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Lead ammo and tackle cause widespread bald eagle poisoning

Dad at N2B

The resurgence of bald eagles has been heralded as one of the great conservation successes in the U.S. But a study suggests lead is stunting population growth. Nationwide, bald and golden eagles are continually exposed to the toxic heavy metal, according to research that tested more than 1,200 eagles from Alaska to Florida. https://www.nbcnews.com/science/environment/bald-eagles-show-signs-widespread-lead-poisoning-rcna16209 How are eagles and other birds exposed to lead? Scavenging birds feed on gutpiles that contain fragments of lead ammo and wounded animals that weren’t recovered

February 16, 2021: First egg for Decorah North, on the Confusion Couch in Decorah

February 16, 2021: Mr. North sees the first egg

Whatta a day, as Sherri Elliott says! DNF laid her first egg today at Decorah North, while the Decorah Eagles kept all of us on the Confusion Couch with a sudden flurry of activity at N2B. Grab the popcorn – it’s time for Nestflix and chill! Decorah North Eagles DNF laid her first egg today at 1:44 PM CT! How many more eggs will she lay? She laid two eggs, three days apart, in 2019 and 2020, but she advanced

D35 Killed By Lead Poisoning

July 3, 2020: D35 on the bridge on Siewers Spring Road near the Decorah Fish Hatchery on July 3, 2020

We are sorry to announce that RRP Board member Brett Mandernack found eaglet D35 dead on January 29, 2021, along the banks of the Iowa River just south of Iowa City. All of us find it heartbreaking to lose another eagle. It is one thing to know that first-year bald eagles have high mortality rates and another to see it reflected in the lives of eagles we have come to know and love. Brett, his wife Carole, and Linette Bernard

A report: The DNR’s proposed ban on non-toxic shot in Farmland WMA’s

Eagle in the sky

I attended the Minnesota DNR’s non-toxic shot informational meeting last week and heard testimony supporting and opposing the DNR’s ban on non-toxic shot in Farmland WMA’s in Western Minnesota. While the DNR received many more letters supporting than opposing the ban, the issue is far from settled. Minnesotans, you can email comments to [email protected] or submit written comments to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources by mailing a letter/statement to: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Non-Toxic Shot Comments 500 Lafayette

Lead poisoned Eagle

Lead Poisoned Eagle

We got a call on Sunday from Reg Sampson, owner of Sampson Springs Campground (http://bit.ly/1ZSYr2Q) near Decorah Iowa, about a downed eagle. Reg and RRP Board member Dave Kester were both able to get the eagle, which Dave described as ‘feisty’, into a kennel for transport to SOAR on Monday. Despite a long drive in very bad weather, she got to SOAR safely and is currently being treated for lead exposure. According to SOAR, ‘Sampson’s’ blood lead level registered at