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Where are eagles D27 and D36?

The view from 10,000 feet in Chatfield, MN

Where are eagles D27 and D36? The two appear to have opted for staycations this year, with D27 spending her time on the Upper Iowa just north of Decorah, and D36 exploring SE Minnesota. D36 is currently located on the north branch of the Root River near Chatfield, MN. It winds beneath tall hills, steep ridges, and – towards the Root – tall limestone bluffs. Like Decorah, this area has everything an eagle might want: a clean, cold, shallow river

Will the Decorah Fledglings go to the hatchery?

Post-Fledge: July

What will D37, D38, and D39 do once they’ve fledged? Will they go to the hatchery or stay near N3? They aren’t telling us either way, but here’s what we know based on Brett’s transmitter studies: All of the Decorah eaglets we’ve tracked fledged in mid-to-late June. Almost all of them stayed within a mile of their natal nest until late July or early August. The only exceptions were 2014 fledglings Indy and Four. After blackflies drove the eaglets out

D36 and D27 Phone Home!

March 20, 2021: D36's Map

Where are D36 and D37? The warming weather is bringing eagles north by the tens of thousands, and D36 and D27 are among them! The two sent us eagle airmail from Preston, MN (D27) and Cedar Falls, IA (D36). D27 headed north on March 4. She flew north to Wabasha and checked out the National Eagle Center, went further north to visit Xcel Energy’s Prairie Island plant, and could have been one of the many eagles I saw kettling above

Where are D36 and D27?

March 2, 2021: D36's map

Where are D36 and D27? D27 is sticking pretty close to home, although she’s starting to wander a little bit as the days lengthen and bodies of water ice out. She spent the coldest days of the polar plunge between the cities of Calmar and Spillville. In this part of NE Iowa, the Turkey River meanders between rolling hills that provide excellent cover in cold weather. If the river freezes over, feedlots provide ample opportunities for food – one of

February 19, 2021: Eagle Maps!

February 12, 2021: Eagle 307 at Lock and Dam 15. Photo by Tim Brandenburg

We hope you enjoy today’s eagle map bonanza! D24, D36, and D27 sent postcards and two photographers took photos of eagle #307, an eagle that Brett has been tracking since 2015. So where is everbirdie? Let’s start with our birds! D24, D27, and D36 Five year-old D24 is spending time on the Turkey River southwest of Decorah, between Ridgeway and Protivin, not far from the site of his 2020 Valentine’s Day airmail! It’s no surprise D24 decided to stay, or

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