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Eaglet Growth and Development, Week Two

D26 asleep on the nest

It is April 10 as I write this, and our eaglets are growing rapidly! In Decorah, D26 is 10 days old, D27 is 9 days old and D28 is 6 days old. At Decorah North, DN4 and DN5 are 12 and 11 days old. And at Fort St. Vrain, FSV34 and FSV35 are 15 and 13 days old. D26. See the earhole? In their second week of development, the eaglets will gain roughly two pounds between their 7th and 14th day

Announcing: Hatch Watch!

Hatch Watch at our bald eagle nests!

It’s almost time for hatch watch! We will start hatch watch at Fort St. Vrain on Saturday, March 25; at Decorah North on Sunday, March 26; and at Decorah on Monday, March 27. As many of you already know, hatch begins before pip! We’ll be looking for egg movements and listening for vocalizations between parents and hatching eaglets as we wait for eaglets to arrive. Watch and chat at Decorah: http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles Watch and chat at the North Nest: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/MbgzN2Kpajp Watch

Egg Round Up!

Third egg at Decorah North

So many nests! So many eggs! Here’s a round-up: Decorah. This is our original Iowa site! Mom and Dad Decorah are currently nesting in N2B (a human-built nest named after Bob, who was very enthusiastic about the nest-building project). As of this post, we have two eggs in the nest. The first eaglet to hatch will be D26. The adults are Mom and Dad Decorah, or Mom and Dad. Egg number one was laid on Monday, February 20, at 7:30pm: https://youtu.be/GFBGvWoYVoI Egg number

When will egg-laying begin?

Mom and Dad at N2B

So when will Mom Decorah, Mom North, and Mom FSV begin laying eggs? We don’t have a timetable, but past years can help determine what to expect at each nest. February may be about flowers and chocolate for some of you, but it is all about eggs for us! Decorah Eagles For the past two years, Mom has laid her first egg on February 18. Her earliest laying date occurred on February 17, 2012: an uncommonly mild winter. Her latest

Happy Holidays from the Raptor Resource Project!

From a cold and snowy Iowa, we wish you all the joyous warmth of the season and hope for a productive spring ahead for our wild friends! Warm wishes and many thanks to all of our fans and supporters who have helped us in so many ways by spreading awareness, with donations toward our work, by being here to share in the daily lives of the bald eagles at Decorah, the Decorah North Nest, and in Fort St. Vrain, as

Work Updates, Camera Installs & Unhatched Bald Eagle Egg Retrieval

A non-viable bald eagle egg that was retrieved from N2B in Decorah, Iowa.

2016 Decorah Camera Crew: John Howe, Dave Kester, David Lynch, Ann Lynch, Kike Arnal, Amy Ries Decorah Eagle camera maintenance began last Sunday, September 18, 2016, with the crew starting at N1. The recent flooding in Decorah and surrounding areas have changed the landscape around both of the Decorah Eagles nests. Trout Creek/Trout Run Stream has lost about 20 feet of stream bank at the base of N1, making work a bit difficult around the nest tree, but a new

Fort St. Vrain Nest

Fort St. Vrain nest fails

We are sad to announce that the Fort St. Vrain eaglets perished on April 16, 2016, during a rain/snow storm. Their parents were not able to adequately cover them and thermal down doesn’t provide much protection from wet weather. Before the camera was turned off, the parents were witnessed beginning to consume their young. This is a very normal behavior for bald eagles. Perhaps human watchers can take comfort in the thought they they are moving past their losses. While

Hatch at Fort St. Vrain, HIP in Decorah, falcon eggs, and the TV Channel returns!

Hatch and HIP - FSV and Decorah

Whatta morning, as someone we know on Facebook might say! The Fort St. Vrain eagles finally had their first hatch this morning! FSV31 hatched 9:23am this morning. This nest has had two hatches in one day previously, so I will be very interested to see if it happens again this year! We have a Hatch In Progress (HIP) in Decorah this morning! It can take as long as a day for a hatchling eagle to emerge from its shell past

Hatch Watch!

Three eggs in the Decorah Nest

We are on hatch watch at N2B in Decorah and at Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain plant in Platteville, Colorado. What happens within the egg shortly before hatching starts? The rapidly developing embryo: Grows large enough to take up nearly all the space in its egg. Positions its body so that its head is at the large end of the egg next to the air space. Begins to breathe with its lungs. Consumes most of the remaining albumen and yolk.

Decorah Nest, Mom, and Three Egglets

Videos and news! We have three eggs at Fort St. Vrain and three in Decorah. We are hopeful for hatch in Decorah on or around March 27th, and at Fort St. Vrain on or around March 28. Remember, these are estimates – the actual hatch could be a little earlier or a little later. At Decorah North, we have one egg laid at 2:29PM CT on March 11. We could see another laid some time tomorrow, although we don’t know

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