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New female at Decorah North Nest

March 22, 2016: Mrs North

We have finished combing through archival photos from 2016 to present and have confirmed that we have our same male eagle (Mr. North) going into the 2019 nesting season, but we have had a change in our female eagle (Mrs. North). We are not sure what happened to Mrs. North to prompt this change, but we know it happened in the summer of 2018. With the crazy up and down year that 2018 was at the Decorah North Nest, this

Who’s on N2B? A guide to what we saw in Decorah this year!

DM2 on October 16, 2018

So what happened in Decorah this year? The quick version: UME-2, who we will be calling DM2 from now on, is Mom’s current and third suitor since Dad disappeared in April of 2018. To the best of our knowledge, this is what happened… As watchers know, Mom lost her mate Dad following a heavy snowstorm in April of 2018. A male eagle that we called UME and then DM turned up shortly after Dad’s disappearance, and we believed that he would eventually

Fishy Business at N2B!

Courtship at N2B

From Sherri Elliott – Sherri, thanks for sharing your observations and your image! I’m not sure why some people were making a big deal out of UME-2 not sharing his fish with Mom when we’ve seen years of Dad exhibiting the same behavior…and Mom too. She was ‘refrigerator-eating’ on 11-14 & 11-15 while continually looking over her shoulder to gulp down her fish. I think their relationship is progressing nicely, and bonding and courting is more than just nestorations, bringing

Who’s on N2B? Welcome to the Confusion Couch!

Eagle Heads

Welcome to the Confusion Couch! Many of our followers are asking “Who is that eagle?” after watching the Decorah and Decorah North nests this week. In Decorah, an adult male eagle that we’ve been calling DM isn’t DM (or Dad – sorry, everyone!). And we can’t decide who we’re seeing ar Decorah North. Is that Mr. and Mrs. North, or are we seeing somebody else? Let’s start with Decorah. We originally thought that DM came to N2B a couple of