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Four Hatchlings for Savanna and Newman!

Congratulations to Savanna and Newman on four hatchlings: the 49th, 50th, 51st, and 52nd falcons to hatch here! Savanna has excellent feeding and care instincts and Newman is keeping everyone supplied with as many birds as he can bring to the box. We’re keeping a close eye on them and looking forward to banding on May 27. To watch live, follow this link: Why don’t Savanna and Newman build a nest? Peregrine falcons do not build stick nests, although

May 8, 2023: What are we looking forward to this week?

May 8, 2023: HM's new slippers! HD2 is huddling beneath her on a rainy, wet morning in Decorah.

What are we looking forward to this week? We’ve got hatch at Great Spirit Bluff, nestling falcons at Alma, Great River Energy, and the Dubuque Courthouse, and some projected big nights on the Mississippi Flyway. Let’s break it down! Great Spirit Bluff Hatch has started at Great Spirit Bluff! Falcons normally begin full incubation after they lay their penultimate egg and it generally takes about thirty-three days from the onset of full incubation to the beginning of hatch. Savanna laid

Upcoming hatches!

May 12, 2022: Newman meets his hatchlings

We’re about to get very busy with peregrine falcon hatch! Dairyland Power’s Alma site already started hatch and those falcons are adorable! The rest of our hatch schedule looks something like this: Peregrine Falcons Great River Energy: Estimated hatch: Yesterday, although that camera is down right now. Great Spirit Bluff: Estimated hatch: May 6 US Bank La Crosse: Estimated hatch: May 11 Xcel Energy Allen S. King plant: Estimated hatch: May 15 MPL Hibbard plant: Estimated hatch: May 17 Red

March 30, 2023: First egg for Savanna and Newman; sixth egg for Mother Goose!

March 30, 2023: Savanna and Newman admire their egg!

We can’t keep up with the spring egg flood! Peregrine Falcon Savanna laid her first egg last night at Great Spirit Bluff and Mother Goose laid her sixth egg sometime before sunrise this morning. It’s still snowy and cold in some places, but spring has sprung in several of our nests! Note that Newman and Savanna are e-chupping. Peregrines e-chup when they are looking at another peregrine. They might e-chup softly to their mates or more loudly to an intruder.

March 20, 2023: NestFlix and News from Decorah and GSB!

March 20, 2023: HM and her eggs

We have your NestFlix! In Decorah, HD and HM care for their eggs and disagree about a shift change. The Bark-a-lounger is just too comfortable to leave! At GSB, we have meadowlark for breakfast and the return of Ralex Honnold (Raccoon Alex Honnold). Savanna isn’t happy about the raccoon and is absolutely ready to defend her nest box from any intruder. You go, Savanna! When will Savanna lay eggs? We don’t have a schedule for her, so we’ll be looking

March 20, 2023: What are we looking forward to this week?

March 20. 2023: HM glows in the bright, warm sunlight.

What are we looking forward to this week? On Friday, we’ll be hosting a movie night at Convergence Ciderworks in Decorah! Come watch EaglePower with John, Dave, and Amy, meet Dave’s Red-tailed Hawk Jewel, learn more about our programs, and drink delicious cider. Doors open at 5:30 and the program starts at 6pm. More here: We’re in what Bob used to call the incubation doldrums at our Decorah Hatchery and Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain eagle nests. But we’re

Monday. March 13: NestFlix and News

March 8, 2023: Mr. North at the North Nest. He is an awesome, dedicated father and is doing his best to care for the egg.

Ma FSV laid her third egg at Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain nest on Thursday, March 8, which brings the total number of eggs in our nests to six: three at FSV, two in Decorah, and one at Decorah North. DNF and Mr. North’s lone egg is 21 days old, HM and HD’s two eggs are 16 and 13 days old, and Ma and Pa Jrs eggs are eleven, eight, and four days old! Here’s a peek at what’s going

March 6, 2023: What are we looking forward to this week?

March 6, 2023: A Canada Goose at N2B

Another Egg for Ma FSV? As of this post, we have one egg at Decorah North (hatch estimated on or around March 28), two eggs in Decorah (hatch estimated on or around April 4), and two eggs at Fort St. Vrain (hatch estimated on or around April 10). Ma usually lays three eggs, so it’s possible she could lay again on March 9th. Are the geese going to lay eggs again? We’ve seen them checking out N2B, but HD doesn’t

March 3, 2023: Friday NestFlix from Decorah and Great Spirit Bluff!

March 3, 2023: HM reacts to an unknown threat. Every feather is erect as she makes herself as large and formidable as she can.

Whatta day, as Sherri Elliott used to say! Peregrine falcon Newman is pulling in potential mates, Ma FSV laid her first egg of 2023 yesterday, and we’re watching HM closely. Will she grace us with a third egg tomorrow? Talons crossed! In the meantime, we have your raptor movie marathon from Decorah and Great Spirit Bluff. Put up your feet and grab some refreshments…it’s time for NestFlix! Decorah Eagles March 3, 2023: HM gathering grass on N2B – This

February 27, 2023: What are we looking forward to this week?

February 26, 2023: A glimpse of the first egg in Decorah.

Since HM laid her first egg on Saturday, we’re hopeful for another egg on Tuesday! Eaglets from this nest will have the designator DH (for Decorah Hatchery) + a long-count number. So the first egg to hatch will be DH1, the second will be DH2, and so on. Hatch usually happens about 39 days after the first egg is laid, which puts it on or around April 5th – talons crossed! Are HD and HM first-time parents? We don’t know

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