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Did You See? Reflections on Rain Drops

March 9, 2020: Raindrops on Mom's feathers

By Sherri Elliott Bald Eagles have a remarkable super shield that adapts as a raincoat or snowsuit depending on the elements. Conditioned with uropygial oil as they preen and zip their feather vanes, each feather is an overlapping mosaic over their fluffy down creating a coat that sheds water and helps keep heat from escaping, creating a constant supply of warmth to the eagles and transferred by brood patch to incubating eggs. Mom Decorah may have looked miserable to some

March 7, 2020: Decorah, the Flyway, and Great Spirit Bluff

March 6: Food fight on the Flyway!

Put your feet up and chill with Nestflix from Decorah, the Flyway, and Great Spirit Bluff! In Decorah, Mom and DM2 copulate and we get some fantastic looks at Mom’s feathers. On the Flyway, a raccoon and multi-age group of eagles forage for food. Ice is beginning to melt and uncovering the concealed bodies of fish – an excellent food source for hungry mammals and bald eagles after winter’s lean season! So what’s going on a Great Spirit Bluff? Michelle

March 5, 2020: Decorah, Decorah North, GSB

March 5, 2020: Mom Decorah steps carefully into the egg cup

Spring is in the air! We have Nestflix from Decorah, Decorah North, and GSB tonight, but first I want to encourage people to start watching the Flyway cam at Winter finally arrived in February, putting a damper on Flyway activity. But it looks like the ice is starting to go out and birds are beginning to move north! The spring migration is much quicker than the fall one, so you’ll want to keep track of the ice to catch

Peek inside a bald eagle egg: 4 days!

An embryonic bird at 33 hours

As of this writing, the last Decorah egg is 22 hours old, the last Decorah North egg is 9 days, 23 hours old, and the last Fort St. Vrain egg is 12 days, 22 hours old. What do embyronic eagles look they look like as they develop and grow inside their eggs? Dr. Peter Sharpe from the Institute for Wildlife Studies developed a table of bald eagle embryonic development based on work done by Hamburger and Hamilton (1951). While not all

We have a third egg in Decorah!

March 4, 2020: Mom in egg labor

And then there were three! Mom laid her final egg of 2020 tonight at 5:59 PM CT. Mom is almost seventeen years old and this is the 36th egg she has laid on the territory. <3 Videos Mom lays her third egg tonight: This video is a treat for the eyes and the ears! Listen to the nest’s many neighbors – especially the starlings – as Mom goes into her final stage of egg-labor. We can clearly see her

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