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A Memorial Day Thank You

Memorial Day Thank You

Today we commemorate Memorial Day with you. A day to celebrate and salute the sacrifices of the brave men and women who died serving in the American armed forces and to honor and remember their courage and service. On behalf of all of us at Raptor Resource Project, we extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have served or are serving our country. Fly high and free! As we reflect on that recognition, The Raptor Resource Project

May 19, 2020: It’s a Mega Raptor Marathon from Decorah and Decorah North!

May 19, 2020: DN12 at the North Nest

The eaglets at Decorah and Decorah North are all past the halfway point in nest life. They usually fledge at 75 to 80 days, with males often (but not always) fledging first. We see a lot of baby behaviors in the first four to five weeks of nest life: eat, bonk (until about the third week), poop, sleep, repeat. The baby-eees are also exploring the nest and gaining skills, but things don’t really kick into high gear until they begin

Did You See? DN12’s Home-Alone Schooling!

Decorah North Nest: DN12 Milestones

by Sherri Elliott If you’ve been thinking about calling Eaglet Protective Services to report DN12 being left unattended for longer periods or not getting enough to eat … Don’t! DN12 has thousands of aunties and uncles that are keeping eyes fixed on the little darling, and there’s no doubt that parents Mr. North and DNF are close by also checking on their eaglet. At 6 weeks old, DN12 is half-way through the nesting season and continues to meet or exceed

May 13, 2020: Nestflix from the Decorah Eagles!

May 12, 2020: D36 and D35

We have your Decorah Eagles videos! Sometimes I can pick favorites, but I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these. D34 and D35 are turning 38 days old today, and little D36 is turning 35 days old. For about the first half of nest life, eaglets grow and gain weight. For about the second half of nest life, eaglets grow flight feathers and start developing the skills they need for life beyond the nest. We’re seeing that right now

May 12, 2020: Where is eagle D27?

May 11, 2020: D27's latest map

Where is D27? The just-over three-year-old eaglet sent a postcard from the Frankville, Iowa area a couple of days ago! Brett wrote: “D-27 completed a cool loop heading ESE into WI for a few days, definitely out of her typical winter range, and eventually returned to the east side of her winter range near Frankville, IA. The visit to Patch Grove, WI was curious, as that is the farthest into WI she has ever been. I wonder if she saw

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