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What is a brood patch?

March 30, 2018: Mrs. North's brood patch

Daylight length, or photoperiod, strongly influences hormone production in birds. In the northern hemisphere, our story begins shortly after the winter solstice in December. As daylight length increases, a cascade of hormones causes birds’ gonads to swell in preparation for reproduction, egg-laying, and incubation. In this blog, we’ll discuss the role the brood patch plays in incubation and determining clutch size. How do bald eagles keep their eggs warm in subzero temperatures? They apply heat via a special area of

How much does N2B weigh? An answer and four videos!

November 17, 2019: DM2 and Mom at N2B

How much does N2B weigh? We have an answer and four videos for your Sunday night! I always love seeing Mom and DM2, and both Flyway videos are spectacular. Thanks to our camera operators and videomakers for finding and sharing such special moments and to you for watching and caring! Decorah Eagles 11/17/19: 8am nestorations – https://youtu.be/6q8cxShptqc. While we see activity throughout the video, my favorite section started when Mom flew in at 5:58 with a curved and very wonky

How much weight can a bald eagle carry?

November 6, 2019: Mr. North and the stick

On November 4th of 2015, photographer Alex Lamine photographed the female bald eagle at Berry College carrying a very large stick, which she dropped. That stick turned out to be 12 pounds! Today, Mr. North dropped a stick of unknown weight, although it was clearly more than he could lift from the ground. How much can eagles carry? We’ve speculated quite a bit about how much weight eagles can carry.  I talked to Professor Jim (Grier has studied birds of prey

Birds in superstition and folklore

Happy Halloween!

One is lucky, two is lucky, three is health, four is wealth, five sickness, and six death. – The Children’s Mother Goose The ways in which we watch and learn about birds – HD cameras, high-powered spotting scopes and lenses, and DNA analyzers – are new, but our interest in birds is very old. Sacred and magical birds are common in folklore, oral traditions, and religious texts, including the Bible, the Torah, the Qur’an, and the Bhagavad-gita. It’s easy to

Birds and Nest-Building

A blackbird's cup nest

When I say ‘bird’s nest’, you know the type of nest I’m talking about, right? It could be a bald eagle’s stick platform high up in the branches of a tree. Or perhaps a peregrine falcon’s scrape in dirt, sand, or gravel on a shallow cliff ledge. Or maybe the burrows that bank swallows and belted kingfishers excavate in dirt, the cavity nests that woodpeckers excavate in dead wood, or the woven nests that orioles and weavers build. When I

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