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D27 and D24 phone home!

March 9, 2019: D27 and D24

We got postcards from D27 and D24 this week! Both are doing well and in the Decorah area. While we haven’t seen them side by side at the same time yet, their winter ranges clearly overlap, so it’s not inconceivable they are spending some time together. Perhaps they have shared (or squabbled) over a carcass, or perched in trees overlooking the same valley. Either way, we are thrilled to hear from both of them again! Stay safe and well-fed, you

Finding D27!

March 2, 2019: D27

Amy and I decided to take a trip to Decorah after Ferryville Bald Eagle Days to see if we could find D27. It was a sunny, cold day and the snow was deep, but we were willing we take a shot! Armed with the latest coordinates from Brett, we decided to start at the hatchery looking for her radio signal. DM2 greeted us and flew overhead as we pulled in, which we took as a good sign. John quickly spotted