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Falcon Carson jumps at Great Spirit Bluff

Carson, the remaining falcon at Great Spirit Bluff, jumped from his nest box this afternoon. He was 30 days old, or roughly eight days younger than the youngest age we might expect fledge. Although we treated the box and had a fan blowing, we think the black flies probably became overwhelming, causing him to bolt. He landed in the brush and appears to be fine. We’ve seen Michelle and Newman take care of young below the bluff previously, so we’re

Update from GSB and Decorah

Great Spirit Bluff: Some sad news early this morning as a Great Horned Owl entered the peregrine falcon nest box and killed one of the eyasses before Mom Michelle could respond with her own swift attack to the intruder to defend her young. The GHO abandoned the box with Michelle fiercely chasing it away. Sadly, the little eyas, identified as female Kira, perished. The male eyas, Carson, was not hurt and has been seen eating, wingersizing, vocalizing and is being

Nest round-up: Kestrels and falcons, oh my!

April 24, 2019: Two nestling falcons at Great Spirit Bluff

Our banding season starts Monday, but we have hatch going on at several of our nests. Here’s a rundown on who’s hatched, who has yet to hatch, and other nest events! Falcons spend a lot less time in the nest than eagles, so be sure to check them out now! American Kestrels Four kestrels hatched on May 22 and one hatched on May 23. Watch the kestrels while you can – they fledge between 28 and 31 days of age!

May 19, 2019: Decorah North and GSB Nestflix!

DN9 and DNF

Tonight we have a Decorah North and GSB mega-roll for everyone! It’s an exciting time in our nests as eaglets learn the skills they will need for life post-fledge and falcons gain weight, grow their second coat of feathers, and begin to get tiny little pinfeathers at the tips of their wings! Tonight’s videos feature great close-ups, superb storm footage, DN9 subduing a fish, a loud PS, and an adorable interaction between DN9 and Mom DNF. A lot of you

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