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Update on Decorah Eagles D32 & D33

Written by Sherri Elliott It’s been a pretty frantic 24 hours anxiously awaiting news in the search for D32 who flew off the Skywalk branch about 6:03PM CT last evening, and even more stressful when sibling D33 fell off the Skywalk in nearly the same place about 2:39PM CT this afternoon. The search team headed out early this morning led by RRP Board Director and eagle biologist Brett Mandernack and wildlife assistant Ryan Schmitz. Both quickly got to work and

We are searching for D32

D32 branched earlier today and left the tree entirely this evening. This evening D32 took flight again from the Skywalk branch and, while we don’t know if this was a purposeful flight or an unintentional fledge, we immediately took action to assess the situation on the ground. No other information is available at this time, but we will provide an update here, on Facebook, and at explore.org when we learn anything. We understand that everyone is concerned about D32, but

What are feathers? What is molt?

Feather Follicle

Eaglets go through two molts and three feather stages in the nest: natal down (and molt), followed by thermal down (and molt), followed by juvenile feathers. As of this blog, the Decorah eaglets are shedding the very last of their natal down and their thermal down is rapidly being replaced by juvenile down and feathers. We thought we would blog a little more about feathers to celebrate!  When we think about feathers, we tend to think about their qualities (light,

Whatta Week! Grabbing, Gulping, Growing Ginormous-sauruses!

April 13, 2019: Whatta Day!

Image and article by Sherri Elliott Gee Whiz, that’s a lot of G-words, but there’s even more as we godparents gather and gaze into the nests with gratitude for all the changes glimpsed gauging their gargantuan G-force growth. Gone are the gentle little grubs … replaced by gangly and sometimes goofy and glorious ginormous-sauruses! We have two nests in Decorah … the original nest at the fish hatchery with Mom Decorah and new male DM2 and their two eaglets D32

What is up with our eagle Moms?

05/09/19: Mom and DM2

We first blogged on this subject on April 30, 2014, but we’re asked about Mom’s behavior every spring. Wondering where the love went? This blog is for you! We’ve had several questions and comments about our eagle Moms. Why are they so demanding? Why are they mad at their mates? Why are they so mean? While I can find snippets of behavior that seem loving to human observers – shared incubation duty, mutual nest defense, and tandem feedings, to name

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