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What’s on the Menu at Fort St. Vrain?

So what’s on the menu at Fort St. Vrain? While we were up in the nest, I decided to collect prey remains. We don’t have the necessary permits to take feathers (of which I found only two, both belonging to prey), but there were plenty of skulls and a few turtle shells. I got them home, laid them out on a table, and started ID’ing them. Some Moms bring home t-shirts and postcards. I bring home skulls and photos of

1st Hatch for Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain!

FSV36 at Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain

Congratulations to Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain eagles! FSV 36 was spotted by sharp-eyed Fort St. Vrain fans this morning during nest changeover at 6:57am mountain time. The eaglet looked dry and we saw no signs of an eggshell, which means it had been out of the egg for a while. Based on that and a capture that appears to show a large zip in one of the eggs yesterday at around 6:44pm, we believe the eaglet hatched last night.

Six Eggs at Xcel Energy’s Sherco Plant?

Six falcon eggs at Xcel's Sherco Plant

A falcon on six eggs? That is what we appear to have at Xcel Energy’s Sherco plant in Becker, Minnesota! The first four eggs laid here were fully pigmented, but the last two are lighter in color and easily identifiable. A few possibilities: The falcon is incubating four eggs laid this spring and two eggs laid last spring. Last year’s resident falcon laid four eggs, but none of them hatched. Two of them appeared to have survived the winter and

Xcel Energy’s cams are back!

Fort St. Vrain Eagles

Hello, Fort St. Vrain Eagles! Great to see you! Xcel Energy’s cams are back and can now be viewed on phones and devices in addition to standard computers! While most of the falcons we watch are gone, the Fort St. Vrain eagles are busy working on their nest. They have tended to follow the same schedule as Decorah, which means we are hoping for eggs in mid-February. Xcel Energy’s cams can be watched in a few places: Xcel’s website: http://birdcam.xcelenergy.com/ Our