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Memory Lane 2021: D37, D38, and D39

April 18, 2021: Robin's Day Trip - Feeding time!

Glogdog Decorah and Robin Brumm gave us this favorite 2021 memory. In the fall of 2020, Mom and DM2 built a nest behind the Decorah Walmart. For the first time since 2003, we didn’t have eagles nesting near the trout hatchery. How would we watch them? Thanks to Robin’s day trips, we knew on April 18 that D37, D38, and D39 had hatched and were doing well! I was surprised by how much I missed Mom and DM2. But I

How many eagles at the North nest?

December 4, 2021: Eagles near the North nest

How many eagles did we count at the North nest this weekend? Juveniles, subadults, and adults stacked up: stalking one another, mantling, quarreling, and hanging out in the Valley of the Norths. Although we saw just six or seven at any given time, it felt like eleventy billion! Why are we seeing so many eagles here? Eagles are leaving remote northern forests for more temperate regions. As cold as it seems to us, there is plenty of open water in

Mom at N2B, an influx of visitors at the North nest, and skating sandhill cranes: it’s your Thursday night NestFlix round-up!

December 2, 2021: Mom Decorah on the Skywalk.

It’s been a wild week at all of our sites: Mom and DM2 have appeared at N1, N2B, and M2 enough to have all of us hoping for a change in real estate, Mr. North and DNF are coping with an influx of unwelcome hungry visitors, and the Flyway is ever-so-slowly starting to ice up as our long, warm fall finally comes to a close. I liked all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed Mom and DM2’s copulation on

Memory Lane 2021: The Bachelor, Great Spirit Bluff edition

Amhran 92/X, a 2018 hatch from Skidmore Bluff in Hagar, Wisconsin. Newman invited her into his nest box, offered her a food gift, and tried to copulate with her.

We’re used to a little falcon flirting. Despite the species’ reputation for monogamy, we’ve seen and heard males display, chup at, and solicit passing females before their mates show up to chase off interlopers. But Newman was in a league of his own this year as falcon after falcon showed up to flirt and accept his food gifts. While he wasn’t really a bachelor, he seemed to enjoy the attention. Picture dead birds instead of roses, bare-knuckle brawling in place

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