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Friday night Nestflix and news!

02/14/19: Decorah North

Grab the popcorn and kick back, because we have a whole lot of Friday night Nestflix and a blog on incubation! In Decorah, Mom wants eggs, she and DM2 vocalize and defend the nest, Great Blue Herons appear on Trout Creek, and we get fantastic close-ups. Watch out for those talons! At Decorah North, a squirrel makes a close escape and we get a fantastic fly-in, nestorations, and close-ups. And at GSB, a falcon – Newman, maybe? – perches on

Friday Nestflix!

February 7, 2019: Mom at N2B

Happy Fri-yay, everyone! Grab the popcorn and look for great close-ups, two food fights, and very cool fly-ins and vocalizations in Decorah, and a pellet casting and nestorations at our Fort St. Vrain nest. thanks to our excellent crew of camera operators and video makers for finding and sharing special moments in the nest with us! Looking for something to do besides watching eagles? We’ve added a prey log feature to our website. To submit your prey observations, go to

NestFlix: Decorah and Decorah North Eagles, February 4, 2019

January 31, 2018: Mom Decorah with rimal feather frosting

Need a break from Monday, or just want to get caught up with the eagles? We’ve got your Nestflix either way! After three days of intense cold, things warmed up and we started seeing a little more of them again! In Decorah, we have nestorations, great vocalizations, a frosty-headed DM, and Mom’s frosty ‘eyelashes’ (actually rimal feathers). At Decorah North, we get a very cool look at DNF with a squirrel, a great look at a Red-Bellied Woodpecker trying to

January 25, 2019 Decorah Eagles Nestflix!

January 25, 2019: DM2 comes to the nest

Happy Fri-yay, everyone! The weather outside is frightful, but the eagles are delightful! Mom and DM2 have had a busy day keeping squirrels and crows at bay. We’ve also got video of a possible (and for eagles, very long) copulation and great close-ups of DM2 and nestorations. Enjoy and thanks to our camera operators and video makers for finding and sharing life on the nests with us, and to you for watching! Decorah Eagles 1/25/19: Crow scavengers asked to leave

January 23, 2019: North Nestflix!

January 22, 2019: Female eagle DNF eats a squirrel on the North Nest

I don’t think I was the only one to groan at the sight of more snow on our Decorah nests this morning! Fortunately, the Decorah and Decorah North eagles are well-equipped to handle winter’s snow and cold. Given that a polar vortex is forecast to hit Decorah next week, we might see a little less of the eagles at both nests as they hunker down to conserve energy and stay warm! So what’s going on at the North Nest? A

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