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Sunday Night Movies at Decorah North

02/17/19: Geese in Decorah

In Decorah: Hoohooooos at the nest, great fly-ins, snow goggles, DM2 on top, and a flock of geese! At Decorah North: eagles in the snow, a snowy brood patch, and very cool nest visitors. An bald eagle nest can be a nursery, a home, a grocery store, or a Nest Depot for squirrels, mice, and small birds, and a potential real estate location for competitors like owls and other bald eagles. Our camera operators gave us a glimpse at both

Friday night Nestflix and news!

02/14/19: Decorah North

Grab the popcorn and kick back, because we have a whole lot of Friday night Nestflix and a blog on incubation! In Decorah, Mom wants eggs, she and DM2 vocalize and defend the nest, Great Blue Herons appear on Trout Creek, and we get fantastic close-ups. Watch out for those talons! At Decorah North, a squirrel makes a close escape and we get a fantastic fly-in, nestorations, and close-ups. And at GSB, a falcon – Newman, maybe? – perches on

Do bald eagles delay incubation?

February 14, 2019: FSV

This blog was first published on Tuesday, March 29, 2016. It has been updated to reflect new knowledge and events. Do bald eagles delay incubation? It wasn’t an a question we’ve thought about much, since bald eagles in Iowa usually lay eggs in temperatures under – sometimes well under – freezing! However, 2016 was quite a bit warmer, and the eagles in Decorah and Fort St. Vrain seemed to spend more time off the first two eggs than we are used

Nestflix and Quizzes!

February 12, 2019: Mom and DN2

Get ready for videos and quizzes! On the quiz side: Do you know what the eagles eat? Are you smarter than an eagle education classroom? You can find the quizzes here: Are you smarter? Thanks to all of the classrooms who developed this quiz. A warning…these kids are really smart! What’s on the menu? We’ve set up a prey log. This quiz will give you a chance to practice identifying prey and show off your knowledge – or

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