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D27 Heads North!

D27: April 23, 2019

For the last several weeks, we’ve been wondering when (and whether) D27 would head north. In 2018, she started showing migratory restlessness around April 25. She wandered around NE Iowa, making a few trips back and forth to the Decorah area before beginning her spring migration on May 8. But in 2019, her migratory restlessness didn’t begin until early May. She finally headed north on May 12, although her first long jump didn’t happen until May 20. Once she decided

May 8, 2019: Where is D27?


Where is D27? She is currently spending time near Frankville, Iowa. How does that compare with last year? In 2018, D27 left the Decorah area on April 25 and flew north and east, reaching the Mississippi River on May 4th. She turned north along the Big Muddy, crossing it not far from Great Spirit Bluff, and continued north-northeast through Wisconsin until she reached Cable, where she hung a west turn. After a brief sojourn not far from Pine City, MN,

D27 Phones Home!

D27's map: April 8, 2019

Thanks for writing, D27! D27’s latest postcard puts her back in the Decorah area after a brief sojourn to the Mississippi River. On April 4, we tracked her to within about 2600 feet of her natal nest. She wandered throughout the day, ending up about 4.5 miles NW of her nest at 9:42PM. She did not go near her natal nest on the 5th, which means that it was not her we spotted on camera…although we can’t yet rule out

March 20, 2019: A postcard from D27!

03/18/19: D27's Travel Map

It looks like D27 has decided to join the eagle party on the Mississippi River! She left Decorah on March 13 and flew NNW out to the Bluffton area, not far from Bob’s old farmstead and falcon breeding barns, before heading east to the Mississippi river. She is currently spending time on the Minnesota Slough just east of New Albin, Iowa. This area is rich in food resources and quite close to one of our falcon sites. We can’t help

Finding D27!

March 2, 2019: D27

Amy and I decided to take a trip to Decorah after Ferryville Bald Eagle Days to see if we could find D27. It was a sunny, cold day and the snow was deep, but we were willing we take a shot! Armed with the latest coordinates from Brett, we decided to start at the hatchery looking for her radio signal. DM2 greeted us and flew overhead as we pulled in, which we took as a good sign. John quickly spotted

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