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Your Transmitter Questions, answered

D34 and D36

You asked: Why are we doing this? Will it hurt the eagles? Will they still be able to reproduce? How much does the transmitter weigh? Read on for our answers. Why are you doing this? Our eagles are part of a larger longitudinal study to investigate and learn about the lives of bald eagles. Our eagles are extra special because we know their place of origin. Most eagles that Brett traps are wintering along the Mississippi river. We think they

Decorah Bald Eagle Tracking Study, 2011-2018

D1 in August of 2011

We began the Decorah bald eagle tracking study in 2011 after RRP’s founder Bob Anderson and I decided to answer the question that followers most often asked him: “Where do the eagles go when they leave Decorah?” Phase One: The Eagle Valley Tracking Study Eagle Valley’s (EV) tracking project began as a partnership with researchers from The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota. After their field research program ended in 2002, EV took over with the generous financial support