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We got another postcard from D27!

D27 November 29, 2018 map

We got another postcard from D27! As daylight length dwindles, the sun’s inclination falls, and snow clouds pile up, it isn’t uncommon for our eagles to ‘go dark’. Depending on the weather, there might not be enough sun in the sky to charge transmitter batteries – so cross your talons for some sun! D27’s airmail let us know that she is staying in and around the Decorah area. The deep river valleys, trees, and open water are providing her with

Where is D27?

D27 in November

Where is D27? She is currently spending time just south of Decorah. Brett wrote: “D-27 remains in the area on or near the N. Fork of the Yellow River near Frankville, IA (N of Postville) and north of Ossian, near D-24’s hang-out (past and hopefully present).” I got curious about how her travels this fall compared to last fall, so I made a map of eagle travels in November. By this time last fall, D27 was further south. We’re very

D27 is on the move!

D27's Travel Map to August 12, 2018

D27 is on the move! She flew 312.8 miles SE between August 8th and August 12th, moving with some urgency (Brett’s words) from Magiss to Buckingham Lake. Broken down by day, her journey looks like this: 8/8/2018 | 114.7 miles | 14 hours and 58 minutes 8/9/2018 | 71.6 miles | 3 hours 8/10/2018 | 4.3 miles | N/A 8/11/2018 | 89.2 miles | 6 hours 8/12/2018 | 33 miles | 6 hours She traveled for a total of roughly

A postcard from D27!

June 28, 2018: D27's latest map

Thanks for the postcard, D27! While many of D27’s followers are seeking AC, lemonade, and beaches for relief from the heat, D27 is staying cool as a cucumber in west central Ontario. The nearest weather station I could find is about 25 miles away and shows temperatures ranging from lows in the 50’s to highs in the mid-80’s, with a whole lot of pleasant, sunny weather and just a little bit of rain! It sounds like the perfect place to

D27 moves north!

Thanks for the postcard, D27! D27 has exchanged the sweltering temperatures of the midwest for the cooler breezes and pine woods of Ontario! This is the furthest north she’s ever traveled! Will she go to Polar Bear Park like D1 did? Her path is just a little bit west of D1’s, but the two of them are traveling in the same neck of the woods, roughly speaking. I checked out her location on our interactive maps and Google Earth. With

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