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Three eagles phone home!

August 31, 2020: Three eagles flying high, from the west to the east.

We have your postcards! D27 left the north and arrived back in Decorah on August 29, passing within .20 miles of her natal nest! If you check the maps, you’ll see that she spent a little time near a favorite outdoor school spot/perching place for the Decorah Eagles this summer. Was she close to D36? Not especially! Our little homebody took a trip up to Bluffton, Iowa, in the late afternoon. By the time D27 arrived, D36 was gone! Still,

Our eagles are on the move!

August 16, 2020: D35's Map

Our eagles are on the move! D35 surprised us all by making a big move north on the afternoon of August 12th. At 1:03 PM, she was hanging out near the corner of Highway 9 and Montgomery Street in Decorah – about 1.37 miles from her natal nest. By 4:03 – just three hours later! – she was 49 miles NW along the North Branch of the Root River: a lovely wild area that has the riverine valleys, steep folded

Checking in with the eaglets!

August 12, 2020: D27's map

Where are the eaglets? Up in Canada, D-27 appears to have gotten itchy feet – or maybe itchy wings! She flew over 90 miles south on August 5, but reversed course the next day. By late August 8, she was just 36 miles SSE of Petownikip Lake, this year’s summer island-hopping home. Click on the map to enlarge each image I got curious about D27’s previous summers, so I checked them out on our interactive maps. In 2018 and 2019,

D27, D35, and D36 all phone home!

August 4, 2020: D35's Map

Where are the eagles? D27 sent a postcard from Lake Petownikip in northwestern Ontario this week! She is on an island journey, foraging and perching extensively on the tiny islets that dot the lake. Meanwhile, D35 is beginning to broaden her travels! Brett wrote: “Look who is getting a little adventurous! Two jaunts of nearly two miles one-way in a day! It is nice she came back to her natal area by day’s end.” We thought D36 might begin exploring

D27, D35, and D36 check in!

July 22, 2020: D36

We have so many postcards this week! D27, D35, and D36 all phoned home – although the last two were just around the corner most of the time. To date, D36 has the longest flight record, at .365 miles from his natal nest. If you’ve trekked or biked Trout Run Trail past the hatchery, you’ve gone past the farm he visited. Both eagles are also spending a lot of time just upstream of the nest and just out of our

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