D27 Phones Home!

D27's map: April 8, 2019Thanks for writing, D27! D27’s latest postcard puts her back in the Decorah area after a brief sojourn to the Mississippi River.

On April 4, we tracked her to within about 2600 feet of her natal nest. She wandered throughout the day, ending up about 4.5 miles NW of her nest at 9:42PM. She did not go near her natal nest on the 5th, which means that it was not her we spotted on camera…although we can’t yet rule out D24, who seems to have stopped writing for the time being! D27 is currently wandering along the Upper Iowa river near Bluffton, MN. If you kayaked that stretch of the river during ATF (or at any other time), you’ve kayaked right by the spot she’s in now. Stay safe wherever you decide to go, D27! It was wonderful to hear from you again.

A million thanks to Brett Mandernack and the staff of Eagle Valley for sharing their expertise and data with us! To build your own maps, read Brett’s paper, and follow the travels of any of the eagles we’ve tracked, follow this link. https://www.raptorresource.org/learning-tools/eagle-map/