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Goose Cam Shutdown Announcement

April 26, 2023: Mother Goose and gosling

We’re shutting down the goose cam! The goslings leapt on April 26th and the occasional visitors to N2B don’t appear interested in laying eggs. If anything changes, we can turn it back on. Thanks so much for watching the geese with us this year! If you’d like to relive the goslings (so cute!), we have a video: If you’d like to read more about them, follow this link: And click here for other birds to watch and follow:

Where did our eagle parents go?

May 17, 2023: Watch your toes, HM!

Some of you have expressed concern that our eagle parents aren’t properly caring for or feeding their young. We’re still seeing plenty of parental care – DH2 got three feedings just this morning! – but we’re also seeing a lot less brooding and a lot more alone time. While at least one eagle parent is always in the area, they aren’t always on the nest. What’s going on? Older eaglets no longer require (or want) continuous brooding, and their parents

Happy Mother’s Day!

HM - Her Majesty! - keeps DH2 safe from the storm beneath her sheltering wing. Mombrella is the best!

Happy Mother’s Day to HM, Savanna, Mom Decorah, Mama Goose, and all Mothers with us here and in spirit. Through wind, rain, snow or sunshine, a Mother’s love shines through! I hope you like this book as much as I did, years ago. “Mommy!” they cried, and they flapped and they danced and they bounced up and down on their branch:

May 12, 2023: NestFlix and News, Decorah Edition

May 11, 2023: Like father, like son or daughter! DH2 shows off its warbling skills as it furls and unfurls its unwieldy wings!

DH2 enters its sixth week of life today! During week five, our not-so-little eaglet got better at eating rough pieces of food, self-feeding, standing, and shooting poop. It wingercized unwieldy wings, began building leg and flight muscles as it hopped and stomped, played house, tween-preened the keratin sheaths that covered its emerging wing and tail feathers, and lost the last remnant of its egg tooth on May 10. If DH2 wasn’t sprawling around the nest, it was pestering Mom and

May 11, 2023: Fort St. Vrain Eaglet dies after hail storm

May 11, 2023: FSV47 and FSV48

From the Fort St. Vrain Eagle page. FSV48 died following a severe hailstorm. Ma tried to keep them covered, but they were both pretty large and she couldn’t keep them beneath her. Yesterday we lost our FSV48 at 26 days old. I will remember 48 as one of the spunkiest younger siblings I’ve ever seen. 48 always pushed to the front of the food line and when bonked would give it back. I will remember 47 putting their wing over

Four Hatchlings for Savanna and Newman!

Congratulations to Savanna and Newman on four hatchlings: the 49th, 50th, 51st, and 52nd falcons to hatch here! Savanna has excellent feeding and care instincts and Newman is keeping everyone supplied with as many birds as he can bring to the box. We’re keeping a close eye on them and looking forward to banding on May 27. To watch live, follow this link: Why don’t Savanna and Newman build a nest? Peregrine falcons do not build stick nests, although

May 8, 2023: What are we looking forward to this week?

May 8, 2023: HM's new slippers! HD2 is huddling beneath her on a rainy, wet morning in Decorah.

What are we looking forward to this week? We’ve got hatch at Great Spirit Bluff, nestling falcons at Alma, Great River Energy, and the Dubuque Courthouse, and some projected big nights on the Mississippi Flyway. Let’s break it down! Great Spirit Bluff Hatch has started at Great Spirit Bluff! Falcons normally begin full incubation after they lay their penultimate egg and it generally takes about thirty-three days from the onset of full incubation to the beginning of hatch. Savanna laid

May 6, 2023: Nestflix and News (with pelicans!)

May 4, 2023: DH2 relaxes in N1, the sky reflected in its eyes.

We have your Saturday NestFlix! HD2 entered its fifth week of life yesterday and hit the standing milestone on Wednesday. Watch out below – projectile pooping is about to enter a new era! We also saw unihemispheric sleep, sweet eagle dreams, an intruder, and DH2 playing ‘house’. What a charming week! On the Mississippi Flyway, we’re enjoying a new Instagrammable log. Pelicans, Caspian terns, cormorants, and bald eagles are all showing up for selfies and videos! We hope you enjoy

Bald Eagle D36 has died

June 30, 2020: D36 and the eagle team

We are beyond sorry to announce that bald eagle D36 has died. Bald eagles die and this isn’t the first time we’ve had to announce it. But this feels especially tragic. For almost the first time since we started tracking eaglets from Decorah back in 2011, we won’t be following one. We started tracking them to answer one of the most common questions that followers asked: ‘Where do the Decorah Eagles go?’. They taught us a whole lot about their

Upcoming hatches!

May 12, 2022: Newman meets his hatchlings

We’re about to get very busy with peregrine falcon hatch! Dairyland Power’s Alma site already started hatch and those falcons are adorable! The rest of our hatch schedule looks something like this: Peregrine Falcons Great River Energy: Estimated hatch: Yesterday, although that camera is down right now. Great Spirit Bluff: Estimated hatch: May 6 US Bank La Crosse: Estimated hatch: May 11 Xcel Energy Allen S. King plant: Estimated hatch: May 15 MPL Hibbard plant: Estimated hatch: May 17 Red

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