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November 12 Nestflix!

Mom at N2B

We hope you enjoy your Monday night Nestflix! In Decorah, we’ve got a Decorah Shimmy, curious (and funny) tail placement, and serious nestorations at both N2B and the new North starter nest. On the Mississippi river, a male Mallard duck dabbles and swans and bald eagles fly in to roost and float. If you check out the Flyway cam, be sure to have the sound on. The vocals are absolutely amazing!   Thanks as always to our camera operators and

A Veterans Day Thank You

World War I British Soldier and Army Dog

November 11, Veterans Day, honors and celebrates the service of all military veterans. Thank you to our veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. You heard the call of duty and left the lives you knew to answer it. When we think of veterans, we usually think of the people we know. But our veterans also include dogs, horses, pigeons, elephants, mules, camels, cats, bald eagles, fox cubs, canaries, monkeys,

11/08/18: Video Round-up!

November 8 Video Round-Up

Looking to catch up on the day? We have videos from Decorah and Decorah North, including nestwork and fly-ins in Decorah, beautiful close-ups at both nests, and a great video from Decorah North. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did! Sweet eagle dreams, everyone!   11/8/18: Mom on maple, UME2 closeups on skywalk – It was a busy day for Mom and UME-2 today! Beautiful close-ups start at 2:29.   11/08/18: Decorah eagles close-ups –

November 3rd Video Round-up!

Mom and UME-2 on November 2nd

Happy Saturday, everyone! Tonight’s videos are all about the Decorah Eagles! Mom and UME-2 have a discussion, cornstalks and sticks come into the nest, UME-2 works on the nest bowl (!), and we get some nice close-ups. We’re getting emails on UME-2’s moniker (Unknown Male Eagle #2). Will we change it? I don’t have a timeline, but he won’t be unknown forever! Thank you so much to our camera operators and video makers for taking time out of their Saturdays

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