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What’s On The Menu This Season at Our Nests?

April 18, 2020: A fully-stocked pant-tree!

By Sherri Elliott As the nesting season comes to a close we tally up all the prey deliveries we’ve caught on camera at Decorah Eagles and Decorah North Nest to provide an overview of the level of partnership between a bonded pair as well as the variety of food sources available in the nest territory and individual protein preferences within a habitat. By looking at daily deliveries we also key in to cycles of their season…courting and bonding before egg

What’s on the menu at the Decorah North Nest?

2017: Prey remains, North Nest

Kike collected prey remains from the Decorah North nest when we were working on cameras in the fall of 2017. Since my family was tired of animal parts in the garage and 2018’s fall camera work is just around the corner, I decided it was time to get them identified! The photo above shows all of the remains that Kike recovered from the nest. In all, he found 23 white-tailed deer remains (4 partial skulls, 18 leg bones, including four

What’s On The Menu at Decorah North Nest?

Decorah North: DN1 with Prey

Written by Sherri Elliott A plethora of prey was procured, dispatched and delivered at Decorah North Nest this season, and while Mr & Mrs North do not have the convenience of a fish hatchery directly out their door as their eagle neighbors to the south, the quantity of fish and other prey was substantial and varied. Probably most unusual to even seasoned viewers was the cow placenta, and the road kill cat. What we learn again is not only are eagle