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Is that subadult eagle a Decorah Eaglet?

February 1, 2023: Another look at the subadult eagle.

Several persistent subadult eagles at the Decorah trout hatchery have watchers wondering if they are Decorah eaglets. One appears to be roughly 2-1/2 years old, which means it hatched in 2020: the last year that Mom and DM2 nested in N2B. We know it isn’t D35 or D36. Could it be D34?  Natal dispersal in birds is defined as the movement between hatching location and first breeding or potential breeding location. Juvenile bald eagles usually disperse from their natal nests

January 18, 2023: D36 takes a fishing trip!

January 18, 2023: D36's Map.

Where is D36? Our little homebuddy is taking a fishing trip on the Turkey River in NE Iowa, moving from Spillville down through Fort Atkinson, Festina, St. Lucas, Eldorado, and back up to Douglas, Iowa. Brett told us that the Turkey River is wide open, which means plenty of fishing opportunities and – most likely – plenty of eagles! Good luck, stay warm, and don’t forget to write! I got curious about eagles in NE Iowa during the winter, so

2022 Memory Lane Moments: Postcards from our Eagles!

D36 on August 17, 2020. We didn't see him until John found him on July 17, 2022. He looks wonderful: strong, healthy, and a master of the skies!

Who else was thrilled to get postcards from D36, D27, and Golden Eagles 731 and 733? I loved opening my mailbox (well, email inbox) and getting letters from Brett and Ryan with all of the latest details on our eagles. Let’s take a look back at their year! Bald Eagle D36 | Parents: Mom and DM2 | Age: Two | Age Classification: Subadult D36 took an Iowa staycation this year! He wandered down to Tama, Iowa, roughly 100 miles SW

Who is that eagle with a transmitter?

D27? This was the only look we got at the eagle's face. D27 turned five years old in April.

Our sharp-eyed camera operators found an eagle with a transmitter on near N1 this morning! While we couldn’t get a band or transmitter number, Brett thinks this was most likely D27 based on the eagle’s location and age. We haven’t heard from D27’s transmitter since late November, but we know that she was in Decorah and tends to spend time in an area between the hatchery and Highway 52. She is looking great and we’ll keep searching for potential nests

D36 Phones Home!

November 14, 2022: D36's map

Thanks for the airmail, D36! Two-year old bald eagle D36 sent us another postcard from the Turkey River near Spillville, Iowa: seemingly his new favorite hang and the place he’s spent the most time on his Iowa staycation! With winter finally moving in, it’s no surprise that he’s sticking to the steep valleys and flowing water of the Turkey. Given the eagles we’re seeing on the Flyway and wandering through Decorah, he should have plenty of company in the next

Postcards from our Bald and Golden Eagles!

Bald Eagle D36's map on Monday, October 24, 2022.

Where are D36, D27, and Golden Eagle (GOEA) 733? 733 was our big mover last week, flying 576 miles south in just six days! She spent October 17th and 18th flying 302 miles south from western Ontario down into northern Minnesota. On October 19th, she flew 126 miles southeast past Ely, Minnesota to the north shore of Lake Superior. She followed the shore down and around the big lake’s western tip at Duluth before dropping down through Wisconsin’s lake country

Could HD or HM be one of Mom and Dad’s offspring?

HD (left) and HM (right). HD stands for 'Hatchery Dad' and HM stands for 'Hatchery Mom'. We could change the nomenclature, but that is what we are using now. We can clearly see the ID cues mentioned in previous pictures: HD's smaller beak, guyliner, cere markings, and whiter head, and HM's larger beak, and flatter, darker head. She is also much larger and has a small circular mark on the right side of her face. Glogdog: "Since HM is larger, her folded flight feathers fold lower near her tail's end, and HD's flight feathers fold shorter near the tail tip." A fantastic ID tip for ID'ing them from behind!

Could HD or HM be one of Mom and Dad’s offspring? Mom and Dad’s oldest eaglet turned 14 years old this spring. Since bald eagles tend to nest in the region they were born, it’s possible that at least one of them was produced by Dad and OM, or Dad and Mom. But male and female eagles have slightly different nesting dispersal patterns, which makes male HD the more likely offspring choice. Natal dispersal in birds is defined as the

Where are D27 and D36?

September 7, 2022: D27 and D36

D27: Home for the Fall! In late July, D27 sent a postcard from just inside Manitoba: the farthest north that any of our Decorah eagles have traveled. She started her fall migration on August 10, traveling 79.1 miles SWS to an unnamed lake 58 miles ENE of Sachiago Lake. After several short flights of 30 or so miles, she flew 145 miles south between August 16 and August 18, and an incredible 338 miles between August 19 and August 22!

Hello, Eagles! Vacation postcards from D27, D36, and Golden Eagles

The eagles: Bald Eagle D36, a two-year old eagle from Decorah, is in NE Iowa. Bald Eagle D27, a five-year old eagle from Decorah, is in NW Ontario, up along the Ontario/Manitoba border. Golden Eagles 731 and 733, both captured north of La Crosse in Wisconsin's Driftless area, are up in the Southern Arctic Ecozone of Nunavut.

Where are D27, D36, and Golden Eagles 731 and 733? D27 and the two GOEA sent postcards from Canada and Nunavut, while D36 is still staycationing in northern Iowa! Their summers are looking something like this… D27 D27 is continuing her cool eagle summer up on the Hudson Plains. While the area is full of low-lying plains, rivers, and muskeg, she appears to be exploring a large coniferous forest region dotted with lakes…ideal territory for an eagle-cation! She is 827

Finding Bald Eagle D36!

D36 on August 17, 2020. We didn't see him until John found him on July 17, 2022. He looks wonderful: strong, healthy, and a master of the skies!

RRP Director John Howe went looking for D36 on July 17th and found him! Although we know where D36 has been, we haven’t seen him since we shut the cameras off in late August of 2020. He looks great and we’re so happy that John found him! D36 is a two-year old eagle who hatched at N2B in Decorah in 2020. He is the offspring of Mom and DM2. I decided to head out Sunday morning to attempt locating D36

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