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How do we know falcon Zooey’s age?

March 10, 2021: Zooey from the back

How do we know that falcon Zooey is two years old? Peregrine falcons have two distinct age-related plumages: juvenile and adult. Juvenile falcons have heavily barred underparts and brownish topsides (“brown birds”), mature falcons have pale undersides with black-barred bellies and blue/slate topsides (“blue meanies”), and two-year-old falcons like Zooey have a mix of adult and juvenile feathers. I love this stage! Tail Feathers (Retrices) Like all peregrine falcons, Zooey has twelve tailfeathers that are numbered one to six from

Tik-tok hatch clock! We’re on hatch watch at Decorah North!

Hatch Watch 2021!

We are on hatch watch at Decorah North! While both eaglets still have open body cavities, most of their major morphological changes are done. At this point: Their eyelids still need to close all the way. Their eyes are growing into their sockets, more or less. Eaglets often have big bulgy ‘blueberry eyes’ when they hatch. Their eyes settle into their sockets during the first few days after hatch. Natal down is growing from feather germs. The chicks are squirming

Egg Colors and Shapes

The Chicago Peregrine Program inspired me to write a quick blog on the colors and shapes of eggs. Bald eagles have white eggs, peregrine falcons have eggs that range from light cream through brick red, and red-tailed hawks have pale eggs that are lightly splotched with brown. How and why do the birds we watch lay differently-colored and shaped eggs? In general, female birds inherit egg colors and patterns from their female parents. Egg-shell is made primarily of calcium carbonate,

Your Questions, Answered: New eagles appear on N2B!

Your questions, answered: new eagles in Decorah?

How old are the eagles we saw at N2B this morning? Is the female old enough to lay eggs? Will Mom and DM2 object? We’ve left the Confusion Couch for the Decorah Tilt-A-Whirl, but we’ll answer your questions as best as we can!  How old are the eagles we saw at N2B this morning? The male eagle is over five years old, although we aren’t sure how old he is. Eagles complete their transition to adult colors (white head and

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