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2-26-21 Day Trip to Decorah

February 26, 2021: Mom incubating at N3

By Robin Brumm I had the afternoon off for an appointment on Friday, so decided to make a quick trip to Decorah to see what Mom and DM2 were up to. I figured if we had eggs there would be somebirdy there. If not, I would be watching an empty nest. When I got to N3, I didn’t see anybody. I wasn’t sure if I was happy about that or not! I took a few pictures of the nest, and

Announcing: Our first egg fundraiser!

February 27, 2021: First Egg Fundraiser

Please join the Raptor Resource Project on Saturday, February 27th, for our first egg fundraiser! We’ll celebrate two eggs for the Decorah North eagles and talk about both eagle families! DNF and Mr. North will be there. Will Mom and DM2 show up? We can only hope! The fundraiser will go from 8am to 8pm on our Decorah North page: and from 8 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 8 pm on the Decorah Eagles page We

Snow, snow, go away!

February 21, 2021: DNF protects her eggs.

Snow, snow, go away! But as awful as the weather looks, our eagles are ready for it. At Decorah North, DNF incubates her eggs through a snowstorm. Her tightly-lapped feathers act like shingles, keeping her (and her eggs!) protected from ice, snow, and cold drizzle. Their oh-so-carefully constructed egg cup – think of all the materials that Mr. North and DNF brought in, and all the work they did to mold, conform, and tweak them! – traps heat from their

Whew + Tick Tock!

February 17, 2021: A nice long stick is brought in and smack dab in the middle of two nest tree symbols I always follow. Note the heart in the Cottonwood tree circled at the top left, and just below the stick, the diamond shape in the bark which I use as a measuring stick to check progress of the build and nest bed amendments.

By Sherri Elliott  Mom Decorah and her mate, DM2 surprised us with a new nest this year…still in their territory, but far enough away that our prying eyes can’t catch them on camera. Lately, they have been spending some time at their old N2B nest, occasionally dropping off a stick or some fluff, but yesterday (and today!) was “eggstra” special seeing multiple drops of sticks as well as getting their groove on with copulation caught on cam (, an indication

February 19, 2021: Eagle Maps!

February 12, 2021: Eagle 307 at Lock and Dam 15. Photo by Tim Brandenburg

We hope you enjoy today’s eagle map bonanza! D24, D36, and D27 sent postcards and two photographers took photos of eagle #307, an eagle that Brett has been tracking since 2015. So where is everbirdie? Let’s start with our birds! D24, D27, and D36 Five year-old D24 is spending time on the Turkey River southwest of Decorah, between Ridgeway and Protivin, not far from the site of his 2020 Valentine’s Day airmail! It’s no surprise D24 decided to stay, or

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