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Hatches and Eggs: A Round-up!

Decorah North PIP

So where are we with eggs and hatches now? As of 8:05 CT on March 28, 2017: We have two eaglets at Fort St. Vrain We have a hatch window but no hatch yet at Decorah North We are still waiting in Decorah The Fort St. Vrain great horned owls had their first hatch on March 27! At our nests, peregrine falcons have begun laying eggs at Great River Energy (Mary Ellen laid number two today) and Great Spirit Bluff

First Egg for the Decorah Eagles!

Decorah Mom and the first egg of 2017

Mom Decorah laid egg #1 this evening at 7:30! This is the 27th egg that Mom and Dad have produced together. Congratulations, Mom and Dad Decorah! Videos (we will post more if we get them) Decorah Bald Eagles Labor and Egg: https://youtu.be/6LlBYCP0fKU Decorah Eagles first egg: https://youtu.be/RCmO9nQuQyM The videos are very similarly timed. They open with Mom crouching in the nest. She appears deep in concentration, sitting very still and swaying slightly back and forth. At 1:46 into the video,

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