Coffee Mugs and More!

Decorah Eagles Mug

Looking for coffee mugs, Christmas ornaments, or cards? Visit our store at and check out our Decorah, Decorah North, Flyway, and Eagle Fun collections! We’re still adding things, so stay tuned!
Glenn and Darlene Miller's photography and books

Glenn and Darlene Miller: Glenn and Darlene have beautiful images of the Decorah eagles and a book, ‘Learning to Fly’, that includes a foreword by Bob Anderson. It provides insight into his conservation work and is his last writing about himself. All sales benefit the Raptor Resource Project.
Robin Brumm's Eagle PhotographyRobin Brumm: Photography. All sales benefit the Raptor Resource Project and SOAR.
Sherri Elliott's Book The EEeee's & MeBook: The EEeee’s and Me. Sherri Elliott’s book about the 2011 nesting season. All sales benefit the Raptor Resource Project.

Dress Yourself!

Decorah Eagles Apparel. Shop our selection of T-shirts here! We have Decorah, SuperMom, Decorah North, and RRP T-shirts, sweatshirts, and pullover hoodies!


An image of John Howe's Director's Cut Calendar

John’s Howe’s 2021 director’s cut calendars are available! John’s calendars feature photos captured from our cams. The Decorah, Decorah North, Great Spirit Bluff, and Mississippi Flyway cams feature significant dates and all sale proceeds benefit Raptor Resource Project.
An image of Robin Brumm's 2022 Decorah Eagles calendar

Robin Brumm’s 2022 Decorah Eagles calendar is available at! Robin’s Day Trips to Decorah kept us up-to-date on the 2021 season and her original photos show Mom, DM2, D37, D38, and D39 in and around N3. Her calendar contains egg laying, hatch, and fledge dates from 2011-2021 and sale proceeds the benefit Raptor Resource Project.