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Starter Nest For The North Eagles

Kike Arnal at the North Nest

We are working on a starter nest for the North Eagles this week! Here is a link to the story: http://www.kwwl.com/story/39133159/2018/09/20/north-nest-coming-back-after-a-tragic-end. Mrs. North has given us a look-see, followed the river, perched in favorite trees, and caught a few fish. We’ve also seen Sandhill Cranes, Red-Headed Woodpeckers, Yellow-shafted Flickers, deer, and cattle, just to name a few. The valley of the Norths is a busy place! Pictured is photographer, researcher, and eagle-nest whisperer Kike Arnal. Kike is building the platform

Storm Topples North Nest

Decorah North Nest: after and before the storm

We are very sorry to announce that the Decorah North Nest fell last night during a storm. We visited the nest today to assess the damage and look for Mr. and Mrs. North. Somewhat to our surprise, there were no freshly broken branches or limbs at the base of the tree or beneath the fallen nest. Given the high wind gusts and lashing rain that accompanied last night’s storm, we think that the wind blew the nest’s supporting branches off-kilter.

N2B, the new Decorah nest

Members and friends of the Raptor Resource Project spent the last two days building an eagle’s nest – or what we hope will become an eagle’s nest – near the former site of N2. We put together this blog to answer questions about our work and what it means. What happened to N2? The tree that N2 sat in was destroyed during a storm at around 3am on the morning of Saturday, July 18. The storm has been reported as