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Eagle Eyes!

Human Eye versus Eagle Eye

Has anyone ever called you eagle-eyed? Relative to humans, bald eagles have larger, sharper eyes that see further, collect more details, and produce stereoscopic vision to greatly improve depth perception. A bald eagle’s visual acuity begins with its eye size and shape. Dad’s somewhat tubular eyes occupy over 50% of the volume of his skull, as compared with less than 5% in us spherically-eyed human types.  He can voluntarily adjust the curvature of his large cornea and lens (we’re restricted

Courtship, Copulation, and Egg Creation

Adult Eagles Copulating

Happy Valentines Day! We hope you enjoy this timely post about all things romantic in the world of bald eagles! Bird Courtship & Bonding For such fierce predators, much of the behavior observed in courtship and pair bonding is remarkably tender and endearing. Courtship behavior includes intricate swooping flights and dives, soaring in unison, and cartwheeling. Initially, the male may be seeking to show off his strength and vitality to convince a female he is her best possible mate to