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Learning Eagle Table Manners

May 10, 2022: Learning Eaglet Table Manners

We were asked about eaglet growth and development during our Bird Week chat yesterday. Bald eagles spend about the first half of nest life – say, 35 to 40 days – gaining weight, growing limbs and feet, and growing and replacing feathers. In stage two – about 40 to 75 or 80 days – they begin preparing for life beyond the nest by building muscle, exploring their new wings, learning to unzip prey and feed themselves, and practicing their

Hatch at Great Spirit Bluff!

May 12, 2022: Newman meets his hatchlings

And then there were two! We have two peregrine falcon hatchlings at Great Spirit Bluff this morning and a third egg appears to be starting! Hatch number one happened at around 11:00 PM CT and hatch number two happened this morning at 6:06 AM CT. Congratulations to Newman and Zooey on another year at Great Spirit Bluff! 🎉🐣 Videos May 12, 2022: Second egg hatched and Newman meets them: May 11, 2022: Eyass #1 hatched: Live stream

Satellite Tracking: Thanks for the airmail, D27 and D36!

D27's postcard! She's meandering just northwest of Decorah right now, flying in big, slow circles between Decorah and Harmony, roughly 17 miles away as the eagle flies. You can see Decorah at top left.

Where are D27 and D36? They are still sending postcards from their wintering grounds in Iowa – although we’re curious to see what D27 decides to do this year! Last year, she left Decorah quite abruptly on July 16 for her summering grounds. How abruptly? She arrived at in NW Ontario on July 27: a flight of 633 miles in just 11 days! But she’s staying more or less put right now. We’ll see if and when that changes. Brett

May 7, 2022: Day Trip to Decorah

May 7, 2022: Mom flying down to the river to catch a fish.

Story and photos by Robin Brumm Saturday was supposed to be sunny and warm, so what should I do?? Go to Decorah of course! I left a little later than I was planning, so I was hoping the eagles would still be hanging around when I got there. I drove up to the hatchery and right away saw the new pair of eagles in the N1 tree. I quickly parked the car, grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. They

Where are Golden Eagles 731 and 733?

May 9, 2022: Map for adult female Golden Eagle 731 and subadult female 733.

Where are Golden Eagles 731 and 733? You might remember that we posted about capturing two Golden Eagles and fitting them with transmitters in January and February – article here: and Golden Eagle information here: 731 is an adult female. She left her winter range in the Driftless north of La Crosse in late March and headed NNW to Nunavut, well north of any other eagle that we’ve tracked. Golden Eagles that winter in the central part of

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