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2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #6: Falcon Carson Came Back!

August 5, 2019: Carson at Great Spirit Bluff

It was a tough year at Great Spirit Bluff. A great horned owl killed falcon Kira on June 9 and a blackfly swarm drove falcon Carson from the nest on June 11. Our camera operators quickly found his spunky screeing self in the brush below the nest. We verified he was alright and settled down to watch as Mom Michelle and Dad Newman dropped a veritable buffet of bird parts on his head and chased away the potential predators that

2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #7: Can DN9 Really Eat That?

2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #7: Can DN9 Eat That?

Bald eagles have remarkably flexible digestive systems. They can store food in their snack-pack storage crops, grind and sort it in their mortar-and-pestle gizzards, and expel non-digestible solids like fur and scales. We’ve documented the Norths feeding on white-tailed deer, placenta, turtles, squirrels, wild turkeys, and a variety of fish…just to name a few of the things we’ve seen them bring to the nest! Still, DN9 was in a league of her own this year when it came to dinner

2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #8: The North Nest Family

Festive North Nest Eagles by Liz Grindstaff

After watching two eaglets in the Decorah nest, it was sometimes hard to turn to the North Nest and watch lone eaglet DN9, who had no siblings to play with. DN9 will never know about the thousands of ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ who watched her grow up and cherished her interactions with Mom DNF and Dad Mr. North. She seemed to enjoy spending time with them and we all got another look into the social side of an eagle’s life. Food

2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #9: DM2 sees his first egg

2019 Memory Lane #10: DM2 sees his egg for the first time

2019 was a year of change at both Decorah eagle nests. While Mr. North and DNF had no problem getting their groove on, DM2 seemed a little reluctant to bond with Mom! Our eagle panel found both this fascinating and funny as they reassured us that things would be fine. We believed them, but we still crossed our talons and let out a sigh of relief when Mom laid an egg on February 22nd. Hilarity and concern melted into wonder

2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #10: Who’s Mom’s beau? It’s DM2!

October 17, 2019: DM2

We asked all of our volunteers about their favorite moments this season. What made them happy or sad? What were moments they treasured? Pelmomma, Oregonian, Tulsa, Jf, Shelliott, and Bus fondly recalled DM2’s return. Remember wondering where he took his eagle-cation? Chewing your nails over whether he’d come back? Crossing your talons that everything would work out? We started streaming on October 14: just in time to get a nice look at Mom and another eagle roosting on the Skywalk:

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