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Updates from SOAR

August 4, 2019: D32 at SOAR

We have two updates from SOAR. To see video of DN9 and D33, check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SOAR-Saving-Our-Avian-Resources-422229164528389/. To learn more about all of their patients, go to https://soarraptors.org/patients/. New wrap, new roomie Last week, D32 had his (this is still an educated guess on gender) wrap changed on the right leg. Why still a wrap? Just like a human who has had a broken leg bone, supportive material is still used for several weeks after the cast

D32 update from our friends at SOAR

July 12, 2019: D32's cast is removed

A share from SOAR Some good news for Decorah Eaglet D32! His cast was removed after a vet check and new x-ray, and we put a new wrap on him for support. Since D32 was showing more signs of energy and wanted to stretch his wings, we moved him from the ICU crate to a 10’x20′ enclosure. He also has a roomie…an HY18 bald eagle at a similar stage in recovery. D32’s sibling D33 and Decorah North eaglet DN9 are

DN9 moves to the eaglet nursery

June 19, 2019: D33's painted talon

Thanks to SOAR for allowing us to share this story! Visit their website at www.soarraptors.org DN9 was moved to the eaglet nursery on 17 June 2019. DN9 joins D33 and the Allamakee eaglet. DN9 has gained 1.5 pounds in 10 days and still needs to gain weight. The initial beak depth measurement says ‘boy,’ but Kay is thinking that DN9 is a female based on the amount of weight to be gained and that this eaglet is not done growing.

The Eaglet Nursery

June 17, 2019: D33 and friend at SOAR

Thanks to SOAR for allowing us to share this post by them. To learn more, please visit their website at https://soarraptors.org/ The snowy owl residents of one of the 10×20 flight pens were moved to their air conditioned summer quarters (Iowa heat and humidity are not what snowy owls like). Then the 10×20 flight pen was cleaned and made ready to be the 2019 Eaglet “Nursery.” Why only a 10×20 area? These eaglets need space to stretch out their wings,

D32 Update

D32 at SOAR: A description of surgery

Thanks to SOAR for allowing us to share this post on our website! Kay assisted Drs. Riordan and Struve with surgery to straighten and stabilize D32’s right tibiotarsus. The stabilization had to be from the outside (external) as both veterinarians agreed that there was no way to attach anything to the tiny piece of bone next to the joint. D32 did have an open owie near the break and a very tiny corner of bone was exposed. The leg was