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February 19, 2021: Eagle Maps!

February 12, 2021: Eagle 307 at Lock and Dam 15. Photo by Tim Brandenburg

We hope you enjoy today’s eagle map bonanza! D24, D36, and D27 sent postcards and two photographers took photos of eagle #307, an eagle that Brett has been tracking since 2015. So where is everbirdie? Let’s start with our birds! D24, D27, and D36 Five year-old D24 is spending time on the Turkey River southwest of Decorah, between Ridgeway and Protivin, not far from the site of his 2020 Valentine’s Day airmail! It’s no surprise D24 decided to stay, or

Where are our eaglets? D27, D35, and D36 phone home!

January 12, 2021: D27's map

Where are our eaglets? All three are sticking fairly tight to their current areas, which are about 50 miles away from one another. D27, in Spillville, is the farthest north while D35, near Iowa City, is the farthest south. Eagle D27 D27 turns four in early April of this year. She is in the Spillville area on the western part of her winter range, not too far from Decorah. Brett pointed out that she tends to explore agricultural fields the

John Finds D35!

December 11, 2020: D35 in flight

It was a beautiful day to track eagles and D35 had been spending her last several weeks near the Burnsville, MN landfill just south of the Minnesota River. She has been hanging out in that area since, November 20th. My home is not far from Burnsville, so it was time to grab a copilot and track eagles! My son Jonathon was available to grab pictures, so we hopped in the Raptor-mobile, traveled across I-494 to 35W South, and crossed the

D27 meets D36!

November 23, 2020: D27 and D36 meet southeast of Postville

Do eagle siblings ever disperse together? Although our eaglet siblings all appear to be best friends post-fledge, D24, D25, D35, and D36 all dispersed separately. However, half-siblings D27 and D36 spent a few days in the same area on November 23, 24, and 25 this year. Thanks so much for the postcards, eaglets! D36, D27, D24, and D1 all seem to like the Turkey Valley watershed a little south and west of Postville.  It looks like eagle paradise: plenty of

November 23, 2020: Eaglet airmail!

November 22, 2020: D36's Map

Thanks for the airmail, eaglets! Can we still call D27 an eaglet? She is a little over three years old right now and is spending her time in a valley system just a few miles south of her natal nest. We keep wondering if she’ll cross paths with sibling D36, but the two haven’t been especially close so far. D36 continues to hang south, moving his foraging area from the Turkey River to the Volga River: also a popular spot

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