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#Musings: Place, stories, and eagle intelligence.

November 7, 2017: Dad Decorah

Place, as writer Thom Van Dooren points out, can be understood as an embodied, lived, and meaningful environment. Bald eagles clearly have a sense of place. Their territories are woven with layers of attention, meaning, and experience: spots to hunt, perch, and hide from the weather, materials to build and replenish their nests, and mates and family to bond with and care for. Eagles have neighbors beyond counting – squirrels, mice, raccoon, rabbits, muskrat, mink, coyotes, deer, prairie dogs, trout,

Happy Friday! Videos and News from around the nests!

March 26, 2020: Mom comes in for shift change in Decorah

TGI Fri-yay! We’re starting hatch watch at Decorah North today and we have videos from both Decorah nests to celebrate! I loved all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed rain on Mr. North’s feathers, Mom’s trip to the #selfcare spa this morning, and an extremely cool look at DM2 spreading his wings to protect his eggs from sleet and rain. Right now, our nests look like this: Decorah: 3 eggs. Hatch watch starts April 3 Decorah North: 2 eggs.

Peek inside a bald eagle egg: 24 days!

Development of an avian embryo

This blog was first published on March 23, 2017. We reposted it to give everyone a peek inside the eggs. As of this writing, there are three eagle eggs in Decorah. The youngest is about 21 days old, the middle is 25 days old, and the oldest is 29 days old. There are two eggs at Decorah North. The youngest is 31 days old and the oldest is 34 days old. Hatch watch starts at Decorah North tomorrow and in Decorah

Announcing: Hatch Watch 2020!

Hatch Watch 2020!

Tick-tock hatch clock! We’re announcing hatch watch at both Decorah nests as follows: Decorah North DNF laid her first egg on February 21st. Based on her history, first hatch should happen on or around Saturday, March 28, so we’ll be starting hatch watch on March 27! Look for pips or starring on the eggshell and listen for DNF and Mr. North to ‘talk’ to the hatchlings as they work their way out of their shells. The first eaglet to hatch

1st egg at Great Spirit Bluff!

March 26, 2020: Nova lays her first egg

Falcon Nova at Great Spirit Bluff just laid her first egg of the season at 8:19 AM CDT! She will most likely lay two to three more, spaced roughly two days apart. Full incubation will begin after the third egg, although we may sometimes see she or Newman spend time on the eggs prior to that. Congratulations to both of them! We often get asked why falcons don’t start incubation right away. Won’t their eggs die? It isn’t likely. Between

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