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April 18, 2021 ~ Day Trip to Decorah: Yay, Yay, Yay!!!

April 18, 2021: Robin sees Mom feeding three bobbleheads!

Story and photos by Robin Brumm I went to Decorah today. I know it is only two weeks since the hatch, and wasn’t expecting to be able to see the eaglets yet, but since it was a nice day and I decided to take a chance and just check. When I got there, DM2 was on the nest. I couldn’t see any eaglets, but it looked like things were pretty quiet. I waited quite a while and saw DM2 looking

April 5, 2021: A Day Trip to Decorah!

April 5, 2021: Mom feeding. You can see something stringy hanging from her beak!

By Robin Brumm Monday was my last day of spring break. Hmm…what should I do?? Go to Decorah, of course! I spent Friday and Saturday and there were no signs of a hatch either day. I know that the eggs usually hatch at 35-40 days old. I had looked at the nest records and noted that for the last three years, the first egg has hatched at 39 days. If they laid the first egg on February 24th, 39 days

March 7, 2021 Day Trip to Decorah!

March 7, 2021: Mom flying off a tree near N3.

A Day Trip to Decorah, by Robin Brumm. Thanks so much for sharing, Robin! We are so happy to see Mom and DM2 again! I decided to make another trip to Decorah to see how Mom and DM2 were doing. One good thing about nesting time is that whatever time I get there, an eagle is always on the nest, so I don’t have to get up at Dark O’clock! I left at Dark ‘thirty, this time, lol. When I

2-26-21 Day Trip to Decorah

February 26, 2021: Mom incubating at N3

By Robin Brumm I had the afternoon off for an appointment on Friday, so decided to make a quick trip to Decorah to see what Mom and DM2 were up to. I figured if we had eggs there would be somebirdy there. If not, I would be watching an empty nest. When I got to N3, I didn’t see anybody. I wasn’t sure if I was happy about that or not! I took a few pictures of the nest, and

9-5-20 ~ Day Trip to Decorah

September 5, 2020: Who is this? We need to get the talon-painting crew deployed!

Story and photos by Robin Brumm I got up at Dark O’clock to head to Decorah. It had been a week since the camera went down and I wanted to see if D36 was still around, and I was going to meet a friend there. When I got to the hatchery, Mom was on the new maple tree. My friend said she had heard squeeing and saw a juvie fly to the southwest before I got there, but she wasn’t

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