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How long does it take a bald eagle to lay an egg?

An egg in cross section, modified from Romanoff and Romanoff, 1949

We’ve talked about how long it takes bald eagle eggs to hatch after they are laid (an average of 38 days from first egg to first hatch in Decorah), how long hatch takes once pip starts (it can take upwards of 24 hours), and how long it takes Mom to lay each egg (she usually lays the second egg about two to three days after the first, and the third egg roughly four days after the second egg). But how

January 28, 2019: Decorah Eagles and Flyway Cam Nestflix!

N2B on January 28, 2019

Tonight’s Nestflix feature the Decorah eagles and a really fascinating video from the Flyway cam. In Decorah, Mom chases a subadult, a subadult chases DM2 (check the video out in slo-mo – it is pretty impressive!), and an attempt at copulation ends when Mom walks away in the middle of it. At the Flyway cam, three coyotes play and one mounts another – although this was a not a serious mating attempt as Janet Kessler of the excellent Coyote Yipps blog

Flashback Blog: When will our eagles lay eggs? Bald eagle breeding in Iowa and Florida

Daylight Length Graph from Fort Meyers Florida

We’ve decided to migrate our old blogs here and wanted to share them in the process. Since eagles in Florida and the southern United States are laying eggs, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about daylight length, light intensity, and egg laying! TLDR: We’ll most likely see eggs in Decorah in mid to late February. We’re getting some questions about why the Decorah Eagles aren’t laying eggs yet. Are they going to lay eggs? Will the

Courtship, Copulation, and Egg Creation

Adult Eagles Copulating

Happy Valentines Day! We hope you enjoy this timely post about all things romantic in the world of bald eagles! Bird Courtship & Bonding For such fierce predators, much of the behavior observed in courtship and pair bonding is remarkably tender and endearing. Courtship behavior includes intricate swooping flights and dives, soaring in unison, and cartwheeling. Initially, the male may be seeking to show off his strength and vitality to convince a female he is her best possible mate to