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2022 Stream Shutdown Announcement

2022 Cam Shutdown Announcement

We’re so glad we got to spend time with all of you this year – a wonderful year at the North nest and a hilarious, sometimes difficult, but ultimately hopeful year in Decorah! We’ll be shutting down our Decorah and Decorah North streams for maintenance on Saturday, August 20, at 5:00 PM CDT. Please join us for special celebratory chats and an end of the season fundraiser on our website from 3pm to 5pm on shutdown day. We’ll be reminiscing

Hello, Eagles! Vacation postcards from D27, D36, and Golden Eagles

The eagles: Bald Eagle D36, a two-year old eagle from Decorah, is in NE Iowa. Bald Eagle D27, a five-year old eagle from Decorah, is in NW Ontario, up along the Ontario/Manitoba border. Golden Eagles 731 and 733, both captured north of La Crosse in Wisconsin's Driftless area, are up in the Southern Arctic Ecozone of Nunavut.

Where are D27, D36, and Golden Eagles 731 and 733? D27 and the two GOEA sent postcards from Canada and Nunavut, while D36 is still staycationing in northern Iowa! Their summers are looking something like this… D27 D27 is continuing her cool eagle summer up on the Hudson Plains. While the area is full of low-lying plains, rivers, and muskeg, she appears to be exploring a large coniferous forest region dotted with lakes…ideal territory for an eagle-cation! She is 827

July 31, 2022: Day Trip To Decorah!

A Day Trip to Decorah with Robin Brumm, Mom and DM2

Story by Robin Brumm The last time I went to Decorah was for part of the After The Fledge celebration, but I didn’t see Mom or DM2 while I was there. I recently saw RRP’s post that said the N3 tree had fallen in a storm, so I wanted to go to Decorah to see if Mom and DM2 were hanging around the area. Sunday morning, I got up at dark o’clock and headed off to Decorah. I got to

NestFlix and news from the North Nest, the Decorah Trout Hatchery, and Great Spirit Bluff!

July 29, 2022: HD and HM on the Y-Branch.

Today DN15 and DN16 turn 129 and 128 days old. Last year, none of our camera operators reported seeing DN13 or DN14 at the North nest last year after August 14th. That got me curious, since we know the eaglets are beginning to wander prior to dispersal. I took a look at each year’s August map in two sections: one from August 1 through August 15, and one from August 16 through August 31. While most of our eaglets didn’t

Nest N3 destroyed in the strong storms that rolled across NE Iowa on Saturday night

July 28, 2022: The view from the trail behind Walmart. N3 is gone. Many of the dead trees (and some of the live ones) either fell or took damage from the wind and other trees.

Nest N3 – the nest that Mom and DM2 built behind the Walmart in the fall of 2020 – was destroyed when the nest tree fell in the strong storms that rolled across NE Iowa on Saturday night. Based on the debris line and flattened, muddy grass along the upper Iowa behind Walmart, the river was at one point roughly four feet over its current flow level. The discharge in cubic feet per second more than tripled overnight following 4+

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