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March 26: Nest news and Nestflix round-up!

March 26: Mom settles over the eggs

The Xcel Fort Saint Vrain eagles hatched their first egg last night at 9:43 PM MT! We start hatch watch in Decorah North on March 30th and hatch watch in Decorah on March 31st – although keep in mind that hatch could start a little earlier or a little later. We don’t know which egg broke in Decorah, so that could impact hatch timing as well. Once we have a pip, we’ll let everyone know! We’re also looking for an

First hatch at Fort St. Vrain!

March 25, 2019: Hatch at Fort Saint Vrain

Congratulations to the Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain eagles! The first hatch of 2019 occurred last night at 9:43 MT – 40 days, 1 hour, and 3 minutes after the first egg was laid! Hatch often occurs within a short period of time at this nest, so we could have another one today or tonight! Watch here: or here:

Where did the Flyway birds go?

03/20/19: Ducks on the Flyway

At whatever moment you read these words, day or night, there are birds aloft in the skies of the Western Hemisphere, migrating. If it is spring or fall, the great pivot points of the year, then the continents are swarming with billions of traveling birds… – Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds Among birds, migration is the regular, endogenously controlled, seasonal movement of birds between breeding and non-breeding areas (Salewski and Bruderer 2007). Spring migration is

03/21/19: Nest news and videos!

03/21/19: DM2 in the nest bowl

Spring really sprung at our nests this week! Falcons are back at almost every spot, we’re seeing Tundra Swans, Sandhill Cranes, Common Goldeneye ducks, and other migrating waterfowl at the Flyway, Peregrine Falcon Newman is bringing food gifts to mate Michelle, and background birdsong can be heard almost all of our nests. If any of you are good at birdsong ID, please get back to me – we’re looking for someone to help us figure out what we are hearing!

March 20, 2019: A postcard from D27!

03/18/19: D27's Travel Map

It looks like D27 has decided to join the eagle party on the Mississippi River! She left Decorah on March 13 and flew NNW out to the Bluffton area, not far from Bob’s old farmstead and falcon breeding barns, before heading east to the Mississippi river. She is currently spending time on the Minnesota Slough just east of New Albin, Iowa. This area is rich in food resources and quite close to one of our falcon sites. We can’t help

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