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December 5, 2022: When will our eagles lay eggs? NestFlix and News!

December 5, 2022: HD through tree branches.

When will our eagles lay eggs? In general, bald eagles in the northern US begin laying eggs between mid-January and early March, although reclutching can drive a pair later. As egg-laying time draws near, we’ll be consulting our calendars and looking at eagle behavior to make our best guesstimates! The North Nest: DNF and Mr. North We have three years of data on DNF and Mr. North. Unsurprisingly, DNF began laying eggs earlier after her first two years, bumping her

Giving Tuesday Recap

Left to right: DN15 and DN16, a Snowy Owl on the Flyway, HM and HD

Thank you so much for joining us on Giving Tuesday and for donating to our Giving Tuesday fundraiser, and another thanks to our moderators and camera operators for making the day special with chats and wonderful views! We’ve got a recap and some links from our 1:00pm talk/recap/chat session. First of all – the talk itself! Thanks to Tulsa for recording it: You asked about buying calendars and merchandise, and getting up to date news on our nests! 2023 calendars

November 30, 2022: NestFlix, News, and Photos: Decorah, Decorah North, Xcel Fort St. Vrain, and the Flyway!

November 23, 2022: HD and HM enjoy an evening meal of fishie al fresco on N1.

We’ve got a short, sweet NestFlix round up from all of our eagle nests tonight! The Decorah and Xcel Fort St. Vrain eagles were busy with nest work today, while the Norths took a break to stretch their wings and do a little bit of soaring. We hope that you enjoy these NestFlix as much as we did! Thanks so much for donating to our Giving Tuesday fundraiser yesterday! We’ll have images and links for you tomorrow. Decorah Eagles November

November 22, 2022: NestFlix and News from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway!

November 20, 2022: HD and HM gleam in the sunlight, resplendent against the bright blue sky

Kick up your feet and get ready for Nestflix! HD, HM, Mr. North, DNF, and an intrepid fox squirrel are all busy with nestorations, while eagles are pouring into the Flyway! I enjoyed all of these videos, but I especially liked the stick deliveries in Decorah, Mr. North fishing – check out his polar plunge! – and the aforementioned squirrel filching nesting material from Decorah North. As always, thanks to our camera operators and video makers for finding and sharing

Giving Tuesday Fundraiser on Tuesday, November 29!

It's a fishing tournament! HM and subadult eagles fish the hatchery retention pond.

Please join us on November 29, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, for our fundraiser on Giving Tuesday! We’ll be holding three special chats and John and Amy will make a special appearance to talk about the year and recap events at all of our sites. Our chat schedule looks like this: Decorah North Eagles Chat will be open from 6pm to 8pm Decorah Eagles We will have two chats: 9am to 12pm, and 3pm to 5pm Mississippi Flyway Chat begins

November 4, 2022: Fri-yay NestFlix and news from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway!

November 4, 2022: A beautiful subadult eagle near N1. Could it be part of the Decorah Eagle Dynasty?

Grab a bowl of popcorn and kick up your feet – it’s time for Friday nestflix! We’ve got videos from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Mississippi Flyway, and Odds and Ends from all over! Read on to learn more about birds, suckers, Ojibwe horses, and river otters in Iowa. Thanks to our camera operators and video makers for finding and sharing such special moments, and to you for watching, learning, and especially for caring. Happy Fri-yay, everyone! Decorah Eagles November

October 28, 2022: News, links, and a raptor movie marathon!

October 27, 2022: Wing hug! HD front, HM back.

Happy Fri-yay, everyone! We’ve got a regular raptor movie marathon with videos from Decorah, Decorah North, the Flyway, and the Wisconsin kestrels, a short clip that shows the nest building work we did on N1 last year, and two blogs that discuss fall activity and bald eagle egg-laying. We hope you like them as much as we did! Thank you so much to our wonderful camera operators and video makers for sharing the beauty of the world around us, and

On Migration

September 2019: Migrating Birds on the Mississippi Flyway

At whatever moment you read these words, day or night, there are birds aloft in the skies of the Western Hemisphere, migrating. If it is spring or fall, the great pivot points of the year, then the continents are swarming with billions of traveling birds… – Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds We get a lot of questions about migration. Do the Decorah eagles migrate? Do our Peregrine falcons migrate? Where do they go when they

NestFlix and News: Decorah, Decorah North, and the Mississippi Flyway

October 13, 2022: DNF and Mr. North. They are most likely to come to the nest in the wee hours of the day. Watch early or catch up with our videos!

Want to see the Decorah and Decorah North eagles? Tune in at dawn or catch up on everything with our news and video roundups! Click this link to subscribe to our blog: https://www.raptorresource.org/about-us/annual-reports-and-papers/get-blog-and-newsletter-updates/. New Decorah Eagles HD and HM have been occasionally working on N1 since at least April, although nestorations have really accelerated since the beginning of October. Their early start has caused some followers to wonder if they could be from the southern United States. Bald eagles in

September 9, 2022: Flyway Morning and True Night

September 9, 2022: Morning on the Flyway

It’s September 9 and migration is well underway for many birds! According to birdcast.info (https://birdcast.info/) the next couple of nights should be very busy for nocturnal migrants along the length of the Mississippi Flyway. Good luck, everybody. We hope to see you next year! We were asked about some terms I used in our last eagle postcard. So what is true night? Let’s start with twilight! The Oxford Dictionary defines twilight as ‘The soft glowing light from the sky when

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