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February 12, 2024: NestFlix and News from Decorah North and Decorah!

February 12, 2024: Mr. North, left. DNF, right. I think they are one of the best-looking eagle couples around!

Are you as egg-cited as we are? All of the eagles we watch are beginning to switch their focus from bringing in sticks to piling up soft, fluffy materials, working on egg cups and cup footings and, in DNF’s case, calling for room service as she builds the resources she needs – especially water! – to lay eggs. Eggnancy is hungry work! Astute watchers might also notice that the eagles are developing brood patches – a patch of bare skin

February 8, 2024: News and NestFlix from Decorah, Decorah North, and La Crosse!

January 28, 2024: HM. A treasured eagle in a treasured place.

We’re getting a lot of questions about HM and HD. Here’s what we know! It’s tough to get an accurate copulation count but the two appear to copulating regularly, which indicates that HM is approaching her fertile period. Last year, she laid her first egg on February 25. It isn’t uncommon for first-time layers to float a little earlier, especially in their first two to three years of nesting, so we’ll see when she lays this year. We can’t see

How do eagles stay warm in cold weather?

January 23, 2023: HD sports eye-cicles on a frosty morning in Decorah. An icy fog left everything coated with frost

Each species experiences the world differently and eagles have capacities that are far different from ours. How do Bald Eagles survive an Iowa winter without adaptive clothing and central heat? A cold January morning coated our eagles in frost and left watchers wondering how Bald Eagles survive an Iowa winter. In general, wintering animals – including humans – need to retain body heat, stay dry, and take in enough calories to support winter’s increased energy demands. We humans put on

Friday, January 12: News and NestFlix From Decorah North, Decorah, and the Flyway!

January 11, 2024: DNF ate well before working on the North nest. I wanted to reach in and wipe off her beak!

Happy Fri-Yay, everyone! We have news and NestFlix from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway! I loved all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed seeing DNF working on the North nest and watching and listening to duetting eagles on the Flyway. Thanks so much to our dedicated camera operators and videomakers for bringing us such amazing sights and sounds, and to you for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring. Rock on, everybirdie! Decorah North January 11, 2024: North

January 8, 2024: News and NestFlix From Decorah North, Decorah, and the Flyway!

January 8, 2024: Mr. North keeps his eyes on the skies!

It’s good to see you at N1, HD and HM, and to see nestorations and bonding ramping up at the North nest. It’s hard to believe that we’re only about one-and-a-half months away from eggs! Decorah North January 7, 2024: Nest work; cornstalk shredding; cornhusk placing – As hard as it is to believe, we’re only about a month-and-a-half away from eggs! Mr. and DNF are hard at work shredding cornstalks, spreading grass, and making sure the nest bowl

December 5, 2023: News and NestFlix from Decorah, Decorah North, and the Flyway

December 5, 2023: I loved this capture of her vocalizing. Eagle vocalizations are awesome!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas now that snow has fallen and ice is sealing over the Flyway! In Decorah, HM raises our hopes by continuing to perch near N1 and HD shows off his expert fishing technique! Meanwhile, Mr. North has venison for lunch, an eagle couple’s nestwork is never done, and a red-tailed hawk eats a squirrel and gives us a lesson in field marks. Don’t miss a beautiful subadult eagle and a Where’s Waldo puzzle

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