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Announcing: Hatch Watch!

Hatch Watch at our bald eagle nests!

It’s almost time for hatch watch! We will start hatch watch at Fort St. Vrain on Saturday, March 25; at Decorah North on Sunday, March 26; and at Decorah on Monday, March 27. As many of you already know, hatch begins before pip! We’ll be looking for egg movements and listening for vocalizations between parents and hatching eaglets as we wait for eaglets to arrive. Watch and chat at Decorah: http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles Watch and chat at the North Nest: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/MbgzN2Kpajp Watch

What happened at Decorah North Yesterday?

Decorah North Nest

What happened at Decorah North yesterday? Some thoughts and a photograph. DN3 is top, DN2 is second, and DN1 is bottom: http://bit.ly/24oIWY2. Everyone will be happy to know the eaglets were well fed today! A few videos: 05/04/16: chico70 – 6:08AM time for a snack, 12:06. The first feeding we saw today! DN1 and DN2 both eat a little breakfish. https://youtu.be/BDqSv2xz9iU 05/04/16: chico70 – 7:33AM time for all three eaglets to eat, 16:30. Dad brings placenta into the nest and

Welcome to the world, DNN2!

Welcome, DNN2!

Welcome to the world, DNN2! Mom gave us very few peeks at the hatch in progress (especially once the rain started) although she seemed quite interested in what was going on down below! She removed an eggshell from the nest around 4:19am CDT and we got our first look at DNN2’s head around 6:05am. We have videos of the shell removal and two glimpses of DNN2 Arlene Beech: Mom removes shell – https://youtu.be/KH_x90rPfnU 70chico1: DNN 2 is here – https://youtu.be/ZZMZpA4vLkw

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