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2018 Memory Lane Moment #10: Eagles back at N2B and the North Nest.

10/15/18: Male eagle at N2B

On October 6, 2018, we turned the cameras back on. We were on tenterhooks. Would Mom accept a new mate? Would the North eagles adopt their new nest? On October 15, the male eagle we called DM (for Decorah Male) and now know as UME-2 (for Unknown Male Eagle 2) landed on N2B for the first time. Things kicked into high gear on October 24 as Mom and her new consort began nestorations in earnest. We were thrilled as the

2018 Memory Lane Moment #9: Outdoor School!

Heraldic pose by the creek

Our improved look at Outdoor School was mentioned by almost every moderator. We learned a lot about the first few weeks after fledge as the eaglets followed Mom and one another to steal food, keep cool, hone their flight skills, and learn to fish and hunt. This moment was mentioned as a particular favorite! #EagleTableManners You can watch the whole video here! Decorah Eagles Hanging Out By The Creek At Nest: https://youtu.be/6IKro-pccWk

2018 Memory Lane Moment #8: Mrs. North incubates through heavy snow!

04/18/18: Mrs. North incubates through the snowstorm

While Mom and Dad Decorah brooded eaglets through a heavy snowstorm, Mrs. North incubated the eggs from her second clutch. Watchers were amazed and inspired by her devotion and skilled care. While she sometimes got up to shake off the snow that at one point buried her neck deep, her eggs remained warm, dry, and well-cared for. Our tears at the Decorah nest were followed by triumphs, but that was not the case at the North nest this year. Sherri

2018 Memory Lane Moment #7: Pre-fledge funnies!

2018 Memory Lane Moment #7: Pre-fledge funnies!

While we worried, Mom went about the business of bringing her eaglets to fledge! D29, D30, and D31 amused and distracted all of us with their antics as they got closer and closer to fledge. This memory lane moment includes several favorites mentioned by our moderators! April 25, 2018: We were still trying to get used to Dad’s absence and everything was a cause for concern. An eaglet (D29, perhaps?) gets startled from sleep as Mom gets up to relieve

2018 Memory Lane Moment #6: Periscope Up!

12/28/18: American Kestrels - Periscope Up!

In 2018, we partnered with Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Neil Rettig Productions on a KestrelCam. The little kestrels were extremely funny to watch as the squabbled over food, played in the nest box, and interacted with one another. They were small but filled with boundless energy and more than willing to eat, or try to eat, food that was much larger (and longer) than they were! Although we liked everything about the kestrels, this was a favorite moment for

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