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Nestflix for October 15, 2019

October 15, 2019: Mom Decorah

The Decorah and Decorah North Eagles are back! We know we have Mr. North and DNF at the North nest. How about the Decorah nest? We know Mom is there. While there is a lot of agreement that the male looks like DM2 (fans have pointed our head shape, beak shape, and what we can see of his eyes), we’re still hoping to confirm with an iris shot – especially after last fall, when we thought we might never leave

Decorah and Decorah North Eaglecam Announcement

September 30, 2019: Mom Decorah at N2B

We are happy to announce that we will start streaming cameras again on October 14 at 12:00 PM Nest Time (Central)! We finished the tree work but we have a few more things to do before we can stream again. Between September 10 and September 26, we: Replaced two cameras and microphones at N2B and added a camera and microphone to N1. Although the subadult stopped working at N1 on or around September 1, we wanted to be ready if

What’s In A Name? Eagles and Falcons

From John Howe: “You have asked us how we identify names for the raptors we follow. I can assure you that the eagles and falcons don’t care if they are called by a name or not. That is a human thing. However, we need to have a way to identify birds as we collect and share data. In the case of peregrine falcons, landowners and cooperative partners assign names as they please. In the case of eagles, we assign an

Updates from SOAR

August 4, 2019: D32 at SOAR

We have two updates from SOAR. To see video of DN9 and D33, check out their Facebook page at To learn more about all of their patients, go to New wrap, new roomie Last week, D32 had his (this is still an educated guess on gender) wrap changed on the right leg. Why still a wrap? Just like a human who has had a broken leg bone, supportive material is still used for several weeks after the cast

July 18: Nestflix roundup!

July 16, 2019: Mom hanging our in Decorah

We’re scrambling to get ready for ATF, but we wanted to share some extremely cool videos of a bald eagle/sandhill crane interaction on the Flyway, another look at Mom and the sub-adult, some great footage of both North eagles, and a nice look at Carson. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did! Thanks to our camera operators and videomakers for their hard work capturing and sharing the natural world with all of us, and to you

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