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Decorah Eagles Update at N3 with Mom Decorah & DM2

Our new male and female close up and personal! Notice the differences in the two? Male front, female back.

– By RRP Director John Howe We have finally completed our recent assessment of what we believe is going on at N3 and what Mom Decorah and DM2 are up to. ALL the eagles of Decorah are out doing the things that, well…eagles do. We don’t always understand why they are doing what they do, but they really are not obligated to report back to us humans either! First, we can report that Mom Decorah and DM2 appear to be

As The Nest Turns: Decorah

April 11, 2022: The new eagles. He's left, she's right, and they look a lot like Mom and DM2. I can see some subtle differences up close and we're working on iris fleck and feather catalogs.

If you’ve been watching the Decorah Eaglecam, you know that a new eagle pair appears to be settling into the starter nest we built at N1. I’ll be honest: a lot of us have mixed feelings about that! We hoped the nest would lure Mom and DM2 back to the hatchery, but they chose to nest in N3 again this spring. Still, their behavior this fall gave us a little bit hope that they might make a different decision in

‘House Hunters’ or ‘As The Nest Turns’? The latest from Decorah…

April 1, 2022: The cast of characters!

‘House Hunters’ or ‘As The Nest Turns’? Why not both! If you’ve been watching the Decorah Eagles, you know a Canada Goose is incubating six eggs in N2B and we’ve seen a pair of eagles in and around N1 for a couple of weeks. We initially identified them as Mom and DM2, although we wondered why they were so far from their nest after full incubation began. But the couple at N1 last night were clearly not Mom and DM2!