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News and NestFlix from Decorah North and The Flyway

April 24, 2024: Family portrait: DN17, Mr. North, DN18, DNF

DN17 and DN18 turn 30 and 31 days old today! The dynamic duo are tracking and paying attention to life outside the nest: the place that their parents come from and go to, often bearing food, and the world that their parents see, hear, and respond to: birds overhead, animals on the ground, other eagles, one another. It’s a wonderful look at the ways in which instinct and imprinting unlock an important behavior and all the learning that goes with

March 18, 2024: NestFlix and Chill!

March 18, 2024: HD visits the N1 tree, upsetting the geese.

We have your Monday NestFlix, but let’s look at the week ahead before we put our feet up and chill! We’re looking forward to hatch beginning at Decorah North on Saturday or Sunday, first eggs at peregrine falcon sites (my bet’s on Dubuque for the first egg at a nest we monitor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFtQqGanrX0) and a possible return of winter weather later this week! Well, we’re not really looking forward to that last one, but we are curious about what egg-laying

January 22, 2024: NestFlix and News from Decorah North and the Flyway!

January 22, 2024: Carpeting the floor of the nest bowl with grass

Put up your feet and chill – we have your NestFlix roundup! I especially enjoyed watching DNF and Mr. North disagree over who gets lunch (Mr. North does not want to share, DNF!), a chunky squirrel sunbathing and eating, and a lovely Cardinal eating multiflora berries! It’s almost enough to make me appreciate multiflora (almost). Stay warm, everybirdie…egglets will be here before we know it! Decorah North January 18, 2024: Great Horned and Barred Owl calling – https://youtu.be/O2H6JIZj84g?si=er3onZE8bUddJr8g. The video

Friday, January 12: News and NestFlix From Decorah North, Decorah, and the Flyway!

January 11, 2024: DNF ate well before working on the North nest. I wanted to reach in and wipe off her beak!

Happy Fri-Yay, everyone! We have news and NestFlix from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway! I loved all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed seeing DNF working on the North nest and watching and listening to duetting eagles on the Flyway. Thanks so much to our dedicated camera operators and videomakers for bringing us such amazing sights and sounds, and to you for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring. Rock on, everybirdie! Decorah North January 11, 2024: North

January 8, 2024: News and NestFlix From Decorah North, Decorah, and the Flyway!

January 8, 2024: Mr. North keeps his eyes on the skies!

It’s good to see you at N1, HD and HM, and to see nestorations and bonding ramping up at the North nest. It’s hard to believe that we’re only about one-and-a-half months away from eggs! Decorah North January 7, 2024: Nest work; cornstalk shredding; cornhusk placing – https://youtu.be/JZTHuQ62LTs?si=71Mrmv6Ztw9KfjDQ. As hard as it is to believe, we’re only about a month-and-a-half away from eggs! Mr. and DNF are hard at work shredding cornstalks, spreading grass, and making sure the nest bowl

Bald Eagles: A Fission-Fusion Species?

March 5, 2020: We saw our first large multi-age group of eagles today! They follow the melt north, gorging on gizzard shad and other fish they find in the ice.

While some websites state that Harris Hawks are the only raptors that hunt communally, social hunting – sometimes in mated pairs, and sometimes including unpaired birds, depending on the species – has also been documented in Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Striated Caracaras, Red-tailed Hawks, Ferruginous Hawks, Red-shouldered Hawks, Peregrine Falcons, Lanner Falcons, Aplomado Falcons, Philippine Eagles, and Verreaux’s Eagles. Some of these species are loners, but others – including bald eagles – appear to be a fission-fusion species: i.e., they

December 5, 2023: News and NestFlix from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway

December 5, 2023: I loved this capture of her vocalizing. Eagle vocalizations are awesome!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas now that snow has fallen and ice is sealing over the Flyway! In Decorah, HM raises our hopes by continuing to perch near N1 and HD shows off his expert fishing technique! Meanwhile, Mr. North has venison for lunch, an eagle couple’s nestwork is never done, and a red-tailed hawk eats a squirrel and gives us a lesson in field marks. Don’t miss a beautiful subadult eagle and a Where’s Waldo puzzle

December 1, 2023: NestFlix and News from Decorah, Decorah North, the Flyway, and La Crosse WI!

November 27, 2023: Dinner on the Flyway. Look at those meathooks!

We have your Fri-yay NestFlix! In Decorah, HM plays several visits to N1 and we pull out the Confusion Couch for another season of ‘As The Nest Turns’, while Mr. North and DNF have a date night by IR candlelight at the North Nest. Meanwhile, eagle ice skating has started on the Flyway (good thing they have built-in crampons) and was that an American Kestrel at our US Bank Peregrine Falcon nest box in La Crosse? It was! I loved

News and NestFlix from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway!

November 25, 2023: HM perching near N1. C'mon you two: this nest is so much better!

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving weekend! Pull out the leftovers, put up your feet, and enjoy the NestFlix! I loved all of these, but I especially enjoyed seeing HM on a branch in the N1 tree, a subadult eagle enjoying the fish jerky in N1, nest material filching at the North nest (the thief surprised me!), and the cooperative eagle hunting in ‘Eagles trying to catch a duck’. Spoiler alert – the duck escapes, but it is pretty interesting watching. I’ve

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