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October 29, 2022: Day Trip to Decorah!

October 27, 2022: DM2 in N4

Story and photos by Robin Brumm The last time I went to Decorah, I saw DM2 taking sticks into a group of trees, but there were too many leaves to actually see if they were building a nest. Saturday was supposed to be nice, so I decided I would go over to Decorah again now that a lot of the leaves were gone. I got up at dark o’clock, and off I went. I drove through the hatchery when I

September 25, 2022: Day Trip To Decorah

September 25, 2022: DM2 left, Mom right on branches of the N3 fallen tree.

Story and photos by Robin Brumm It had been about a month since I went to Decorah and I have been eager to get back over there to see if I could find both Mom & DM2, and the new pair of Hatchery Eagles. Since Sunday was supposed to be cool, but sunny, I decided to head over early so I left at dark o’clock. Thank goodness dark o’clock isn’t as early as it used to be! I got to

August 26 Day Trip: Robin sees Mom Decorah!

August 26, 2022: Mom near N3

Story and photos by Robin Brumm I wanted to head to Decorah and Friday looked like the best weather day, so I got up at dark o’clock and got ready. Unfortunately, I had to leave about an hour later because of the fog, but finally I was able to head out. I saw DM2 the last time I was there, but haven’t seen Mom the last few times, so I was hoping she would be around this time. I have

July 31, 2022: Day Trip To Decorah!

A Day Trip to Decorah with Robin Brumm, Mom and DM2

Story by Robin Brumm The last time I went to Decorah was for part of the After The Fledge celebration, but I didn’t see Mom or DM2 while I was there. I recently saw RRP’s post that said the N3 tree had fallen in a storm, so I wanted to go to Decorah to see if Mom and DM2 were hanging around the area. Sunday morning, I got up at dark o’clock and headed off to Decorah. I got to

May 7, 2022: Day Trip to Decorah

May 7, 2022: Mom flying down to the river to catch a fish.

Story and photos by Robin Brumm Saturday was supposed to be sunny and warm, so what should I do?? Go to Decorah of course! I left a little later than I was planning, so I was hoping the eagles would still be hanging around when I got there. I drove up to the hatchery and right away saw the new pair of eagles in the N1 tree. I quickly parked the car, grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. They

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