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Nestflix: Fledglings!

June 27, 2020: Fledgling on a power pole

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that we were posting about our little ddd-darlings going from bobbleheads to sleek young predators! You already know that we had a successful fledge at both nests, but how are our fledglings doing after leaving the nest? D34, D35, D36, and DN12 are doing very well as they gain flight and hunting skills! We love to see Moms and Dads interact with and prepare their fledglings for life beyond the

Happy National American Eagle Day!

April 27, 2020, left to right: D36, D35, D34, Mom

Happy National American Eagle Day and Fledge Fundraiser! Feel welcome to share your favorite memories and captures from our Decorah and Decorah North nests below! Today is a special day to commemorate the anniversary of the Bald Eagle’s selection as our National Symbol, to celebrate its physical recovery to America’s skies, and to observe the American values, ideals and attributes for which it stands. Why did the Bald Eagle nearly become extinct? It’s a long story. Bald eagles were America’s

Fledge celebration and fundraiser!

2020 Fledge Fundraiser

We will be celebrating fledge with a fledge fundraiser tomorrow! Join us in chat on our website ( and here on Facebook to support and talk about your favorite moments from this year! If you are like us, you have much more than one. Want a refresher on nest events? Check out the 2020 Decorah Eagles playlist here:, or the 2020 Decorah North playlist here: Remember the hummingbird visiting the North Nest in the rain? . Or beautiful

Did You See? Dinner In A Tree!

June 13, 2020: DN12 in the perch tree across the pasture (T3)

By Sherri Elliott Decorah North fledgling DN12 got an unexpected room service dinner delivery by its momma DNF last evening in a perch tree (T3) across the stream. There was a little bobble as DNF landed with fish dinner, lots of squeeing and anticipation for the tasty treat, and DN12 masterfully grabbed the fish with a semi mantle and held it in his beak before figuring out how to dine al fresco! In a short time, it was gobbled and

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