2022 Memory Lane Moments: A Feeding and a Pip!

Memory Lane Moment #3 comes from me! There was a lot to love at the North nest this year. The Norths have a strong bond, their valley is beautiful, and DN15 and DN16 were wonderful from hatch to fledge! The North nest felt like a tiny slice of paradise in the rolling hills of NE Iowa: a place to relax and dream under blue skies, rippling water, and lush greenery.

DN15 completed hatch sometime in the late evening of March 25 or the wee hours of March 26th. I loved seeing DN15 feed while DN16’s little beak chip-chip-chipped away at its round white eggshell. DN16 would hatch a little less than seven hours after this video was taken. Here’s a link to the complete video: https://youtu.be/bn4VnzvAzCQ.

The most popular Decorah North blog this year also featured the Decorah Eagles and the Canada Geese at N2B! Relive the day here: https://www.raptorresource.org/2022/04/20/nestflix-and-news-decorah-and-decorah-north-2/.