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Whatta day – D30 is home!

06/20/18: The Tree Amigos!

Whatta Day ~ D30 Is Home! At approximately 11:55AM CT, the newest member of Decorah’s Raptor Force found its way home to the natal nest to reunite with its siblings! We’ll have more details as they become available from any of our ground site observers, but as is often the case, and as we saw last year with D27, they manage to make continual small flights from branch to branch to get back where they belong. D30 made a strong

Whatta Mom! (and the kids are pretty great too!)

06.01.18 - Mom brings a fish

by Sherri Elliott It’s hard to believe how quickly the eaglets are changing at 8 weeks yet we see it daily in physical appearance, behaviors, skill sets and personalities. Also remarkable are the changes we have seen in Mom Decorah who is rewriting the single mom’s handbook after moving on after Dad’s disappearance fulfilling double-duty parental roles over the past 5+ weeks. She shows her strength and determination daily doting on her ddd’s as well as her prowess in purveying


05.17.18 - Tweenagers!

Story and cap by Sherri Elliott Decorah Eaglets ~ 6 Week Tweenagers! The eaglets are at the 6-week mark and we’re seeing some remarkable changes in appearance, behaviors, independence, socialization, and development. Fledge is normally at 10-13 weeks, so we are about at the halfway mark. Historically fledge at Decorah is about at the 78-day mark, although it’s been as early as 74 days to as late as 86 days. Our eaglets are in the ‘tween’ stage from clumsy clown

Are You Missing Our Fledglings?


Author: Sherri Elliott. It’s a bittersweet time for fans and viewers who haven’t been able to follow the example of our fledglings and get on with our own lives. We keep hoping for updates, glimpses of them and wondering how they are faring. Here’s an update for you! Decorah North Nest: Last night, on the eve of DN1’s 15 Week BirdDay we had a nice long visit and sleepover as DN1 settled in for the night, perched on the lower

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