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April 30, 2020: Raptor Movie Marathon and News from the Nests!

April 30, 2020: Family portrait. L to R: D35, D34, DM2. D36 is hidden behind D34

It’s your raptor movie marathon! We had a milestone moment at the North Nest earlier this week: DN12 stood on its feet for the first time on Tuesday, April 28! This is an important developmental step that will change nest life, exploration, and poop shoots as we know them. Look out below! In Decorah, Mom raises the crib rails, DM2 really wants to feed the eaglets, and we get a nice look at the not-so-tiny triple threat! The bonking is

March 13, 2020: Nestflix and round-up!

March 13, 2020: Mom at N2B

We have your nestflix and a nest round-up! Although first hatch could come a little sooner or a little later than our guesstimate, here’s what it looks like right now. The Decorah eagles have three eggs. We’re predicting first hatch on April 4. The Decorah North eagles have two eggs. We’re predicting first hatch on March 28. The Xcel Fort St. Vrain eagles have three eggs. We’re predicting hatch for March 24. Falcons are back at most of of our

March 10: Decorah, Decorah North, Xcel Fort St. Vrain, The Flyway, Odds and Ends!

March 9, 2020: DNF in the rain at Decorah North

It’s a NestFlix megaroll! We have videos from Decorah, Decorah North, Fort St. Vrain, and the Flyway, plus great bird news from Guam and Hawaii! This is a great time to start watching the Flyway – but keep your eyes peeled, since spring migration happens very quickly! Today marks about 24 days until hatch in Decorah, 17 days until hatch at Decorah North, and 13 days until hatch at Xcel Fort St. Vrain – although remember, it could come a

March 7, 2020: Decorah, the Flyway, and Great Spirit Bluff

March 6: Food fight on the Flyway!

Put your feet up and chill with Nestflix from Decorah, the Flyway, and Great Spirit Bluff! In Decorah, Mom and DM2 copulate and we get some fantastic looks at Mom’s feathers. On the Flyway, a raccoon and multi-age group of eagles forage for food. Ice is beginning to melt and uncovering the concealed bodies of fish – an excellent food source for hungry mammals and bald eagles after winter’s lean season! So what’s going on a Great Spirit Bluff? Michelle

Nestflix: Decorah, Decorah North, Mississippi Flyway, Odds & Ends

January 29, 2020: Mr. North at DNN

Decorah North Eagles 1/28/20: Down by the stream – https://youtu.be/hzCQTjiKBWY. Mr. North and DNF perch by the stream before flying out. Check out DNF’s spa-time at 14:31 as she preens, scratches, shakes out her tail, and gets under her wings at 15:59. Spa-time over, Mr. North comes into the nest to do a little work. Look for some nice close-ups beginning in the 30th minute, a good look at the egg-cup’s basement at 30:57, DNF hauling in a monster stick

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