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July 31, 2022: Day Trip To Decorah!

A Day Trip to Decorah with Robin Brumm, Mom and DM2

Story by Robin Brumm The last time I went to Decorah was for part of the After The Fledge celebration, but I didn’t see Mom or DM2 while I was there. I recently saw RRP’s post that said the N3 tree had fallen in a storm, so I wanted to go to Decorah to see if Mom and DM2 were hanging around the area. Sunday morning, I got up at dark o’clock and headed off to Decorah. I got to

May 7, 2022: Day Trip to Decorah

May 7, 2022: Mom flying down to the river to catch a fish.

Story and photos by Robin Brumm Saturday was supposed to be sunny and warm, so what should I do?? Go to Decorah of course! I left a little later than I was planning, so I was hoping the eagles would still be hanging around when I got there. I drove up to the hatchery and right away saw the new pair of eagles in the N1 tree. I quickly parked the car, grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. They

April 23, 2022: Day Trip to Decorah

April 23, 2022: Mom near the N3 nest tree.

Photos and Story by Robin Brumm I woke up at dark o’clock and left for Decorah before the sun rose on Saturday morning. I wanted to get there early and see if I could get any pictures of the new pair of eagles, and top of my list was checking on Mom and DM2. When I got to the hatchery, the new pair of eagles had already flown off, so I went over by N2B and took a photo of

Day Trip to Decorah

April 9, 2022: Mom standing in the nest. She had just rolled the eggs.

Story and photos by Robin Brumm I decided to make a trip to Decorah on Saturday, since the weather was going to be nice. I don’t have to get up at dark o’clock since they are incubating and there is usually someone there all the time. So I left at light o’clock and headed across the river. You know when you see 18-20 eagles while driving over the Mississippi River, that it will be a good day! When I got

Update from John Howe, with a Day Trip from Robin Brumm

March 3, 2022: Mom and DM2. Photo by Robin Brumm

March 3, 2022: Update from John Howe, Director of RRP I hit the road Wednesday for Decorah to check on Mom and DM2 and then head down to IA PBS in Des Moines. I was not able to spend much time in Decorah on Wednesday but did stop by the Walmart parking lot and put the spotting scope on N3. I was pleasantly surprised to see an eagle standing on the nest and it was Mom! She was in that

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