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News and NestFlix from Decorah North, Great Spirit Bluff, and the WI Kestrels!

April 26, 2021: Nestflix from GSB, Decorah North, and the WI Kestrels

We have your news and Nestflix! DN13 and DN14 are growing by leaps and bounds and gaining new skills as they expand their explorations by walking around the nest, attempting to self-feed, and taking defurring lessons from DNF. I loved all these videos (April 22 was a very big day in the nest!), but don’t miss DN13 walking (albeit a little unsteadily), DNF talking in her sleep (this is beyond cool), and DN14 preening Dad Mr. North. At GSB, Newman

April 16, 2021: NestFlix and news from Decorah North, Great Spirit Bluff, and the Mississippi Flyway!

April 15: Mr. North saves the day!

We have your Friday night/Saturday morning NestFlix! At Decorah North, we have emerging pinfeathers, poop shooting, pellet casting, and Mr. North saving the day! Do not miss the eagles locking talons on the Mississippi Flyway. This is a rare thing to capture on video and shows a rare behavior once thought to be exclusive to courting or mated couples. And congratulations to falcons Newman and Zooey on their first egg at Great Spirit Bluff this year! Happy Fri-yay and super

March 29, 2021: Nestflix from Decorah North, Great Spirit Bluff, and Marshall, MO!

March 29, 2021: D14 and D13

Kick back – it’s time for NestFlix! At Decorah North, D13 and D14 are growing like weeds and eating like pee-glets. The two will go from about 3.2 ounces to roughly 16 ounces or one pound in just seven days, which takes a lot of food! At just three and four days old, the tiny terrors are rapidly gaining strength and coordination, and of course the beak-bonking battles have begun. Look for this behavior to get a little worse as

March 26, 2021: We have your NestFlix! Decorah North and Great Spirit Bluff

March 27, 2021: Mr. North and DN13

Happy Fri-yay! Grab beverages and snacks, put your feet up, and prepare for cuteness overload – it’s time for NestFlix! While Mr. North and DNF care for DN13 at Decorah North, Newman and Zooey strengthen their pair bond. I am so happy to be watching, sharing, learning, and caring with all of you! We are on hatch watch for egg #2 at Decorah North. 🦅 Decorah Eagles North March 26, 2021: DN13, peeks and feedings today – This wonderful

How do we know falcon Zooey’s age?

March 10, 2021: Zooey from the back

How do we know that falcon Zooey is two years old? Peregrine falcons have two distinct age-related plumages: juvenile and adult. Juvenile falcons have heavily barred underparts and brownish topsides (“brown birds”), mature falcons have pale undersides with black-barred bellies and blue/slate topsides (“blue meanies”), and two-year-old falcons like Zooey have a mix of adult and juvenile feathers. I love this stage! Tail Feathers (Retrices) Like all peregrine falcons, Zooey has twelve tailfeathers that are numbered one to six from

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