Eagle Valley Bald Eagles

General Information

The eagles are no longer nesting in the tree we cammed. The tree was girdled by beavers and is dying. Per an agreement with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (the nest is on a refuge) we are currently pointing the camera at the pool west of the pole camera so the public can view waterfowl coming and going from Sept. 1 through December 31.

Eaglets and Outcomes

 Year EagletsKnown Outcomes
20142 – EV1, EV22 deaths. 1 predation, 1 respiratory illness


We have very little information on the adults here. The eagles have nested at this location since 2007, but 2014 marked the first year we could watch them in the nest.


The Mississippi River stays open along this stretch, making it a popular wintering spot for many northern eagles. While the parents appear to be on territory year-round, we don’t see as much of them. Outside of their breeding season, we may see less of them because they are congregating and interacting with other eagles. During their breeding season, they appear to spend a great deal of time on nest defense. The adults here eat more fish and turtles and fewer mammals than the eagles in Decorah, and they line their nest with grass and reeds, not husks and hay. We encourage watchers to compare this pair of eagles with those nesting in Decorah and Fort St. Vrain for a good look at how an animal’s environment shapes its life.

Videos from Eagle Valley