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D27 phones home!

July 1, 2020: D27's latest map

D27 sent another postcard! She moved from Severn Lake over to Lake Petownikip, part of a chain of large lakes stretching through Ontario’s north country. It is a perfect summering spot for bald eagles, who enjoy cool weather and plenty of fish. Have a great summer, D27 – I know I’ll be thinking of your beautiful boreal forest in our hot and sticky weather! A lot of people have asked whether D27 has found that special someone yet! She has

May 12, 2020: Where is eagle D27?

May 11, 2020: D27's latest map

Where is D27? The just-over three-year-old eaglet sent a postcard from the Frankville, Iowa area a couple of days ago! Brett wrote: “D-27 completed a cool loop heading ESE into WI for a few days, definitely out of her typical winter range, and eventually returned to the east side of her winter range near Frankville, IA. The visit to Patch Grove, WI was curious, as that is the farthest into WI she has ever been. I wonder if she saw

Where is eagle D27?

April 30, 2020: D27's latest map

Where is eagle D27? Her latest ping put her over by Palisades Park on the east side of Decorah. She’s been busy criss-crossing the area, flying over or not-far-from beloved landmarks like Mabe’s Pizza, Luther College, and (on April 15) the hatchery. We’ll see if we can order D27 a fish pizza to go before she starts her journey north! When will D27 leave? Last year, she started wandering widely on May 11 and headed north quickly on May 20th.

Eagle D27 checks in!

April 13, 2020: D27 checks in!

D27 sent us an airmail! The barely-three-year-old eaglet is still spending time near the Decorah area, although she should be departing for her summer range in the next 20 days or so. She is working her foraging areas on the Upper Iowa and Trout Rivers and appears to be doing a good job of feeding up for her long migration north. I got curious about what her winters looked like. In 2018, D27’s first dispersal year, she wandered quite widely

D27 phones home!

Postcards: Bluffton, Iowa

D27 phoned home! Our wandering eaglet sent a postcard from Bluffton, Iowa – roughly a mile or so from Bob’s old peregrine falcon breeding project. She’s been wandering more as the days grow longer and the weather warms. In January, D27 logged a total of 132.5 miles over 88 data points, with an average trip distance of 1.5 miles. She hunkered down just a tiny bit more in February: logging 132.2 miles, with an average trip distance of 1.1 miles.

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