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November 22, 2020: Videos and news from Decorah

November 22, 2020: mom Decorah near N1

We have a little #sundaysweetness for everyone this morning! As the nest shows, Mom and DM2 have been busy! These videos give us a very nice look at both eagles and a little nestoration at N2B. Have a great day, everyone! Decorah Eagles November 21, 2020: Early morning – https://youtu.be/zV75RVbrRag. Mom is at N1, which is currently decorah-ated with a single stick. DM2 lands at N2B with another stick, which he places in the nest. A frosty Mom comes to

November 19, 2020: Videos from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway

November 19, 2020: Nestorations!

What a day it was in Decorah! Once Mom and DM2 decided it was time to get going on nestorations, they didn’t waste any time. We saw sticks, corn husks, cornstalks, and road kill in N2B today! At Decorah North, an opossum collects leaves with its tail. On the Flyway, two beautiful bald eagles stand next two one another, casting lovely reflections on the still water. I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as we did. Thank you so

November 17, 2020: Nestflix from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway!

November 17, 2020: Magnificent Mom!

We have your Nestflix from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway! I loved all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed seeing Mom and DM2 working on the nest, the food chase at the North nest, and the food fight on the Mississippi Flyway – or most of the videos we’ve rounded up for you tonight! We hope you are doing well and enjoy these videos as much as we did. Thank you so much for watching with us! Decorah

November 9, 2020: NestFlix from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway!

November 9, 2020: Magnificent Mom

We have your nestflix! Kick back, relax, and join the Decorah Eagles guessing game. Are Mom and DM2 going to start ramping up nestorations at N2B or are they building a new home where we can’t find it? Today’s videos don’t offer much clarity, but they do give us an amazing look at magnificent Mom! The deer buffet at Decorah North remains hugely popular with all kinds of guests and Mr. North and DNF have said ‘Yes to the nest’

October 25, 2020: Your Nestflix Sunday Movie Matinee!

Sunday, October 25: DM2 delivers a stick under Mom's watchful eye

We have your Sunday Nestflix movie matinee! Nest work is kicking into high gear in Decorah, Mr. North and DNF reinforce their bond with a lovely duet, and a sandhill crane’s spectacular beauty is on full display. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did!¬†Thanks so much to our camera operators for finding such beautiful sights, to our video makers for sharing them, and to you for watching, learning, and caring. Happy Sunday, everyone! Decorah Eagles October

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