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Decorah and Decorah North Videos

November 29, 2019: DM2 at N2B

We hope you’ve got your feet up with some delicious Thanksgiving leftovers for tonight’s videos from Decorah and Decorah North! In Decorah, we get great looks at DM2 and a super fun look at Mom and DM2 at N1. While it appears they will nest at N2B instead of N1, they are taking some time to restore the teen pad! At Decorah North, Mr. North and DNF eject an unwelcome Thanksgiving guest and engage in some high speed aerial maneuvers.

Videos: Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway

November 24, 2019: Mom at N1

We have nestflix from Decorah, Decorah North and the Flyway for everyone! I really enjoyed both Decorah videos, the extremely cool look at Mr. North bathing with a subadult, the lovely deer, and the extremely cool look at eagles playing in strong winds on the Flyway. I love watching eagles off their territory as they play, steal, and socialize in pairs, triplets, decades, and even larger groups. While I like the word ‘convocation’ for a group of eagles, I think

Friday Nestflix!

November 10, 2019: Mr. North and DNF

It’s a little odd to see both nests covered in snow in November, but this is perfect eagle weather: sunny and relatively warm, with open water at Decorah and Decorah North. Snow can give animals cover, but darkly-colored animals like rabbits and squirrels show up very well against the white snow, and rabbits tend to leave trails and dark feces that reveal activity areas, aka eagle hunting grounds. We’ve got one video from each nest along with a companion video

November 12: Videos from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway

Our video mega-roll includes videos from the Decorah Eagles, the Decorah North Eagles, and the Mississippi River Flyway. Eagles are Decorah-ating, preening, snapping sticks, fishing, and forming an eagle heart, while Tundra swans and other birds are migrating, and late fall is rapidly becoming early winter! We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did! Decorah Eagles 11/09/19: Mom and DM2 work on the nest – https://youtu.be/iJ4bzSXl9eg. The video opens with DM2 moving a few sticks around the

A Snow Day in Decorah!

November 6, 2019: A snowy day in Decorah

Break out the hot chocolate! Mother Nature turned Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway into a snow globe today, shaking things up with two to four inches of powder. While Mom and DM2 and Mr. North and DNF shoveled snow, the eagles on the Flyway enjoyed a snow day! We hope you enjoyed these videos as much as we did. Thanks to our amazing camera operators and videomakers for all their work finding and sharing special moments, and to you

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