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Finding Bald Eagle D36!

D36 on August 17, 2020. We didn't see him until John found him on July 17, 2022. He looks wonderful: strong, healthy, and a master of the skies!

RRP Director John Howe went looking for D36 on July 17th and found him! Although we know where D36 has been, we haven’t seen him since we shut the cameras off in late August of 2020. He looks great and we’re so happy that John found him! D36 is a two-year old eagle who hatched at N2B in Decorah in 2020. He is the offspring of Mom and DM2. I decided to head out Sunday morning to attempt locating D36

July 19, 2022: Where are eagles D27 and D36?

Welcome to the Hudson's Bay Plains! Photo by Garth Lenz: https://thenarwhal.ca/ring-of-fire-ontario-peatlands-carbon-climate/

D27 is a five year old eagle who hatched at N2B in Decorah in 2017. She is the offspring of Mom and Dad. D36 is a two-year old eagle who hatched at N2B in Decorah in 2020. He is the offspring of Mom and DM2. D27: Summering in Canada Thanks so much for the airmail, D27 and D36! Far-flung traveler D27 is beating the heat up in Canada this summer. She headed north on May 22 – a lot earlier

Where are the eagles? Everyone checks in!

June 29, 2022: D27's Map

Where are Decorah Eagles D36 and D27, Golden Eagles 731 and 733, and FSV44 from Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain nest in Platteville, Colorado? Everyone except D36 has headed north to summer in cooler climes, and all of them sent summer vacation postcards! Decorah Bald Eagles D27 and D36 D27 is currently spending time on an unnamed lake west of Magiss Lake in northwestern Ontario. Her departure was a bit of a surprise to us, since she left so late

Satellite Tracking: Thanks for the airmail, D27 and D36!

D27's postcard! She's meandering just northwest of Decorah right now, flying in big, slow circles between Decorah and Harmony, roughly 17 miles away as the eagle flies. You can see Decorah at top left.

Where are D27 and D36? They are still sending postcards from their wintering grounds in Iowa – although we’re curious to see what D27 decides to do this year! Last year, she left Decorah quite abruptly on July 16 for her summering grounds. How abruptly? She arrived at in NW Ontario on July 27: a flight of 633 miles in just 11 days! But she’s staying more or less put right now. We’ll see if and when that changes. Brett

Where are Golden Eagles 731 and 733?

May 2022: Golden Eagle 731 and 733

Where are Golden Eagles 731 and 733? You might remember that we posted about capturing two Golden Eagles and fitting them with transmitters in January and February – article here: https://www.raptorresource.org/2022/03/22/golden-eagle-trapping-in-the-driftless/ and Golden Eagle information here: https://www.raptorresource.org/learning-tools/golden-eagles/. 731 is an adult female. She left her winter range in the Driftless north of La Crosse in late March and headed NNW to Nunavut, well north of any other eagle that we’ve tracked. Golden Eagles that winter in the central part of

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