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February 17, 2021: Nestflix and news from both Decorah nests

February 17, 2021: Mr. North responds to a threat near the nest

Grab something warn and put your feet up – it’s time for Nestflix! At Decorah North, DNF and Mr. North keep their lone egg warm and cope with unwelcome intruders. In Decorah, Mom and DM2 keep us all on the confusion couch. Will they nest at N2B or not? We won’t know until they begin laying eggs…but either way, we shouldn’t have long to wait! Thank you so much to our camera operators, our video makers, and to all of

January 22, 2021: A Raptor Movie Marathon from Decorah North, Decorah, and GSB

January 20, 2021: Resident eagles at Great Spirit Bluff

Happy, happy Fri-yay, everyone! The sun is setting and I’m kicking off my Friday raptor movie marathon with a great big bowl of popcorn! As usual, Mom and DM2 continue to tease us with little visits to N2B…not enough for serious nestoration, but just enough to keep us hoping they come back! Mr. North and DNF are very busy working on their 2021 addition, while eagles are stacking up at Great Spirit Bluff, which has just the right amount of

NestFlix: Decorah North and Great Spirit Bluff

January 14, 2021: DNF and Mr. North on the North nest

We have your NestFlix from Decorah North and Great Spirit Bluff! I liked all of these videos, but I loved the North Nest bath time with both eagles – I’ve already got a number two favorite video this year! – and Mr. North’s tree trimming. If you want to see bald eagles, don’t miss the eagle icecapades at Great Spirit Bluff. How many eagles can you count? I counted well over twenty on the ice! Thank you so much to

January 12, 2021: Nestflix from Decorah North and the Flyway

We have your NestFlix! We aren’t seeing much of Mom or DM2 but, with only about a month until eggs, the North Eagles are extremely busy with nestorations! I really enjoyed the fish chase and the stunning looks at DNF, and I always like seeing coyotes out on Mississippi River ice. As always, thank you to our camera operators for finding such special moments, our video makers for sharing them, and you for watching, learning, and especially for caring. Have

January 6, 2020: Decorah North, GSB, and the Flyway

January 5, 2021: DNF at the North Nest

We have your NestFlix! While we wait for John’s report from Decorah later this week, we’re watching the Decorah North Eagles, Great Spirit Bluff, and the Flyway. I liked all these videos, but do not miss the first two Decorah North videos (I love the birdsong and close-ups of DNF), the Great Horned Owls at GSB, and the Northern Harrier on the Flyway. I miss seeing Mom and DM2, but I love seeing the diversity of birds and wildlife at

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