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Your questions, answered: cold, egg cups, incubation, and nestflix!

02/27/19: DM2 brings in a stick

We have videos below, but we wanted to answer some of your questions first! Why is Mom off her eggs? Is DM2 really helping her? It’s cold – why aren’t they continuously incubating? Is the egg cup big enough? On eggs and incubation: We don’t have any guarantee that all of the eggs will hatch, but embryos can suspend fairly easily and with no damage very early in development. Mom and DM2 have to control for temperature and humidity. This

A Second Egg in Decorah!

02/26/19: Second egg for Mom Decorah at 7:44 PM

And then there were two! Mom Decorah laid her second egg tonight at 6:44 PM CT, or three days, twenty hours, and 12 minutes after her first egg! She is currently resting comfortably in the nest. Congratulations to Mom and DM2! Egg-laying https://youtu.be/IvCsl3GudAE https://youtu.be/DdvkxcKzQwg https://youtu.be/OtnvB77cSr8

A second egg is confirmed at the Decorah North Nest!

February 24, 2019: 2nd egg at the North Nest

From John Howe: “We were watching closely through the incredible wind rain and snow storms to see when DNF would lay her second egg. Sunday was day number 3 since she laid her first egg and that is the general time we have observed between eggs at both of our Decorah eagle nests. It was a very windy day and we saw DNF and Mr. North sitting pretty tightly to the first egg. Shortly after 12:00 noon, we observed DNF

First egg in Decorah!

February 22, 2019: Mom's first egg

Congratulations to Mom Decorah and DM2 on the first egg of 2019, laid tonight at 10:32 PM CT! We have video here and we’ll have more to come! Egg-laying videos https://youtu.be/fgJitZZB2aA https://youtu.be/Ln0fKwpL-Tw https://youtu.be/8GD92UU-0qo https://youtu.be/eXzDbqo2bIc Egg rolls and incubation https://youtu.be/ti2DWfgrBDc DM2 sits on egg https://youtu.be/R_Pld4TUNsA https://youtu.be/fpNamrPc6nI

February 21, 2019: Nest news and videos!

02/21/19: The Norths on their nest

What a day at all of our nests today! In addition to the first egg at the North Nest, Mr. North showed a juvenile eagle the business end of his talons, DM2 and Mom got busy, and Newman demonstrated some falcon yoga at Great Spirit Bluff! We also have some spectacular close-ups at the Decorah and Decorah North nests.   The accompanying cap shows how quickly the North eagles got their nestbowl and egg cup ready for eggs following yesterday’s

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