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July 15, 2024: News and NestFlix From Decorah North and Trempealeau

July 12, 2024: A beautiful misty morning in the valley of the Norths. We're starting to see a little less of the terrific two on camera as they expand their wanderings...and some visitors to the valley as well!

We have your NestFlix from Decorah North and Trempealeau and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Curious about our auction? Check it out and place a bid or more here: https://www.32auctions.com/ATF2024. Thanks so much, everyone: for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring! We’re looking forward to seeing you at After The Fledge this weekend. Decorah North Eagles Fledgling eaglets are beginning to wander a little more widely and we’re starting to see visitors in the

July 8, 2024: NestFlix and News from the North Nest and Trempealeau!

July 7, 2024: DN18? I think so, given the white. DN18 has more white feathers than DN17.

We’ve got NestFlix from the North Nest and Trempealeau! The eaglets at both places are learning about life beyond the nest and stretching their wings – literally – as they learn by soaring, chasing, perching, landing, and taking off. Eagle college is a few months away, but it’s best to start preparing now, since the professors are not as acoomodating as Mt. North, DNF, and the Ts. I loved all of these videos, but I especially liked TE2 in front

June 26, 2024: News from the North Nest and Trempealeau

June 26, 2024: The limb and nest on the ground beneath the tree.

The rest of the North nest collapsed this morning when the limb holding it broke at 5:03 AM. Our camera operators gave us a glimpse of the limb on the ground and we’re quite curious to assess the state of the tree as a whole. In the meantime, we’ll keep watching the eagles! The entire North family is doing well and we watched them across the pasture today. It looks like AP placement for DN17 and DN18 in Outdoor School

June 24, 2024: NestFlix and News from Decorah North, Trempealeau, and the Mississippi Flyway!

June 23, 2024: The nest's framework makes a most unusual pillow for DN17!

We saw a real tug-o-fish today as DN18 and DN17 scrapped over a small trout that DNF brought in. Note that DN18 used his eagle table manners – gorging everything but one bite down quickly. No one can steal it once it’s down the hatch…exception here: https://lauraerickson.substack.com/p/parasitic-jaeger-in-july! Fledge and post-fledge activities are going on at all of our eagle nests right now and several people have expressed concern that the fledglings aren’t being fed. It’s common for feedings to decrease

June 21, 2024: NestFlix and Chill!

DN17 at the North Nest: growing, learning, and adapting. I love this stage of eagle life!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our fledge fundraiser. You donated $16,000 dollars to support our education and research work yesterday, which is amazing! Your donations keep cameras streaming, scopes trained on peregrine falcon bands, autumn banding stations open, classrooms learning about bald eagles and peregrine falcons, and so much more! So again, thank you – and a special shoutout to our volunteers for a wonderful day. John and I had a great time chatting and

May 28, 2024: NestFlix and News!

May 27, 2024: Kids being kids! DN17 top, DN18 bottom

We have your NestFlix and news! The dynamic North nest duo turned 65 and 64 days old today. As we mentioned in an earlier post, fledge could happen in as little as five days, but is most likely to happen until ten or fifteen days from now. A few people brought up blackflies. Female blackflies, like female mosquitos, take a blood meal to obtain the protein they need to lay eggs. They are a normal part of nest life and

May 1, 2024: News and NestFlix from Decorah North and Trempealeau

April 30, 2024: How do I eat this thing? DN17 nibble at a bone as they swap it back and forth.

DN17 and DN18 turn 38 and 37 days old today and we’re getting asked about their likely sexes. We’ll be looking and listening for differences, but we wanted to address a couple of interesting factors when it comes to eaglet size and sex. After about 30 days, the weights of the two sexes begin to diverge as females gain weight faster than males. Mark Stalmaster tells us that three major circumstances influence the relative sizes of nestmates: early hatchers are

News and NestFlix from Decorah North and The Flyway

April 24, 2024: Family portrait: DN17, Mr. North, DN18, DNF

DN17 and DN18 turn 30 and 31 days old today! The dynamic duo are tracking and paying attention to life outside the nest: the place that their parents come from and go to, often bearing food, and the world that their parents see, hear, and respond to: birds overhead, animals on the ground, other eagles, one another. It’s a wonderful look at the ways in which instinct and imprinting unlock an important behavior and all the learning that goes with

April 15, 2024: NestFlix and News From Decorah North, the Trempealeau eagles, and N1

April 15, 2024: Natal down mohawks, thermal down bodies.

Time to Nestflix and chill! At Decorah North, our grey grey tweagles are eating fish tails, sprouting pinfeathers and mohawks, coughing up pellets, and making all of their milestones! At Trempealeau, Mrs. T brings in an impressively large suckerfish and she and Mr. T defend the nest from a barred owl. The geese jumped this morning. Five of the six survived and the little family paddled downstream this morning. Perhaps we’ll see them below N2B or at the hatchery pond!

April 8, 2024: What are we looking forward to this week? News and NestFlix from around our Nests!

April 6, 2024: Look at those clown clompers! The eaglets' feet and legs have turned orange and are growing rapidly. It won't be long before they can stand on their feet.

What a weekend! The second eaglet hatched at Trempealeau, a male eagle – Mr. T? – has finally started to help with brooding and stocking the pantree, and the tiny North nest bobbleheads were replaced by great growing eaglets in grey flannel pajamas. We’re looking forward to hatch at Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain nest on or around April 10, hatch at the N1 goose nest next weekend, and the leap of faith a day or two later. It’s springtime

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