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As the Nest Turns: A Subadult in Decorah!

July 12, 2019: A sub-adult at N1

It looks like another episode of ‘As The Nest Turns’ has dropped! A beautiful 4-1/2 year old subadult showed up in the Decorah territory, perching near Momat N1 and spending time in N2B. Videos here: Is this a rival suitor to DM2? A previous year’s offspring dropping in for a visit? We don’t know, but we’ll be watching and there is an active discussion about it in our forum.

After the Fledge Auctions and Details

2019 ATF Auction Banner

Our After the Fledge auction opens today at 5:00PM CT. We have amazing art, jewelry, memorabilia, and so much more. The talent and dedication of Decorah Eagles followers never fails to amaze me! Thank you so much for your wonderful donations: We also have a Before The Fledge Auction with gift certificates donated by Decorah businesses. Coming to Decorah for After The Fledge or any other reason? Check it out: Thanks to Hotel Winneshiek, La Rana, Magpie Coffeehouse,

Friday Night Flicks!

July 12, 2019: Carson at Great Spirit Bluff

Decorah and Decorah North Eagles We got a nice long look at Mom on the ninth, which led to a lot of concerned questions about her appearance. Read this blog for more information: 07/09/2019: Mom’s feature film – Our first good look at Mom for weeks; still lots of flies bothering her, but she stays on camera for over an hour. This is a long video, but we’ve been waiting a long time to see her. 07/09/2019: Flyby

Is Mom Decorah okay?

July 12, 2019: Mom Decorah

We got a nice, long look at Mom on Tuesday, which led to a lot of worried questions about her appearance. What was that dark mark beneath her chin? What’s going on with her face? Is she going to leave her territory? Here’s what we know. What’s going on with Mom’s face? In a word: Blackflies. John Howe and Neil Rettig captured several flies from Red-tailed Hawks near Neil’s home in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin. A professor at Clemson University

After the Fledge Schedule

Photo of Mom, credit Robin Brumm

While fledge didn’t go as expected this year, our After The Fledge party is still on! After The Fledge will take place from Thursday, July 18 to Sunday, July 21. You are still welcome to register at Coming to Decorah for ATF (or any other reason)? Don’t miss our Before The Fledge Auction – your chance to win gift cards to great Decorah businesses! You can find a printable schedule here: All Weekend Decorah Fish Hatchery Tour:

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