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Wheee! Squeee! Look at Me!

April 24, 2019: North Nest - whee, squee, look at me!

By Sherri Elliott Wheee! Squeee! Look at Me! Oh Darling DN9, we are! If you only knew how many eagle eyes are focused on you minute by minute … not just your parents, but fans from all over the globe who marvel at every milestone marked. At 54 days and 7 ¾ weeks old, weighing 8-9lbs, over 2.5ft in length and a 5ft wingspan we’re saying Bye Bye Babylet and Hello Big Bird! If you find yourself saying, “Geeze, it

Whatta Week! Fun & Games!

May 23, 2019: D32 and D33

By Sherri Elliott Let’s start with math. The Decorah Eaglets are 47 and 44 days old. D32 will be 7 weeks old on Thursday, and D33 just turned 6 weeks last Sunday. So even with being 3 days apart, D32 is almost finished with Week 6 while D33 is just starting. Please don’t try to rush them saying they’re both 7 weeks old … the time already seems to be accelerating at warp speed. You might have noticed that D33

Whatta Week! Grabbing, Gulping, Growing Ginormous-sauruses!

April 13, 2019: Whatta Day!

Image and article by Sherri Elliott Gee Whiz, that’s a lot of G-words, but there’s even more as we godparents gather and gaze into the nests with gratitude for all the changes glimpsed gauging their gargantuan G-force growth. Gone are the gentle little grubs … replaced by gangly and sometimes goofy and glorious ginormous-sauruses! We have two nests in Decorah … the original nest at the fish hatchery with Mom Decorah and new male DM2 and their two eaglets D32

Whatta Season! Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!!

April 27, 2019: Whatta Day!

By Sherri Elliott What happened to our eensie eaglets and where did these gangly gray pterodactyls come from? It’s only been a few short weeks since the eaglets hatched at Decorah (fish hatchery nest), and at the Decorah North Nest, and we’ve seen them grow from about 3oz and 3 inches long at hatch to about 1 foot now and weighing as much as a 5lb bag of sugar. They not only change from day to day but sometimes the

Whatta Day: Outdoor School!

Decorah Eagle Fledgling on Y-Branch

Written by Sherri Elliott Are you seeing the empty nest and thinking the season is over? Au Contraire … it’s just beginning for the Decorah Fledglings as they start Outdoor School! While we may not see them all the time, Mom does, and they know where she is too as she takes different vantage spots to keep an eye on them and teach them the skills they will need becoming more independent over the next 6-8 weeks before they finally

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