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D27 phones home!

Postcards: Bluffton, Iowa

D27 phoned home! Our wandering eaglet sent a postcard from Bluffton, Iowa – roughly a mile or so from Bob’s old peregrine falcon breeding project. She’s been wandering more as the days grow longer and the weather warms. In January, D27 logged a total of 132.5 miles over 88 data points, with an average trip distance of 1.5 miles. She hunkered down just a tiny bit more in February: logging 132.2 miles, with an average trip distance of 1.1 miles.

D27 and D24 phone home!

February 22, 2020: D27's map

D27 and D24 sent valentine’s day cards this week! D27 is currently hanging out south of Nordness, while D24 spent time near Spillville, Iowa. This part of Iowa is eagle paradise – plenty of food, abundant perching places, rolling fields, and steeply folded hills with rivers and creeks flowing beneath them. D27 went on extensive walkabouts in March and April last year before migrating north in May. We’re curious to see whether she does the same thing again this year.

Looking for eagle D27

D27 on February 6, 2020

Where is D27? Hiding from us…but not too far from the hatchery! On Wednesday, John and I went looking for her. We had the latest coordinates Brett could give us, two phones, google maps, and the Yagi. D27 is currently wandering around an area of large fields, feedlots, steep wooded hills, and running water. We saw seven eagles on our walkabout – this part of Iowa is a winter eagle paradise given the warm weather and abundant food! – but

Where is eagle D27?

January 23, 2020: D27's map

D27 sent us an airmail! As Brett said, she in engaged in typical meandering around her natal area. Her farthest point north this month was up near Bluffton: less than a mile from Bob’s old farm/breeding project and nine miles distant from her natal nest. Her farthest point south was down near Eldorado, 13 miles distant from her natal nest. D27 spent most of her time in and around Decorah and passed near the nest three times: once on January

D27 and D24 Phone Home!

January 14, 2020: D27's Map

Wonderful news! D27 and sibling-from-another-year D24 sent us maps this week! A quick refresher: D24 hatched at N2B in Decorah on March 29, 2016, making him 3.5 years old. D27 hatched at N2B on April 4 of 2017, making her 2.5 years old. Both eaglets are spending time in and around the Decorah area. Although we haven’t yet seen them both together, D24’s transmitter doesn’t check in very often. It’s entirely possible the two could have spent time together: perhaps eating

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