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Mega nestflix and your questions answered at Great Spirit Bluff, Decorah north, and the Flyway!

Fledgling falcon Chance

From Chance’s first few falcon flights through family portraits at Decorah North and extremely cool water birds on the Mississippi Flyway, we have your mega-Nestflix roll – along with information about plumage, juvenile hunting skills, those plants at the North nest, and a really cute duckling. A thousand thanks to our camera operators and videomakers for catching and sharing these special moments with us. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did! Great Spirit Bluff July 20,

Peregrine Falcon Chance Fledges at Great Spirit Bluff!

July 19, 2021: Chance fledges

Forty-six day old Chance the Raptor fledged flawlessly at 8:23 AM CDT on Monday, July 19! We knew fledge was right around the corner since Chance reached several milestones over the past few days: hopping to the outer porch (, exploring the branch perch on the left side of the box (, flying to the top of the nestbox (, and flying back down to the nestbox perch ( As we saw this this year, fledge is a process. It

Virtual ATF!

2021 After The Fledge

We will be broadcasting these live After The Fledge events on the Decorah Eagles page at our website at and at The schedule is as follows: Friday, July 16 8:00 AM: Virtual live fish hatchery tour. Get up early and join us! Noon: A virtual look at N3 3:00 PM: River Valley Raptors. Meet the birds of River Valley Raptors – and their humans, too! You can see some of them here: Saturday, July 17 Noon:

Where are eagles D27 and D36?

The view from 10,000 feet in Chatfield, MN

Where are eagles D27 and D36? The two appear to have opted for staycations this year, with D27 spending her time on the Upper Iowa just north of Decorah, and D36 exploring SE Minnesota. D36 is currently located on the north branch of the Root River near Chatfield, MN. It winds beneath tall hills, steep ridges, and – towards the Root – tall limestone bluffs. Like Decorah, this area has everything an eagle might want: a clean, cold, shallow river

NestFlix and News: Decorah North, GSB, and the Marshall Turkey Vultures

July 6, 2021: DN13 and DN14 in the nest

DN13 and DN14 turned 104 and 102 days old today, while falcon Chance turned about 36 days old – roughly four to six days from fledge. It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite video from our post today, but I loved DN14’s tree trimming escapades, the food fight, Chance’s wingercizing, and…who am I kidding? All of them were great! We have around two months to fall and less than that for typical eaglet dispersal, so it’s good to

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