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Reservations for 3 ~ Streamside Dining

July 21, 2020: Possum carrion in the creek! D36 left, D35 eating, D34 top waiting

By Sherri Elliott  Decorah Eagle Juveee’s D34, D35, and D36 are so busy with Outdoor School that we rarely get a glimpse of all of them hanging out together in one place, and at one time, so it was thrilling to see them all fly in one by one for a lunch date in one of our favorite places … just below the beloved Y-Branch. Everybirdie took turns dining on the choice entrée … marinated and brined sous vide possum,

Did You See? Dinner In A Tree!

June 13, 2020: DN12 in the perch tree across the pasture (T3)

By Sherri Elliott Decorah North fledgling DN12 got an unexpected room service dinner delivery by its momma DNF last evening in a perch tree (T3) across the stream. There was a little bobble as DNF landed with fish dinner, lots of squeeing and anticipation for the tasty treat, and DN12 masterfully grabbed the fish with a semi mantle and held it in his beak before figuring out how to dine al fresco! In a short time, it was gobbled and

Did You See? DN12’s Home-Alone Schooling!

Decorah North Nest: DN12 Milestones

by Sherri Elliott If you’ve been thinking about calling Eaglet Protective Services to report DN12 being left unattended for longer periods or not getting enough to eat … Don’t! DN12 has thousands of aunties and uncles that are keeping eyes fixed on the little darling, and there’s no doubt that parents Mr. North and DNF are close by also checking on their eaglet. At 6 weeks old, DN12 is half-way through the nesting season and continues to meet or exceed

Did You See?

May 11, 2020: DN12 responds to a squirrel at the North Nest

By Sherri Elliott A squirrel came calling yesterday at the Decorah North Nest and DN12 locked eyes with the little intruder and wasted no time asserting to defend the penthouse. Look to the left in this short video and see the squirrel tiptoe up to the side door only to meet DN12’s steely eagle eyes. In a flash, DN12 asserted to defend and stood with hackles up, wings stretched out and flapping to loom large…and for good measure muttered some

Did You See? A Sweet Afternoon Feeding!

April 3, 2020: Decorah North Nest

by Sherri Elliott The Decorah North nestlings are keeping their parents busy! Today DN11 is 4 days old, and N12 is 3 days old and these kidlets are a hoot to watch. Just hours apart in hatch order these two spitfires are evenly matched … each vying for supremacy, getting stronger and more mobile, alerting to parents movements, beak bonking each other, and popping up as soon as the feather covers are lifted for an impromptu sumo wrestling match …

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