy’s note: I apologize for getting this posted a little late – we are in the middle of banding season and I’m playing catch-up on posting content from Facebook to our website.  Nestflix! Here’s some of our favorite videos from the past few days, so mantle your snack of choice and sit back and enjoy the selections. How are you doing identifying the Decorah Eagles? We’ll have a “Whatta Week” for you coming up soon for both

What are those weeds growing in the Decorah North Nest?

Decorah North Hemp

By Sherri Elliott These eagle farmers never stop throwing out surprises to keep us guessing and/or entertained. You might recall in July 2017 we watched a cornstalk grow in the nest, and at camera maintenance time we harvested the stalk and one ear of corn that had formed. This year, apparently it’s wild hemp that is growing in the rail windowboxes. Iowa is known for its corn crops but in 1943, Iowa grew nearly 48,000 acres of industrial hemp fiber

03/21/19: Nest news and videos!

03/21/19: DM2 in the nest bowl

Spring really sprung at our nests this week! Falcons are back at almost every spot, we’re seeing Tundra Swans, Sandhill Cranes, Common Goldeneye ducks, and other migrating waterfowl at the Flyway, Peregrine Falcon Newman is bringing food gifts to mate Michelle, and background birdsong can be heard almost all of our nests. If any of you are good at birdsong ID, please get back to me – we’re looking for someone to help us figure out what we are hearing!

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