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What is a brood patch?

March 30, 2018: Mrs. North's brood patch

Daylight length, or photoperiod, strongly influences hormone production in birds. In the northern hemisphere, our story begins shortly after the winter solstice in December. As daylight length increases, a cascade of hormones causes birds’ gonads to swell in preparation for reproduction, egg-laying, and incubation. In this blog, we’ll discuss the role the brood patch plays in incubation and determining clutch size. How do bald eagles keep their eggs warm in subzero temperatures? They apply heat via a special area of

Videos and #SundaySweets

DM2 at Decorah North

We have your #SundaySweets, including videos from the Decorah, Decorah North, and Xcel Fort St. Vrain eagles, a link to more information on molt (the feathers are flying!), and musings on symmetry. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did. Thanks so much to our camera operators and videomakers for finding and sharing such special moments, and to you for watching, sharing, learning, and caring! <3 Decorah Eagles 12/14/19: Older SA replaces younger SA on the maple

GivingTuesday video round-up!

December 3, 2019: DM2 and Mom

What a great day we had! Thanks everyone for joining us in chat and on Facebook…especially Mom and DM2, who put on quite a show as they worked on N2B, got beaky with one another, and hauled in stick after stick after stick! The warm, sunny weather following a snowstorm provides our eagles with the perfect opportunity to nestorate and interact, something we saw in Decorah, Decorah North, and at Xcel Fort Saint Vrain. I was surprised to see Sandhill

A Reflection and a Thanksgiving

John on rappel at GSB

A Thanksgiving message from the Raptor Resource Project.  A lot has changed since I wrote this in 2016, but we remain true to our core mission and I am even more thankful today for RRP and our volunteers and supporters than I was in 2016.  I found myself in an unusually reflective mood earlier this week. November 23rd was Bob Anderson’s birthday. It seemed like a good time to take stock of where the Raptor Resource Project has been, where

On Migration

September 2019: Migrating Birds on the Mississippi Flyway

At whatever moment you read these words, day or night, there are birds aloft in the skies of the Western Hemisphere, migrating. If it is spring or fall, the great pivot points of the year, then the continents are swarming with billions of traveling birds… – Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds We get a lot of questions about migration. Do the Decorah eagles migrate? Do our Peregrine falcons migrate? Where do they go when they

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