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Satellite Tracking: Thanks for the airmail, D27 and D36!

D27's postcard! She's meandering just northwest of Decorah right now, flying in big, slow circles between Decorah and Harmony, roughly 17 miles away as the eagle flies. You can see Decorah at top left.

Where are D27 and D36? They are still sending postcards from their wintering grounds in Iowa – although we’re curious to see what D27 decides to do this year! Last year, she left Decorah quite abruptly on July 16 for her summering grounds. How abruptly? She arrived at in NW Ontario on July 27: a flight of 633 miles in just 11 days! But she’s staying more or less put right now. We’ll see if and when that changes. Brett

Where are Golden Eagles 731 and 733?

May 9, 2022: Map for adult female Golden Eagle 731 and subadult female 733.

Where are Golden Eagles 731 and 733? You might remember that we posted about capturing two Golden Eagles and fitting them with transmitters in January and February – article here: https://www.raptorresource.org/2022/03/22/golden-eagle-trapping-in-the-driftless/ and Golden Eagle information here: https://www.raptorresource.org/learning-tools/golden-eagles/. 731 is an adult female. She left her winter range in the Driftless north of La Crosse in late March and headed NNW to Nunavut, well north of any other eagle that we’ve tracked. Golden Eagles that winter in the central part of

Satellite tracking: D27 and D36 phone home!

April 4, 2022: D27's Map

Thanks for the airmail, eagles! We received two postcards this week – one from D27 in Harmony, Minnesota and another from D36 near Cedar Falls, Iowa. Where is D27? D27 hatched in 2017 and is turning five this year – old enough to start her own family if she decides to settle down right away. She wasn’t far from N2B on March 15 and 16, which means we peeled our eyes when new eagles showed up on N1. Could one

Thanks for writing, D27 and D36!

March 1, 2022: D27's Map

Thanks for writing, D27 and D36! D27 has moved back into her favorite wintering spot just south of the hatchery, dashing our hopes for a nest in the Spillville area this year. If you visit the cluster map and drill way, way in, you’ll be able to see just how much time she’s spent in this area in spring, winter, and fall. D36 has headed a little further south since his last eagle airmail. He’s currently spending time on the

Decorah Eagles D27 and D36 Phone Home!

January 31, 2022: D27's Map

Where are 27 and D36? D27 sent us a postcard from Spillville, IA and D36 checked in from the Cedar River near Waterloo! We asked Brett about their travel patterns – if you check out D27’s map especially, you’ll see that she’s been pretty sedentary since arriving in the Spillville area on January 9. She hasn’t traveled farther than 2.2 miles and most of her flights have been considerably shorter than that. In extremely cold weather, eagles will hold tight

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