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3,2,1: Memory Lane Countdown!

Soft release of D33 and DN9

3,2,1! It’s not midnight yet, but we’re wishing you all a very happy and peaceful New Year! Here’s to a wonderful year for all the birds we watch! Let’s keep working in 2020 to make the world a better place for them – and for all of us, too! Thanks to all of you for watching, caring, learning, and sharing! Our final countdown is all about eaglet rescues and releases. Bob put it very well when he said: “The highlight

Whatta Year! A Tale of Two Nests

December 31, 2019: A tale of two nests!

by Sherri Elliott I learn so much observing each season, but the one thing that was the most exciting was also a pivotal plot point in RRP research by applying the ‘fingerprint’ of iris scans to photograph eye flecks to definitely determine who was who, when they arrived, and the level of socializations displayed during their stay. We saw three different helpers, guardians or potential suitors at DE before Mom accepted DM2 as her mate and pair-bonded. And at DNN,

2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #4: DM2 Feeds For The First Time

Day one: sitting up and feeding

Remember wondering – and maybe worrying – whether DM2 would ever join Mom in feeding D32? We all cheered when DM2 finally took the plunge! Despite his presumed lack of experience, he carved off and fed a tiny morsel of fish to his very hungry little eaglet: perfect for D32’s age and ability! Of course we blogged about it: https://www.raptorresource.org/2019/04/06/your-questions-answered-when-will-dm2-start-feeding/ We also blogged about eagle beaks and tongues! DM2’s first foray into feeding is more impressive than it looks, since

2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #5: All The Birds Of The Flyway!

December 29, 2019: What bird is this?

Did you watch with delight as Bald Eagles flew in and American White Pelicans flew out? Put your Audubon Field Guide by your computer? Make your whole family watch the Flyway cam on the living room TV? Did your heart soar with Sandhill Cranes? Did you laugh at the antics of ducks? We did all of those. I can’t pick a single moment at the Flyway, but it never failed to inspire me. We can make a difference for good!

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