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April 16, 2021: NestFlix and news from Decorah North, Great Spirit Bluff, and the Mississippi Flyway!

April 15: Mr. North saves the day!

We have your Friday night/Saturday morning NestFlix! At Decorah North, we have emerging pinfeathers, poop shooting, pellet casting, and Mr. North saving the day! Do not miss the eagles locking talons on the Mississippi Flyway. This is a rare thing to capture on video and shows a rare behavior once thought to be exclusive to courting or mated couples. And congratulations to falcons Newman and Zooey on their first egg at Great Spirit Bluff this year! Happy Fri-yay and super

April 12, 2021: Nestflix and news from Decorah North and the Mississippi Flyway!

April 12, 2021: DN14, left and DN13, right

Kick your feet up, grab something warm, and get ready for NestFlix! At Decorah North, the eaglets experiment with new food, test their tiny wings, and show us their newly found poop-shooting prowess! DN13 and DN14 are 18 and 16 days old today – smack dab in the middle of their third week of life. We are looking forward to Mohawks, mega Cropzillas, pellet casting (yesterday’s fish tail was not 100% digestible, DN14!), pinfeathers, eaglet explorers, and even bigger Clown

March 24, 2021: NestFlix!

March 21, 2021: DNF appears to share a story at Decorah North! The unusually warm weather has both eagles panting. It's hard to believe they were coping with subzero temperatures a month ago.

We have your Nestflix mega-roll, with videos from Decorah North, Decorah, and the Flyway! At Decorah North, DNF dines on cowghetti, flies past some deer, and gathers grass to replenish the nursery. It won’t be long until eaglets at here! In Decorah, Mom eats a light fish dinner, letting prospective inhabitants know that this eagle branch and breakfast isn’t for rent! And pelicans – a marvelous, magnificent sign of spring – return to the Flyway today, resplendent in their beautiful

March 10, 2021: News and Nestflix!

March 10, 2021: Mr. North incubates stoically in the spring rain. While water puddles on his back and drains down his feathers, he keeps the eggs beneath him warm and dry!

What’s going on at our nests? Mr. North and DNF continue to enjoy a really mild spring so far. We’ve got about 18 days until hatch starts, so keep your fingers and talons crossed! The drama at GSB continues: after ousting interloper Nina, Nova copulated with Newman and than disappeared again. But, with diurnal raptor migration in full swing, Newman didn’t need to wait long for a new prospect. We expect things to calm down soon: since most female falcons

News and NestFlix from around our nests!

March 8, 2021: Mr. North on DNN.

What’s going on around our sites? Mr. North and DNF are incubating their eggs as we count down to the beginning of hatch in roughly 20 days. The embryonic eagles are a little over halfway through development right now, growing leg scales, tiny talons, and plantar foot pads in the cozy darkness of their shells. We haven’t seen any new eagles in Decorah, although the nest attracted a hungry squirrel this morning, we saw Northern Shoveler ducks in the retention

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