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D27 and D24 Phone Home!

January 14, 2020: D27's Map

Wonderful news! D27 and sibling-from-another-year D24 sent us maps this week! A quick refresher: D24 hatched at N2B in Decorah on March 29, 2016, making him 3.5 years old. D27 hatched at N2B on April 4 of 2017, making her 2.5 years old. Both eaglets are spending time in and around the Decorah area. Although we haven’t yet seen them both together, D24’s transmitter doesn’t check in very often. It’s entirely possible the two could have spent time together: perhaps eating

Nestflix: Decorah and Decorah North

January 13, 2019: Mr. North and DNF

Winter is back! We have videos from Decorah and Decorah North. Mom and DM2 took the day off, but Mr. North and DNF got busy removing the snow. I especially loved the two videos from Decorah North. If you missed Sherri’s post yesterday, be sure to check out the subadult video. This is a beautiful eagle! I also enjoyed seeing Mr. North slingshot past the North nest as he tore off a branch for delivery to the nest. It isn’t

Where is D27?

January 10, 2020: D27's Map

Brett writes: “D27 moved south a few miles beyond her typical territory on January 6, but returned the next day to the south end of her usual range.” January 6 was a relatively warm day with just a smidgen of precipitation and very little wind. Studies indicate that bald eagles can see other eagles soaring at a distance of between 14 and 40 miles, depending on weather and altitude. In a high soar, D27 could presumably see all the way

Nestflix: Decorah and Decorah North

January 9, 2020: DM2 and Mom

We have your videos and a little more! I saw an article on parrots and altruism this morning that I wanted to share. Followers often wonder what kind of internal lives our eagles have. Over the years, we’ve seen them experience what looks like pleasure (sunbathing, preening, sibling cuddle puddles, bonding, and many other moments), confusion and fear (Mom’s plaintive pealing after Dad’s disappearance), and even annoyance (think of those Beakerson’s moments). Parrots and eagles live in very different ways,

Nestflix: Decorah, Decorah North, and the Mississippi Flyway

January 6, 2020: Mom and DM2 disagree on stick placement

I loved all of tonight’s videos, but I was particularly intrigued by the fourth video down. We’ve speculated about our eagles ‘farming’ sticks, or preparing them for removal and transport to the nest. What would that look like? They might weaken sticks by twisting and pulling them or strip bark from sticks to girdle them. Look at the ninth minute of the video, where DM2 appears to be preparing sticks, and check the 11th minute, where he appears to be

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