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Friday night Nestflix and news!

02/14/19: Decorah North

Grab the popcorn and kick back, because we have a whole lot of Friday night Nestflix and a blog on incubation! In Decorah, Mom wants eggs, she and DM2 vocalize and defend the nest, Great Blue Herons appear on Trout Creek, and we get fantastic close-ups. Watch out for those talons! At Decorah North, a squirrel makes a close escape and we get a fantastic fly-in, nestorations, and close-ups. And at GSB, a falcon – Newman, maybe? – perches on

First Egg at Great Spirit Bluff!

Michelle laying her first egg of the season at Great Spirit Bluff

Michelle laid her first egg this morning at 8:09 AM CT: https://youtu.be/7Oc_pz1n5_Q! This is her eighth year at Great Spirit Bluff, and her third clutch with unbanded male Newman. Although Michelle has tended to lay eggs deep in the wee hours of the morning, she laid her first egg at 7:48am back in 2014 – another cold, dry year that was even later than this one! If she follows her usual pattern, she will lay eggs two and three about two

2016 Cam Updates

Decorah Cameras

We’ve had a lot of questions about the new eagle cams we installed in September and the falcon cams we installed in October. Here is an update from RRP director John Howe explaining past and current cameras. Thanks, John! Decorah Eagles – Fish Hatchery, Decorah IA Nest N1 Our initial installation of HD cameras in 2015 included a bullet camera pointed at N1 and a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera with 10x zoom. This combination allowed us to get amazing views of

First fledgling from N2B and GSB!

Eaglet D24 fledges from N2B in Decorah!

We had our first fledgling from N2B yesterday! D24 fledged some time yesterday morning. Boots on the ground Robin Brumm spotted her perched 5-6 trees over from N2B, near the bike trail. She looks fine, is safe in a tree, and has been wing flapping as she begins her new life beyond the nest. We also had our first fledgling from Great Spirit Bluff. Where D24 soared from a limb, falcon Alex fell while exploring the perch and flapped to the ground. Newman