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Your questions, answered: What’s in a name?

Your questions, answered: DM2 and DNF

What are we calling the eagles at our nests? In Decorah, the eagles are Mom and DM2 At Decorah North, the eagles are Mr. North and DNF Perhaps the number one question you’ve asked us this year touches on what we’re calling the eagles. Why aren’t we calling DM2 Dad, or Dad2, or Mr. Decorah, or anything else more name-like? Who came up with DNF – ugh, we hate that! Why not Mom and Dad, or Mr. and Mrs. North?

Commemorating Dad Decorah

November 7, 2017: Dad Decorah

We’ll be commemorating Dad Decorah on April 18, 2019 – a year from the last time we saw him. We’ll put up a post on Facebook tomorrow so you can share your favorite memories of Dad. You are also welcome to share them in chat. Thank you so much for watching and for caring! We’re looking forward to hearing from all of you tomorrow.

April 15th, 2019: Nestflix and news!

April 15, 2019: After dinner nap!

Whatta day, as Sherri Elliott used to say! The eaglets at both Decorah nests are growing like weeds, eating like piglets, sprouting clown clompers, and beginning to take cues not just from parents, but from the wider world around them. I loved all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed DN9 flapping its tiny wings, cowghetti for lunch, and an attempted tandem feeding by Mom and DM2. We cannot thank the camera operators and video makers enough for sharing these

April 14, 2019: Nestflix and news!

April 14, 2019: D32 gets stuck!

Here comes the sun! We are so happy to have a lovely day with sunshine and well-fed eaglets, although D32 had all of us really worried this morning when it ended up trapped between crib rails after briefly sticking to Mom during a nest exit. Per the video, D32 made its way out of the sticky situation and is enjoying the warm weather and sunshine with D33, while DN9 is so full that DNF didn’t feed the little cropzilla when

Eaglet Growth and Development, Week Two

April 11, 2019: Fish and more fish!

We’re writing a series of blogs about the first few weeks of an eaglet’s life. An eaglet spends roughly 75 to 80 days in the nest. For about the first half, it grows and gains weight. For about the second half, it grows flight feathers and starts developing the skills it will need post-fledge. We will focus on week two in this blog. In their second week of development, the eaglets will gain roughly two pounds between their 7th and

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