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September 22, 2020: Time for camera work!

September 17: Kike Arnal trimming branches at N1.

It’s September! The eaglets have fledged and our eagle Moms and Dads are at their lowest point of attachment to their nests, which makes it the perfect time for camera work.  We don’t have a cam turn-on date yet (although I will post as soon as we do!), but here is a rough outline of our tasks: At N2B: We’ll be replacing three cameras and two microphones at N2B, cleaning everything up, and doing a little trimming around the nest

9-5-20 ~ Day Trip to Decorah

September 5, 2020: Who is this? We need to get the talon-painting crew deployed!

Story and photos by Robin Brumm I got up at Dark O’clock to head to Decorah. It had been a week since the camera went down and I wanted to see if D36 was still around, and I was going to meet a friend there. When I got to the hatchery, Mom was on the new maple tree. My friend said she had heard squeeing and saw a juvie fly to the southwest before I got there, but she wasn’t

Three eagles phone home!

August 31, 2020: Three eagles flying high, from the west to the east.

We have your postcards! D27 left the north and arrived back in Decorah on August 29, passing within .20 miles of her natal nest! If you check the maps, you’ll see that she spent a little time near a favorite outdoor school spot/perching place for the Decorah Eagles this summer. Was she close to D36? Not especially! Our little homebody took a trip up to Bluffton, Iowa, in the late afternoon. By the time D27 arrived, D36 was gone! Still,

August 26, 2020: Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway

August 25, 2020: DM2 with a bulging crop!

We’re getting questions about the eagle maps. We tend to update them two to three times monthly unless something exciting happens. I’ll put up an update the next time we have data. But in the meantime, we have some videos of a very stuffed DM2, a tween-eagle party at Decorah North, hunting eagles on the Flyway, and a few odds and ends prompted by fan emails. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did! Decorah Eagles August

August 23, 2020: NestFlix from Decorah and the Flywa

August 23, 2020: D36 at N2B

Summer is coming to a close! D34 and D35 have left home – possibly for good! – but D36 returned to beg a few more meals from Mom and DM2. Meanwhile, things are getting busy on the Flyway as animals begin preparing for winter. Everyone is feeding up in preparation for migration or a long hibernation beneath ice and snow. It has been great fun to watch activities at Decorah and the Flyway. I hope you enjoy these videos as

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