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Four Migration Stories from the Flyway

June 28, 2021: Sandhill cranes on the Mississippi Flyway

We are seeing so many birds on the Flyway that I’m thinking about hiring an air traffic controller! We’ve identified 68 species of birds so far, 82% of which require water-based or water-adjacent habitat to nest, forage, and roost. Why do so many birds stop here? Lake Onalaska is an island of habitat for birds migrating south along the Mississippi River through the American interior. The lake’s islands, sandbars, braided channels, floodplain forests, and mudflats provide birds with everything they

Reservations for 3 ~ Streamside Dining

July 21, 2020: Possum carrion in the creek! D36 left, D35 eating, D34 top waiting

By Sherri Elliott  Decorah Eagle Juveee’s D34, D35, and D36 are so busy with Outdoor School that we rarely get a glimpse of all of them hanging out together in one place, and at one time, so it was thrilling to see them all fly in one by one for a lunch date in one of our favorite places … just below the beloved Y-Branch. Everybirdie took turns dining on the choice entrée … marinated and brined sous vide possum,

Did you see? Brekkie for Baby!

June 26, 2020: DN12 and Mama DNF

By Sherri Elliott Decorah North fledgling DN12 is 12 1/2 weeks old (88 days) today and while his/her size dwarfs its parents, it’s still a young’un. Adult size of about 3ft in length and its ginormous wingspan is between 6-7ft. If a bald eagle was sitting on the center of your standard size 6 ft sofa, extended wings would reach to each armrest, or if standing next to my computer could see my monitor. (Amy’s note: want to stand six

Did You See? DN12’s Home-Alone Schooling!

Decorah North Nest: DN12 Milestones

by Sherri Elliott If you’ve been thinking about calling Eaglet Protective Services to report DN12 being left unattended for longer periods or not getting enough to eat … Don’t! DN12 has thousands of aunties and uncles that are keeping eyes fixed on the little darling, and there’s no doubt that parents Mr. North and DNF are close by also checking on their eaglet. At 6 weeks old, DN12 is half-way through the nesting season and continues to meet or exceed

Did You See? Reflections on Rain Drops

March 9, 2020: Raindrops on Mom's feathers

By Sherri Elliott Bald Eagles have a remarkable super shield that adapts as a raincoat or snowsuit depending on the elements. Conditioned with uropygial oil as they preen and zip their feather vanes, each feather is an overlapping mosaic over their fluffy down creating a coat that sheds water and helps keep heat from escaping, creating a constant supply of warmth to the eagles and transferred by brood patch to incubating eggs. Mom Decorah may have looked miserable to some

Baldi-locks … at the North Nest!

January 13, 2020: Subadult visits the Decorah North Nest

By Sherri Elliott A lovely visitor today reminded me of the classic fairytale. No testing beds or tasting porridge, but this beauty was inquisitive, playful, resourceful, and showed nestoration skills while keeping an eye out for the rightful owners. I’m guessing it is almost 4 years old. It had a beautiful eye mask, darker beak, salt and pepper head feathers and a gorgeous display of mottling in tail and vent feathers. He/She displayed talent and technique moving large sticks, pulling