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Friday Night Flicks!

July 12, 2019: Carson at Great Spirit Bluff

Decorah and Decorah North Eagles We got a nice long look at Mom on the ninth, which led to a lot of concerned questions about her appearance. Read this blog for more information: 07/09/2019: Mom’s feature film – Our first good look at Mom for weeks; still lots of flies bothering her, but she stays on camera for over an hour. This is a long video, but we’ve been waiting a long time to see her. 07/09/2019: Flyby

An Update at Great Spirit Bluff

07/08/19: Carson at Great Spirit Bluff

From RRP Director John Howe: A report on the Great Spirit Bluff falcons Our peregrine falcon monitoring activities are completed for the season, except for the occasional call from a concerned caretaker about a fledgling making it to the ground and navigating its new surroundings. We have the added benefit of watching Carson, our lone surviving falcon at Great Spirit Bluff, and his parents, Michelle and Newman, on camera until he disperses. What a tremendous asset this live cam has

July 8: Videos from Decorah, Decorah North, GSB, and the Flyway!

We’re not seeing much of our eagles right now, but I’ve posted the few videos we could get. Looking for something to watch? The GSB and Flyway cams are both very active right now as Carson hones his hunting and flying skills, and birds take advantage of the sandbar and dropping water levels to rest and feed. It’s a great place to see sandhill cranes, great blue herons, ducks, eagles, and wading birds of all kinds! Don’t miss the lovely

Welcome Home Carson!

June 26: Peregrine falcon Carson returns to Great Spirit Bluff

Written by Sherri Elliott It’s been 16 days since Carson left the GSB peregrine falcon nest box. He returned home last night about 8:25PM CT with an amazing entrance and an impressive display of new Big Bird skills flying to the rocky cliff faces and mantling food delivered to the ledge by Mom Michelle! Kudos to our wonderful camera operators who have continually listened for vocals and zoomed in to all areas of the dense underbrush trying to get him

Update on falcon Carson

June 17, 2019: Michelle and Newman perched at Great Spirit Bluff

We’re getting asked about Carson, the surviving falcon from Great Spirit Bluff, who left the nest box on June 11 at just 30 days of age. He moved from his original landing spot and is being fed and protected by Michelle and Newman. We’ve seen them drop food and drive off a raccoon, and watched Carson self-feed. As of this post, Carson is 36 days old. Male falcons often fledge at around 38 or 40 days of age, so we

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