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April 30, 2021: The Decorah Eagles at N3

April 30, 2021: D37, D38, and D39 at N3 in Decorah

The Decorah Eagles are doing wonderfully over at N3! Thanks to Iver Burl for the videos and news – it is great to see them! April 30, 2021: New Nest Decorah Eaglets, midmorning: April 30, 2021: New nest Decorah Eagles, parents on watch: You can count three little heads (D37, D38, and D39) in the midmorning video and a nice look at a P – I think it’s DM2, but the eagle never turns its head! – in

Fri-yay News and NestFlix!

April 29, 2021: Mom at the hatchery!

Happy Fri-yay, everyone! DN13 is 35 days old, DN14 is 33 days old, peregrine falcon Zooey has laid three eggs, and the day couldn’t be more beautiful! I loved all of these videos, but don’t miss Cute Close-ups (it shows some really interesting differences between DN13 and DN14), DN14 in for the steal (which casts a nice light on eagle behavior), DNF earning her Wright Brothers Master Pilot of the Year award, or the incredible American Avocets on the Mississippi

April 18, 2021 ~ Day Trip to Decorah: Yay, Yay, Yay!!!

April 18, 2021: Robin sees Mom feeding three bobbleheads!

Story and photos by Robin Brumm I went to Decorah today. I know it is only two weeks since the hatch, and wasn’t expecting to be able to see the eaglets yet, but since it was a nice day and I decided to take a chance and just check. When I got there, DM2 was on the nest. I couldn’t see any eaglets, but it looked like things were pretty quiet. I waited quite a while and saw DM2 looking

April 5, 2021: A Day Trip to Decorah!

April 5, 2021: Mom feeding. You can see something stringy hanging from her beak!

By Robin Brumm Monday was my last day of spring break. Hmm…what should I do?? Go to Decorah, of course! I spent Friday and Saturday and there were no signs of a hatch either day. I know that the eggs usually hatch at 35-40 days old. I had looked at the nest records and noted that for the last three years, the first egg has hatched at 39 days. If they laid the first egg on February 24th, 39 days

Watching Bald Eagles

November 7, 2017: Dad Decorah

This is a flashback post first published on April 26 of 2012. I repost it every year when the eagles begin bringing suckerfish into the nest. For new followers: Bob (Anderson) founded the Raptor Resource Project and was its first director. You can learn more about him here: Bob took a turn operating the controls at the Bald eagle camera this morning. He was fascinated by Dad, who brought in three suckers in one hour. Suckerfish are ‘rough’ fish:

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