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Your Questions, Answered: Mom, Dad, DM2, HD, HM, the nests, and the territories!

Map of the Decorah Eagles Territory

After the Confusion Couch turned into a Tilt-A-Whirl this spring, a lot of followers asked for a Decorah Eagles recap. This blog lists our cottonwood cast of characters (the nests, the eagles, and the eaglets), recaps eagle history, and discusses names and naming. We hope this helps answer everybody’s questions about Mom, Dad, DM2, HD, HM, the nests, and the territories that surround them!  The Nests The nests are:  N0, aka the bluff nest: Decorah Dad and his original mate

What’s In A Name? Eagles and Falcons

From John Howe: “You have asked us how we identify names for the raptors we follow. I can assure you that the eagles and falcons don’t care if they are called by a name or not. That is a human thing. However, we need to have a way to identify birds as we collect and share data. In the case of peregrine falcons, landowners and cooperative partners assign names as they please. In the case of eagles, we assign an

Your questions, answered: What’s in a name?

Your questions, answered: DM2 and DNF

What are we calling the eagles at our nests? In Decorah, the eagles are Mom and DM2 At Decorah North, the eagles are Mr. North and DNF Perhaps the number one question you’ve asked us this year touches on what we’re calling the eagles. Why aren’t we calling DM2 Dad, or Dad2, or Mr. Decorah, or anything else more name-like? Who came up with DNF – ugh, we hate that! Why not Mom and Dad, or Mr. and Mrs. North?