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March 24, 2023: Friday NestFlix and News from Decorah!

March 23, 2023: HM on a windy day in Decorah

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and birds are laying eggs!  HD and HM’s eggs should start hatching in about 11 days (April 4th), Ma and Pa Jr’s eggs should start hatching in about 17 days (April 10) and we’re looking forward to eggs at Great Spirit Bluff! Savanna has the sort of pleasantly plump look (a slightly distended lower abdomen and generally chonky appearance) that we associate with eggnancy, so I suspect it will be sooner rather

March 20, 2023: NestFlix and News from Decorah and GSB!

March 20, 2023: HM and her eggs

We have your NestFlix! In Decorah, HD and HM care for their eggs and disagree about a shift change. The Bark-a-lounger is just too comfortable to leave! At GSB, we have meadowlark for breakfast and the return of Ralex Honnold (Raccoon Alex Honnold). Savanna isn’t happy about the raccoon and is absolutely ready to defend her nest box from any intruder. You go, Savanna! When will Savanna lay eggs? We don’t have a schedule for her, so we’ll be looking

Monday. March 13: NestFlix and News

March 8, 2023: Mr. North at the North Nest. He is an awesome, dedicated father and is doing his best to care for the egg.

Ma FSV laid her third egg at Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain nest on Thursday, March 8, which brings the total number of eggs in our nests to six: three at FSV, two in Decorah, and one at Decorah North. DNF and Mr. North’s lone egg is 21 days old, HM and HD’s two eggs are 16 and 13 days old, and Ma and Pa Jrs eggs are eleven, eight, and four days old! Here’s a peek at what’s going

March 3, 2023: Friday NestFlix from Decorah and Great Spirit Bluff!

March 3, 2023: HM reacts to an unknown threat. Every feather is erect as she makes herself as large and formidable as she can.

Whatta day, as Sherri Elliott used to say! Peregrine falcon Newman is pulling in potential mates, Ma FSV laid her first egg of 2023 yesterday, and we’re watching HM closely. Will she grace us with a third egg tomorrow? Talons crossed! In the meantime, we have your raptor movie marathon from Decorah and Great Spirit Bluff. Put up your feet and grab some refreshments…it’s time for NestFlix! Decorah Eagles March 3, 2023: HM gathering grass on N2B – https://youtu.be/dX8JIEww9H4. This

March 1, 2023: News and Nestflix from Decorah and Decorah North

February 28, 2023: A squirrel in the North nest. It did not bite through the egg.

We have your news and nestflix from Decorah and Decorah North! In Decorah, HM laid egg #2, HD learned how to incubate eggs and airdropped breakfish on HM, and both eagles were annoyed by a juvenile intruder. Go get your own food! At Decorah North, DNF and Mr. North continued to cope with intruders and a squirrel picked up but did not bite through the egg. Sometimes I pick favorites, but I enjoyed every one of these videos! Thanks so

February 23, 2023: NestFlix and News!

February 23, 2023: How deep is the snow? Mr. North protected his egg and kept the snow and ice at bay through the storm!

It was a blustery day in Decorah today! HM was nearly blown over when she got up to reposition herself, while Mr. North and DNF coped with snow and intruders. What’s going on at the North nest and why isn’t DNF incubating more? We suspect that the intruders are adult female eagles. IF DNF thought they represented a serious threat, she would most likely take on nest-guarding while Mr. North incubated. Male eagles will chase female eagles, but don’t tend

February 17, 2023: Fri-yay NestFlix at Decorah North, Decorah, and Great Spirit Bluff!

February 17, 2023: HD and HM

Happy Fri-yay, everyone! Hoping for DNF or HM to lay eggs today? Watching for Peregrine falcons at Great Spirit Bluff or any of our Xcel Energy sites? We’ve got a raptor mega-roll movie matinee while you’re waiting! I loved all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed HD’s log cabin, HM on the Y-Branch (it looks like she’s developing a brood patch), Mr. North’s fishy gift, both Norths pondering a squirrel problem, and the fox walking below Newman. It is

February 7, 2023: News and NestFlix

February 4, 2023: HM surveys her realm.

Put your feet up and grab a hot cup of cawfee – we’ve got Tuesday morning movies for all of you early birds! It’s been a very chilly couple of days and I suspect that HM, HD, Mr. North, and DNF are happy about the weekend warmup. Tick tock, egg clock: last year DNF laid her first egg on February 16 – just nine days from today! #eggcited Decorah Eagles February 4, 2023: HM eats nestover for dinner, both working

January 30, 2023: NestFlix and News from Decorah, Decorah North, and Fort St. Vrain

January 26, 2023: HM and HD.

We saw a lot of visiting eagles arrive late last week as subzero temperatures and storms pushed eagles into northeast Iowa. Many bald eagles winter in the same place every year, but others behave more like irruptive migrants as they wander the landscape in search of open water and easily available food. Extremely cold weather and serious snowfall push wanderers south – much to the chagrin of residents who aren’t excited about hungry visitors near their nests! The interlopers kept

January 24, 2023: Decorah and Decorah North NestFlix

January 24, 2023: HD getting a stick just right!

We have your Decorah and Decorah North nestflix! Mr. North, DNF, HD, and HM have made wonderful progress removing snow: trampling, smushing, rolling, and scraping to get down to the substrate before covering the nest floor with layer upon layer of shredded corn husks and fine grass. I loved all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed Mr. North pole-vaulting into the nest, HD’s giant stick, HM and HD perching together, beautiful white-tailed deer, and some hilarious North nestorations! I

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