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Peregrine Falcon Chance Fledges at Great Spirit Bluff!

July 19, 2021: Chance fledges

Forty-six day old Chance the Raptor fledged flawlessly at 8:23 AM CDT on Monday, July 19! We knew fledge was right around the corner since Chance reached several milestones over the past few days: hopping to the outer porch (, exploring the branch perch on the left side of the box (, flying to the top of the nestbox (, and flying back down to the nestbox perch ( As we saw this this year, fledge is a process. It

NestFlix from Decorah North and GSB

June 22, 2021: DN13 and DN14 relax in the North Nest hammock

We have your NestFlix! At Decorah North, DN13 and DN14 do the Eagle Stomp, continue their flight lessons, and play in the stream. At GSB, nestling falcon Chance sports a cropzilla (Zooey has clearly learned the ins and outs of feeding!) and works on her adult vocalizations as she keks at and tracks something we can’t see. We apologize for the May/June hiatus, although we have some wonderful news! We have banded 79 falcons so far: our best and busiest

June 14, 2021: Nest news and NestFlix from Decorah North, Decorah, and GSB!

June 14, 2021: A stranger brings dried grass to N2B!

It’s been a very busy few weeks! Since May 20, we’ve banded 73 falcons, cheered DN13’s fledge, said goodbye to the Wisconsin kestrels, treated the lone nestling falcon at GSB for ectoparasites, and watched an unknown young adult eagle check out N2B. Thanks so much for watching, sharing, learning, and caring – and for your patience during our busiest season! We’re wrapping up our sites this week and will be returning to our regular program of video round-ups, eagle travelogues,

What’s going on at Great Spirit Bluff?

June 9, 2021: Zooey sits up high to brood

What’s going on at Great Spirit Bluff? Why isn’t Zooey feeding her young? Why doesn’t Newman taken over? And what’s up with Zooey’s shuffling? We turned to Board member and Gyrfalcon breeder Jim Robison to help answer your questions. Although it isn’t true in every case, first time falcon mothers are more likely to be reticent about feeding, to fumble food, to eat dropped food, and/or to feed inappropriately-sized bites to their hungry young. Zooey stashed and prepared food and

Two hatches at Great Spirit Bluff, ladder branch exploration at Decorah North!

June 1, 2021: A second hatch at GSB!

We have two hatches at Great Spirit Bluff and DN13 and DN14 are getting more adventurous every day! The earliest we’ve ever seen fledge is 70 days (last year, Decorah North) and we are very curious to see what happens this year. While DN13’s exploration of the ladder branch isn’t quite branching, it is definitely a precursor and sign of things to come. Go eagles…but not quite yet! Great Spirit Bluff Falcons June 1, 2021: Another attempt at feeding!

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