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Where are eagles D27 and D36?

Wolf Creek Falls in Banning State Park. Photo by Robert Johnson.

Where are eagles D27 and D36? I’m delighted to report that we got postcards from both of them earlier this week! As you might recall, D27 left for Canada on July 16 – about the time that we were thinking she might be looking for a place to settle down! She’s tended to migrate north between mid-to-late May and early June, although she’s drifted later as she’s aged. Still, her mid-July departure caught us by surprise! Whatever the reason –

Nest and cameras work update

Our work site from above

Happy Tuesday, everyone! A quick update: we finished work at the North nest, where we replaced two cameras, took old equipment down, and measured the North nest. The outside measurement – farthest stick to farthest stick! – is 12 feet by 8.25 feet. The inside measurement – the part the eagles use – is 6.25 by 6 feet. It’s hard to get a height on this nest, but I’m guessing four feet. It’s a big nest! In Decorah, we cleaned

Friday Flyway: Nestflix from the Mississippi Flyway and GSB!

September 2, 2021: An eagle interaction on the Mississippi Flyway.

Happy Flyway Fri-yay! We have videos from the Flyway and GSB, plus a few interesting odds and ends for everyone to enjoy. Thanks so much for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring! While our eagle cams will be down until early October, our Flyway and GSB cams are live and catching some lovely and fascinating interactions. We hope to see you at Eagle College! and Mississippi Flyway September 2, 2021: GBH Upright and Spread Wing Display –

August 30, 2021 Day Trip

August 30, 2021: Mom and DM2 on the Maple

Story and Photos by Robin Brumm I was due for a day trip, so Monday morning I got up at dark o’clock and headed to Decorah. As I was coming around a curve down from the hatchery, I saw an eagle on the maple tree. I got a big smile on my face, and assumed it was Mom. As I got to the corner, I stopped and may have squeed a little bit, because both Mom and DM2 were there!

Shutdown announcement

We’re so glad we got to spend time with all of you this year – a year of wonderment at the North nest, wistful memories at the Decorah nest (thanks so much to Robin Brumm and Iver Burl for their boots on the ground reporting), and hope and crossed fingers at GSB! We’ll be shutting our Decorah and Decorah North streams down for maintenance on Sunday, August 15, at 5:00 PM CDT. Look for a special chat on the Decorah

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