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When will it happen? Eggs, falcons, ice-out, and snowy owls!

February 16, 2021: DNF's first egg

When will the eagles lay eggs? When will falcons come back? When will Snowy Owls leave? Your questions, answered! Check the quick and easy schedule below or read on to get the details! Want to help us log spring migrants on the Flyway? Share your sightings on our Facebook page, Instagram, or’s snapshot gallery. Please @raptorresource on Facebook and Instagram, and tag with #springmigration2022 on all platforms. You can also email photos and sightings to [email protected] Remember to include

Nestflix and News: Decorah and Decorah North

I love to see DNF enjoying a hearty meal! All eagles like to eat, but she especially seems to enjoy tucking into whatever is on her plate!

Come join us for coffee, donuts, and a Decorah Eagle movie matinee! In Decorah, Mom and DM2 keep showing up in and around N2B. We’re glad you like hanging out at the hatchery…perhaps you’d like to move back in? At Decorah North, DNF shares a muskrat dinner and she and Mr. North bond. If she lays her first egg on February 16th again, we are just 20 days away from our first egg! Better get your comfy couches and baby-eee

Nestflix: Videos and news from Decorah, Decorah North, the Flyway, and GSB!

January 21,2022: Mr. North gleams in the bright winter sunlight

Grab something warm, wrap yourself in a blanket, and get ready for some wonderful videos from Decorah North, Decorah, and the Mississippi Flyway. I love all of these videos, but don’t miss the North fish chase, the beautiful subadult eagle, or the stunning video of Mr. North! We’re still seeing short-eared owls on the Flyway and I hope to write a little bit more about them tomorrow. Eagles and falcons and owls, oh my! Decorah North January 24, 2022: Mr.

Why do bald eagles lay eggs in ice and snow?

Egg-laying Map

Why do the Decorah and Decorah North eagles lay eggs in ice and snow? A lot of you – especially those of you who also watch the Florida eagles – are curious about bald eagle egg timing. Wouldn’t it be better to delay egg-laying until mid-March or early April? We’ll unpack the question by starting with a few facts. An Overview of Bald Eagle Nesting Bald eagles don’t all nest at the same time. In the southeastern United States, especially

January 19, 2022: Nestflix and News!

January 18, 2022: C'mon, stick! DNF tries to free a large, wonky stick from the snow. She eventually gave up!

It’s about time, Mr. North and DNF! Although we liked seeing snowy owls and coyotes on the Mississippi Flyway, and loved watching Mom and DM2 in Decorah, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one wondering about Mr. North and DNF. North nestorations resumed this morning with two large talonfuls of grass – one brought in by Mr. North and one brought in by DNF. Why did the North eagles disappear for so long? We think that they were hunkering down

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