Fishy Business at N2B!

Courtship at N2BFrom Sherri Elliott – Sherri, thanks for sharing your observations and your image!

I’m not sure why some people were making a big deal out of UME-2 not sharing his fish with Mom when we’ve seen years of Dad exhibiting the same behavior…and Mom too. She was ‘refrigerator-eating’ on 11-14 & 11-15 while continually looking over her shoulder to gulp down her fish.

I think their relationship is progressing nicely, and bonding and courting is more than just nestorations, bringing materials in, and sharing a meal. It’s also courting and bonding with little behaviors that test boundaries and exhibit affection. Like UME-2 peeking under Mom’s petticoat, pecking at her pantaloons, pestering for a beak kiss, and sometimes a little Beakerson moment. I think they are doing fine defining their partnership, and it’s very enjoyable to watch!

…So what is ‘refrigerator-eating’? I’ll confess to sneaking some scalloped corn and stuffing that way earlier this weekend! It’s when you scarf food down right out of the refrigerator, often a little sneakily, always very fast, and sometimes with both hands – a perfect description for Mom’s behavior here:

It’s all good in the Cottonwood!