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3/19/19: Video Round-Up

03/18/19: Pelicans come back!

Tonight’s video round-up features the Great Spirit Bluff cam and the birds of the Flyway! Michelle eats a little breakfeather, Newman copulates on the fly, American White Pelicans raft on ice, and bald eagles skate – or at least stand side by side on the ice. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did! I know that I’m having a hard time deciding what to watch right now! Great Spirit Bluff Falcons 3/18/19: Michelle’s first breakfast –

March 14, 2019: Nest news and Nestflix!

03/14/19: Mom in the rain

Falcons are coming back all over the place! Newman returned to GSB on February 15th. He was temporarily joined by an unbanded female falcon that forum users christened ‘Cheeky’, but Michelle returned today and presumably showed the interloper the door! Ice-out is imminent on the Flyway cam and watchers are reporting hearing Canada Geese and other birds as spring tide starts flowing northward along the Big River. Worried about mice in our eagle nests? They are not a threat to

March 11, 2019: News and Video Round-up

03/11/19: Mom on the nest

As I’m sure most of you know, we lost an egg in Decorah today. We’re getting a lot of questions about how the eagles respond to loss and how they might feel about the broken egg. It’s a complicated question that we plan to write about tomorrow. In the meantime, it was nice to see Mom and DM2 caring for the remaining two eggs – gently turning them, shimmying over them, and covering them on a warm, bright day. Our

March 9, 2019: Video round-up and news

03/07/19: Fabulous frosty feathers at the North nest

Tonight we’re catching up with the North eagles and the Great Spirit Bluff falcons! We have owls, close-ups, a really cool conversation, a beautiful morning, some rather stiff prey, and Newman the falcon. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the ‘conversation’, ‘morning’, and Newman videos…but that would be a tough choice, since I loved all of them. Thank you so much for watching, everyone. Happy Saturday and Sweet Eagle Dreams to all of you! Decorah North

February 21, 2019: Nest news and videos!

02/21/19: The Norths on their nest

What a day at all of our nests today! In addition to the first egg at the North Nest, Mr. North showed a juvenile eagle the business end of his talons, DM2 and Mom got busy, and Newman demonstrated some falcon yoga at Great Spirit Bluff! We also have some spectacular close-ups at the Decorah and Decorah North nests.   The accompanying cap shows how quickly the North eagles got their nestbowl and egg cup ready for eggs following yesterday’s

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