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Did You See? It’s Eggs-tra Lovey Dovey at the North Nest!

February 17, 2020: DNF and Mr. North

by Sherri Elliott Activity is ramping up with both Mr. North and DNF making multiple trips in daily with very long branches, wonky sticks, bedding, leaves, and fluffy grasses and today DNF brought in a rabbit leg and waited for a bit then left it on the mattress as she flew away. Was that a gift for Mr. North? He found it within minutes and took it away to eat having a picnic in the treetop perch to the right,

Did You See? Love is in the Air!

February 10, 2020: Mom and DM2 bonding near the nest

by Sherri Elliott We always remind people to look up, look around, and listen. That applies not only to your own back yard but also with our live cameras. Sometimes something is just slightly out of view, and a behavior can be lost in a minute … or sometimes as briefly as 7-12 seconds! Such was the case today after Mom Decorah left the Skywalk and landed on the Pond Perch above the retention pond. DM2 finished some chores and